Ranger - Power Survival Roamer

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Focused on: Direct damage.

Designed for:


A very mobile Roaming Build, with strong bursts and great escape options. Useful for solo play and small groups.

Skill Bar

Juvenile Wolf.png
Juvenile Krytan Drakehound.png

Slot Changes

Utility skill options

  • - More CC and condition cleanse.
  • - Stability, Might and a lot of Fury for


  • Take for flipping camps or towers quicker or when participating in larger battles.



Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Soldier stat icon.png
Soldier stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Soldier stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Defender


  • Run more defensive gear if you are inexperienced with the build. It's possible to use full Berserker Gear with great success.

Greatsword can be changed to



  • Try to open all fights with your Longbow so that you benefit from Can't find such trait "Quickdraw"! Please refer to our trait index when switching to your Greatsword.
  • Your Survival skills remove 2 conditions from you and also grant Fury Fury, which triggers .
  • Opening Strikes are guaranteed crits that apply 5 stacks of Vulnerability Vulnerability and deal 25% more damage with .
  • You gain more Fury on every Weapon Swap and every 30s on pet swap through . Use it to set up huge bursts with your Greatsword skills.
  • In dangerous situations use Can't find such trait "Quickdraw"! Please refer to our trait index in combination with , or .
  • Using on yourself is a good way to set up a punishment against more squishy melee builds for attacking you.
  • heals you for around 4000 health on a block with its last effect. This can trigger on blocking with or on the Aegis Aegis you get from .
  • can be used offensively (for Fury Fury and Quickness Quickness) and defensively (for the Stun Break and
    Super Speed Super Speed
    Super Speed
    Run at double speed.
    Duration.pngDuration: 5 seconds
    Stun-Break.pngBreaks stun
  • Keep in mind that will end your Stealth if it hits an enemy.


  • Both pets have strong attacks that synergize well with the damage increases of and .
  • Both pets F2 abilities can be used to lead into bursts with or Can't find such skill "Maul (ranger greatsword skill)"! Please refer to our skill index..

Tips & tricks:

  • You can control your pets while you are downed. This allows you to get some extra interrupts in some situations.
  • Use a Warhorn out of combat to get extra Swiftness Swiftness.
  • To move even faster out of combat you can attack a critter with your Longbow to get in combat for a short time and then swap to Greatsword (getting more Swiftness Swiftness) and use twice thanks to Can't find such trait "Quickdraw"! Please refer to our trait index. Swapping pets while you are in combat will give you even more Swiftness Swiftness thanks to .
  • All Longbow skills will go on full cooldown when interrupted by yourself or an enemy.
Build rating - 5 stars
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2 Ratings
5 stars
Jio Derako gave this build 5 stars September 2015

One of the best, if not the best, of the Ranger's Power-based options (in my personal opinion). High damage output and good burst, still a glass cannon but with a good selection of active defenses (Signet of Stone, Lightning Reflexes, Counterattack). Lacks in utility compared to other classes when roaming in a group, but it's very easy to play when solo and has no trouble flipping camps and knocking cannons off walls by itself.

Somewhat lower skill cap and there are other classes that can perform its role better, but a viable choice for multiple uses. Also easy to set up gear, for what it's worth; standard PvE equipment will work nearly as well, so long as the player knows how to position safely.

5 stars
Scalia gave this build 5 stars August 2015

Similar to the Power Ranger build of old except with condition removal.