Scourge - Vampire Scourge

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Focused on: Team Support.

Designed for:


A sPvP Scourge build focused on support and team fighting




  • aoe heal(retains effects of ritual of life)
  • some shroud generation and an instant rez
  • stability



  • superior might stacking


Spite over Soul Reaping for much more burst


  • when enemy boon stacking is low


Superior Sigil of Annulment
Superior Sigil of Annulment.pngSuperior Sigil of Annulment
Your next attack after swapping to this weapon while in combat will remove 2 boons from your target.
Superior Sigil of Intelligence
Superior Sigil of Intelligence.pngSuperior Sigil of Intelligence
Your next three attacks after swapping to this weapon while in combat has a 100% critical chance. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Agility
Superior Sigil of Agility.pngSuperior Sigil of Agility
Gain 5 seconds of swiftness and 1 second of quickness when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Courage
Superior Sigil of Courage.pngSuperior Sigil of Courage
On hit gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 2s)
Superior Rune of Sanctuary
Superior Rune of Sanctuary.pngSuperior Rune of Sanctuary
(1): +25 Vitality (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +50 Vitality (4): +10% Boon Duration (5): +100 Vitality (6): Gain a barrier with health equal to 20% of any heals you receive.
Paladin's Amulet
Paladin's Amulet.pngPaladin's Amulet
+1050 Power +1050 Precision +560 Toughness +560 Vitality



  • quickness uptime


  • Notice with spite all shroud skills do power damage and provide might stacks.
  • All wells are unblockable, provide quickness(when using chronomancer rune) and protection and leech opponents for hp.
  • When using soul reaping staff marks are unblockable and being in shroud gives crit chance and ferocity.
  • Being in shroud as scourge is defined as when using skill- Desert Shroud. When this is activated so is Spiteful Spirit(if using spite) or Death Perception(if soul reaping).
  • Use utilities and rez skills(including Ritual of life) to support your team while positioning yourself in a manner as to avoid enemy teams burst- useful hint kite when using staff and then go on node when you have enough shroud to burst opponents
  • Make sure to set up burst- as in axe's Ghastly Claws- with as many as possible modifier as follows- Quickness(from chronomancer's rune) and/or Shroud effects(from spite or soul reaping)


  • D/p thief
  • Heavy Condition Pressure


Build rating - 4 stars
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4 Ratings
5 stars
DarkAstora gave this build 5 stars January 2019

This Build is Very strong in team battles, amazing burst with good siphon from the wells. Rune of the sanctuary Makes the build like a tank and when being focused it helps with the added pressure.

Using dagger on the Off-Hand helps with the Condi removal.

The staff helps keeping people on there toes With some CC.

Great build if played correctly!

3 stars
Hanz gave this build 3 stars January 2019

Works, but it's weaker and less popular than condi scourge and power reaper.

4 stars
Baescons gave this build 4 stars January 2019

decent and clean build that could be popular if you have the motivation to try new things. main difference between this and power reaper is more of an iq advantage where-as reaper with it's whole reaper shroud gimic seems pretty basic. slightly more narrow options compared to condi scourge, which can just spam condis and be successful. basically you have to land your burst(axe2) and position yourself cleverly to get rezzes. making this one spec unique and kindof mellow to play, like I said it's kindof a hi-iq spec. while strong it doesn't exceed expectations nor does it really fall below any expectations

1 More Rating
5 stars
Kollerbert gave this build 5 stars December 2018

Hi, I have tried this build in unranked and have to say that I love it!

It comes with suprisingly high burst while offering a solid amount of team support (protection, heal, boon corruption and last but not least the huge amount of combofields).

I play it with sactuary rune and well of blood, because the combinations gains you unbelievable sustainment, while sharing most of it with your team mates. If you "spamm" your wells on a node you can easily defend it vs +1 fights until help arrives to finish them off.

Compared to Reaper it feels a bit more dynamic, because you dont focus on "the one and only cooldown"

All in all, I can highly recommend to give this build a try! It's really fun to play, and I'll give it a try in ranked soon. Thanks for sharing it with us.


high AoE burst

good team support (AoE Cleansing and AoE healing)

good bunker potential compared to its high burst dmg


not very mobile (like most nekro builds)

weak against ranged burst