Mirage - Condi DPS Chaos (Fractal)

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Focused on: Condition damage.

Designed for:

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Condition based dps-build that provides high single target damage utilizing mirage's axe ambush skill . Gains damage against moving targets thanks to a large portion of the damage coming from Torment and has minimal DPS ramp up making it strong on several encounters.

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

Illusionary Riposte
Illusionary Riposte
Clone. Block your foe and create an illusion when attacked.
Damage.pngDamage: 487
Duration.pngBlock Duration: 2.5 seconds
Range.pngRange: 900
Phantasmal Swordsman
Phantasmal Swordsman
Phantasm. Create an illusion that attacks your foe.
Damage.pngDamage: 646
Combo.pngCombo Finisher: Leap
Range.pngRange: 1,200

Pistol can be swapped to sword with minimal impact on your DPS output, if desired. Make sure to follow the trait variation below for this offhand to work.

Slot Changes

  • over if you need reflects.
  • over if you need large amounts of CC instead of movement.


If using sword instead of pistol offhand make the following trait changes

  • Use instead of .
  • Use instead of .


Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Renegade
Spiteful +5 Agony Infusion
Only a single axe is necessary



  • Koi Cake Koi Cake
    Koi Cake.pngKoi Cake
    Nourishment (20 m):
    Food.png+100 Expertise+70 Condition Damage+10 Experience from kills
    Rare Veggie Pizza Rare Veggie Pizza
    Rare Veggie Pizza.pngRare Veggie Pizza
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png+100 Expertise+70 Condition Damage+10 Experience from kills
    or Red-Lentil Saobosa Red-Lentil Saobosa
Both food options provide similar overall DPS.


  • Toxic Focusing Crystal Toxic Focusing Crystal
    Toxic Focusing Crystal.pngToxic Focusing Crystal
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Potion.pngGain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your PowerGain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your Precision+10% Experience from Kills
    • Tuning Icicle Tuning Icicle
      Tuning Icicle.pngTuning Icicle
      Nourishment (30 m):
      Potion.pngGain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your PrecisionGain Condition Damage equal to 8% of your Expertise+10% Experience from Kills
      or Potent Master Tuning Crystal Potent Master Tuning Crystal for a cheaper alternative



  1. -- Spawns the first clone.
  2. -- Spawns a second clone.
  3. -- Spawns a third clone.
  4. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  5. Collect the left from and to gain access to


After the opener above the rotation involves primarily autoattacking and dodging to trigger . Try to complete an auto-attack chain each cast of to ensure that all your clones have time to cast it as well.

  • Use off cooldown.
  • Try to make sure you cast twice before swapping off sword if you're using it.
  • Use amd off cooldown. With alacrity you should be able to cast every time that you swap to torch, although you may have to delay a second on the Weapon swap Weapon swap.
  • Use
    The Prestige The Prestige
    The Prestige
    Disappear in a cloud of smoke blinding nearby foes. Reappear three seconds later, burning nearby foes.
    Damage.pngDamage: 244
    Stealth.pngStealth (3s): Invisible to foes.
    Blind.pngBlindness (5s): Next outgoing attack misses.
    Burn.pngBurning (3s): 984 Damage
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    Combo.pngCombo Finisher: Blast
    off cooldown and be sure to press autoattack immediately to remove your stealth and continue attacking.
  • Use and off cooldown. Be mindful of your where you place the from each skill, as you will want to be able to access them later.
    • will spawn a in the location where you originally cast the skill
    • will spawn a in the center of the skill's AoE marker


  • Make sure to only perform a single before Weapon swap Weapon swap if you do not have a decent alacrity uptime.
  • Dodge as much as possible while leaving yourself endurance to evade attacks. Be sure to only weapon swap when below 50% endurance so as not to waste any of the endurance gained from .
  • Make sure to never break your auto-attack chain that includes: , and .
    • Entering Mirage cloak and casting will not interrupt your auto-attack chain
    • All your skills other than and will interrupt your auto-attack chain.
  • Save Jaunt Jaunt for movement. Note: It is instant cast, so it can be cast during other skills' channels.
  • The opening rotation creates clones while you have the sword in your off-hand so that you can gain stacks from .
    • You will only generate through your clones. This is considered a "bug" currently as your character only generates stacks while the sword is in your main hand.
    • Make sure you keep an eye out on your stacks of as you can override your sword offhand clones while generating clones while your torch offhand is equipped.
  • Make sure to never use Jaunt Jaunt during and as this will create new clones due to the and will cancel the clones attack.
  • Make sure to never Weapon swap Weapon swap during the animation of as this will cancel the Ambush attack.
  • Clones provide higher damage when auto-attacking and performing than when shattered in most scenarios, even with the low ramp up time that this build enjoys.
Build rating - 5 stars
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5 Ratings
5 stars
Black117 gave this build 5 stars December 2018

Amazingly strong and flawless rotation into 30k dps easily, never once did I feel close to death with every mirage cloak I earned. All in all, great in a dps role.

4 stars
Troupe gave this build 4 stars November 2018

Strong 'burst' damage for a condition build, combined with flexibility and spare utility slots make this a great build for fractal play.

5 stars
ZeGalinha gave this build 5 stars November 2018

I'm using this build on Conquest, with some changes, it's amazing.

2 More Ratings
5 stars
Aljustineg gave this build 5 stars October 2018

excellent build for fractals with a strong burst for a condition build

4 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 4 stars September 2018

Not ideal in fractals because of its ramp-up time, but still a very solid DPS build in non-speedrun groups.