Build rating - 4 stars
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Troupe gave this build 0 stars December 2017

Multiple nerfs to Bonfire and other important DPS skills and traits have left this build with low DPS, and the release of soulbeast means the only reason to run this build is if you don't own the Path of Fire expansion

5 stars
Octavianrb gave this build 5 stars January 2017

Very high and very consistent DPS. WIll out DPS an ele for most players on most bosses. Rotation takes a bit of practice but its not too difficult. Can also bring a ton of utility if needed.

5 stars
LuckNumber7 gave this build 5 stars January 2017

I've recently started playing again and this build has been a lot of fun so far. Great starting point for someone returning to the game.

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5 stars
Jaspermyriad gave this build 5 stars December 2016

Its nice to see a dominant pure DPS spec for classic ranger. This is a simple build with a fun rotation and extremely high dps. I run it with Tiger for group fury and Carrion devourer for a bonus on demand poison field for even more condi damage. I also, dependy on my group comp, frequently swap out beast mastery for druid and run cultivated synergy for some extra group healing on heal skill use, natural stride since this build has no readily available swiftness other than on weapon swap, and then the extra bleeds an immobilize with ancient seeds.

5 stars
Gale gave this build 5 stars November 2016

Very high condition damage class that packs strong snare utility and good breakbar potential. Comfortably slots into teams that require a source of condition DPS or reliable soft crowd control.

5 stars
Mikey.8395 gave this build 5 stars November 2016

Very good damage / condi damage. Lots of chill imob and cc utility. Much higher personal damage than condi necros, much easier to play than condi engi. Highly competitive with any pure dps in damage and also fills the condi role.