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*{{gw2wiki|Superior Rune of the Air}}: Apart from providing all of the ferocity you have, this rune provides a Shocking Aura when the user activates their heal skill (Shocking Aura last for 4s stuns targets when they hit the user). Great for messing up combos and turning a lost fight into a winning one.
*{{gw2wiki|Superior Rune of the Air}}: Apart from providing all of the ferocity you have, this rune provides a Shocking Aura when the user activates their heal skill (Shocking Aura last for 4s stuns targets when they hit the user). Great for messing up combos and turning a lost fight into a winning one.
*{{gw2wiki|Swashbuckler Amulet}}: This amulet provides the player with a good balance of Condition damage, Power damage and crit chance.

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Focused on: Frontline Crowd Control and High Damage.

Designed for:


A Condition & Power damage Hybrid that leverages the Engineer's power to Crowd Control in order to unleash devastating combos.



Usage & Variants


  • Off-hand Pistol: This can be used alongside replacing Hard Light Arena.png Hard Light Arena with Tool Kit.png Tool Kit to get those much needed blocks at the right moments. The off-hand pistol would add more sustained damage pressure to the target.


  • Coolant Blast.png Coolant Blast A person may be surprised by the use of this skill but after using for a few matches it has proven to be quite the skill that keeps an Engineer alive. The toolbelt skill can remove 3 conditions and another 3 when you go over 50 heat threshold (Heat being the levels you gain when spending time in the Photon Forge mode, When you reach maximum heat, you get kicked out of Photon Forge and have to wait till you cooldown in order to use it again. It also deals damage to you if you overheat) and it applies an extra Healing Over Time 1.3k for 4s. It is very easy to stay at 50 threshold to gain the benefit of this skill. Just make sure to use the Holo Leap.png Holo Leap every time you're out of combat in order to maintain 50 Heat when out of combat. Coolant Blast is also a Blast finisher which also combos with the many fields this build has. This makes the build even more versatile. And on top of all of that it also appliesFrost Aura.png Frost Aurato you when you use the skill whilst over the 50 heat threshold. Frost Aura grants you -10% damage reduction and applies chill to foes when they hit you. Potentially, with this skill alone, you can remove 10 conditions (9 conditions with traits and toolbelt skill, 1 extra condition when used while standing in a light field).

  • Hard Light Arena.png Hard Light Arena This can be used against both condition classes and power based attackers. Hard Light Arena provides you and your team with protection which when applied with the trait 24px Anticorrosion Plating removes a condition every time you apply protection. Protection reduces damage dealt to you by 33% so this skill works for both condition and power classes. If there are no condition heavy classes in the other team though, other utilities like Elixir U.png Elixir U (provides good quickness and stability.), Net Turret.png Net Turret (provides additional single target CC (crowd control) and immobilize skills from the toolbelt and every 10s from the turret) Flamethrower.png Flamethrower (Used to increase condition pressure by using the Incendiary ammo) or Rocket Turret.png Rocket Turret (may be used to add more damage and CC through the overcharge and toolbelt skills). Or Tool Kit.png Tool Kit can also be used to pull a target into a position to start a thumper turret combo. Also tested out Slick Shoes.png Slick Shoes it is great for interrupting Staff Daredevils, Revenants, Condi Thieves and Mirage when they are mid evade burst. This could all be used to replace HLA.
  • Bomb Kit.png Bomb Kit This kit has quite the versatile use. Smoke Bomb being one of the most useful fields a character could have. Smoke Bomb provides a smoke field which, when using skills like Big Ol'Bomb and Magnetic Shield inside the field, it would give you stealth. This gives you the possibility of proving your team with stealth combos when they go down or when approaching a point, gives you and your teammates the upper hand if you can stealth in.


  • Supply Crate.png Supply Crate This can be replaced with any of the other Elite skills a player feels comfortable with. Supply Crate provides additional reflect bubbles with Experimental Turrets.png Experimental Turrets , healing and a smoke field. This versatility makes it a good pick for this build. That said, other utilities have their merits as well.



Autodefense Bomb Dispenser.png Autodefense Bomb Dispenser

Experimental Turrets.png Experimental Turrets

24px Anticorrosion Plating


Chemical Rounds.png Chemical Rounds

Pinpoint Distribution.png Pinpoint Distribution

Incendiary Powder.png Incendiary Powder


Prismatic Converter.png Prismatic Converter

Crystal Configuration- Eclipse.png Crystal Configuration- Eclipse

Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit.png Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit

Firearms line can be replaced with Tools line


Reactive Lenses.png Reactive Lenses

Streamlined Kits.png Streamlined Kits

Adrenal Implant.png Adrenal Implant

Replacing the Firearms line with the Tools line reduces your sustained damage pressure but increases your tankiness and crowd control potential. You have 50% increased energy generation from Adrenal Implant for dodging and this improves your survivability significantly, not to mention the passive stun breaker from Lesser Utility Goggles means that you have two stun breaks, making you harder to pin down.


  • Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit.png Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit vs Thermal Release Valve: Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit is used in order to provide might stacking to the build. By using this trait, managing heat level becomes important. This is easy to do but takes a bit of getting used to. Thermal Release Valve works better when fighting mesmers but ultimately, falls short when fighting other Holosmiths and other classes with good sustain. The increased might stacking is required to make this build effective in the damage department.
  • Pinpoint Distribution.png Pinpoint Distribution vs Thermal Vision: This build uses Pinpoint Distribution due to it's application to allies around, allowing it's effectiveness to be x 5 per possible team mate in the effect area. If every teammate gains 100 condition damage, essentially, collectively the team has 500+ condition damage vs Thermal Vision which only affects you.
  • Autodefense Bomb Dispenser.png Autodefense Bomb Dispenser vs Automated Medical Response & Over Shield: By using ABD (Autodefence Bomb Dispenser) this build adds another layer of combo potential when CC is applied to it. Since the stun break Rumble.png Rumble is a blast finisher, when CC is applied to you, you as a player are able to stealth once ABD activates and the stun break Rumble.png Rumble is used. Once you're in stealth, you're able to decide what you want to do, run or surprise them with a burst. Over Shield.png Over Shield can be considered when fighting Mirage or Scourge but isn't necessary. Automated Medical Response can also be considered but a player can usually be dead before they have the chance to activate it.
  • Experimental Turrets.png Experimental Turrets : This works well against projectile based classes. By leaving the turret out for the few seconds that the projectile deflection bubble is up, you can turn the tables on almost any 1v1 or 2v1 with a projectile based enemy.


Superior Sigil of Agility
Superior Sigil of Agility.pngSuperior Sigil of Agility
Gain 5 seconds of swiftness and 1 second of quickness when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Annulment
Superior Sigil of Annulment.pngSuperior Sigil of Annulment
Your next attack after swapping to this weapon while in combat will remove 2 boons from your target.
Superior Rune of the Air
Superior Rune of the Air.pngSuperior Rune of the Air
(1): +25 Ferocity (2): +10% Swiftness Duration (3): +50 Ferocity (4): When you use a heal skill you gain swiftness for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s) (5): +100 Ferocity (6): +20% Swiftness Duration; 50% chance when struck to hit the foe with a lightning strike. (Cooldown: 20s)



  • Superior Sigil of Agility Superior Sigil of Agility: Using Agility on this build allows the player to gain the benefit of activating skills quickly back to back. This is helpful because this build depends a lot on how well you can string damage combos together.
  • Superior Sigil of Annulment Superior Sigil of Annulment: This is to provide a more unconditional form of boon removal for those pesky stability boons that get in the way of the user's stuns and knockbacks.
  • Superior Rune of the Air Superior Rune of the Air: Apart from providing all of the ferocity you have, this rune provides a Shocking Aura when the user activates their heal skill (Shocking Aura last for 4s stuns targets when they hit the user). Great for messing up combos and turning a lost fight into a winning one.



Switch to Bomb Kit before entering a fight, use Smoke Bomb, then use Magnetic Shield pressing it twice whilst standing in the smoke bomb to apply stealth, switch to Photon Forge and use Holo Leap toward your desired direction.

  • CHAIN CC ROTATION (works best when comboed with Stealthy Entrance) (also works same way with Quickness Quickness)

Activate Big'ol Bomb then immediately switch into Photon Forge, then Holographic Shockwave, Corona Burst, then Photon Blitz, by this time the target has been hit by Big Ol Bomb is launched away. Use Holo Leap to follow the target, activate Thumper turret right on top of the target, switch to Bomb kit, use Concussion Bomb and Fire Bomb then auto attack with Photon Forge or Bomb kit #1 or switch to Pistol/Shield applying addition condition pressure with Pistol skills.

  • CHAIN CC ROTATION #2 (also works same way with Quickness Quickness)

Photon Forge, then use Corona Burst then Holographic Shockwave, then Thumper turret, then Big Ol Bomb, Photon Blitz, auto-attack with Photon Forge until target is flying away, leap into target with Holo Leap, Glue Bomb, Concussion Bomb then Fire bomb. Repeat if necessary.

When going against characters that will use stability heavily, make sure to not switch weapons until the target has used one of their main stability skills. For instance, Warrior's Balanced Stance or Dolyak Signet, other Holosmith's using Elixir U, Fire Brand's using Stand Your Ground.

Once the target has used their stability skill, switch weapons to activate Sigil of Annulment, which only works on weapon swap. Then proceed unleash any combos, you may develop yourself or any of the above.

When Warriors or Engineers go into Rampage form, in order to nullify them quickly, simply drop Supply Crate.png Supply Crate on them or switch to Bomb Kit and use Smoke Bomb from there. The Supply Crate will activate a wide smoke field when it lands which would blind their attacks repeatedly. Dropping Supply Crate has to be done in the middle of the wind up of one of their skills so that the activation isn't interrupted by the enemy Rampage.


  • Mirage: If a player can learn to use the turret reflects effectively whilst knowing when to dodge Mirage shatters, the player will do well fighting against Mirages. It just takes a bit of practice. Try to use the stealth opener as a surprise tactic. It will give users of this build the upper hand in this engagement. Also always have an Elixir C.
  • Scourge: With all their corrupts, they can render this build useless due to the constant stripping and AOE conditions they will be applying consistently. That said, with a block using Static Shield and getting in close, a player can chain CC the Scourge into submission but if the player cannot get in close, there is not much winning going to be done here.
  • Reflects: Watch out for Mesmer, Elementalist and Engineer reflection skills which reflect your projectiles. This build has a lot of damage in the projectile department and a player definitely does not want to be turning the tables on him/herself.
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