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Focused on: Strike damage

Designed for: Raids and Fractals


A power DPS Soulbeast build for fractals and raids. This build brings very high burst damage and good CC, making it strong in short fights or fights with burst phases. It also provides heavy Vulnerability Vulnerability and can drop or to bring Ranger utility like spirits with a small personal DPS loss.

Skill Bar

Rock Gazelle
Red Moa

Weapon Variants

  • Longbow can be used instead instead of Greatsword for better burst but lower sustained damage.
  • Sword or Axe mainhand can both replace Dagger. The DPS difference between the three is minor: Dagger will perform better sustained DPS, Sword will have better burst for phases 60 seconds or shorter, and Axe performs best on extremely short phases.


Power Soulbeast can be played merged with either of the listed pets, as they are both of the Ferocious Archetype and provide access to .

  • Rock Gazelle Rock Gazelle provides more CC in the form of its F2 skill .
  • Red Moa Red Moa is higher dps by about 0.8k with its F2 skill . Its F1 skill is also a moderate 5man heal. It has a slightly different rotation.


Spirits are unique Ranger summons that buff 10 players in a large radius around them.
  • In raids: As spirits can affect an entire raid squad, they are extremely powerful in raids and almost all of them provide great benefits to a raid comp.
  • In fractals: Spirits are weaker in fractals due to only affecting 5 players, but remain strong buffs that should be taken if possible.
  • provides a 5% increase to your squad's power DPS.
  • provides a ~5% increase to your squad's condition DPS.
  • provides vulnerability on enemies on hit, and can be activated for a small amount of CC.
  • provides protection, which again keeps your squadmates from dying and sustains their bonus.
  • provides sustained healing to 10 people in a huge radius. This keeps them from dying and sustains their bonus.
  • provides an emergency resurrect that can affect up to 10 people, including yourself.
As your raid squad will usually have a Build:Druid - Boon Support Healer to handle spirits, you normally won't be expected to slot them. Druids are also better suited to take spirits due to . However if you only have one Druid, or you're running a comp with no Druids, you can replace or with a spirit to free up your Druid's utility slots and support your team. For instance, it is a squadwide dps increase to have if you have many power dps classes. Be sure to coordinate with your Druid if doing so.
It's very possible that you will be the only Ranger in a fractal party. In this case you should definitely take over or .

Skill Variants

Utility Skills

Never replace

  • - an effective 66% boon duration increase, which can be shared 5man with the trait . This can allow others in your sub to provide more boons with lower boon duration if they coordinate their skill casts with . Since Moa Stance only lasts on allies for 5 seconds when shared, this will require a lot of coordination to be effective.
  • - if CC is needed, e.g. Slothasor and Samarog.
  • - AoE stunbreak.

Template Code

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Specialization Variants

Marksmanship should be used instead of Skirmishing when you're unable to flank the boss constantly - bear in mind that the loss of and probably mean that you will need to compensate by running higher precision runes or gear.

You should almost always use Marksmanship in fractals as the extra precision from fractal potions means you can run scholar runes and swap in some assassin's pieces for more DPS. Only run Skirmishing if you're very confident in your ability to flank the boss, and you lack AR/potions. You could also run Skirmishing in order to take in groups that lack warrior banners.

  • - getting downed (even if it's prevented by Mistlock) will knock you out of , so this can prevent that.
  • is a dps increase for fights with short phases - it will cause your to become slightly de-synced, but is worth it if the phases are short enough that your rotation ends before you get to your 3rd Frost Trap (i.e. shorter than 45 seconds).
  • is a 0.4% dps increase if you already have a source of in your group.
  • if you are playing the longbow variant.
  • for better personal boon uptime. Always take this if you are not using dagger, as you have no other source of Poison Poison.
  • can be taken if your party is unable to benefit from shared stances, for example if you're playing with mostly condition-damage classes.



Equipment Variants

  • The Dragon stats Dragon stats pieces are a tiny damage increase, but offer some free vitality. Running full Berserker stats Berserker stats gear is totally fine.
  • on greatsword or longbow in fractals if your burn phase times are super short (i.e. shorter than around 12 seconds).
  • and Major Sigil of the Night on night time encounters.
  • Slaying sigils if applicable.


  • or slaying potions


The logic behind this rotation is to use your high burst damage skills , , and all while under the damage buff of . The rotation is also designed to keep up the 10% damage buff from as much as possible, using , , and to proc the buff.

Opening Burst

Start in Greatsword, merged with your Rock Gazelle.
  1. and
  2. Weapon swap Weapon swap

Loop Rotation

  1. if available
  2. Autoattack chain three times
  3. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  4. Autoattack chain twice
  5. Autoattack chain once
  6. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  7. Repeat from step 1.


  • Never interrupt your autoattack chain.
  • 's cooldown will desync very slightly over time, try to time it with your Worldly Impact/axe rotation.
  • The extra damage from only applies to the target, so be careful not to use it on the wrong thing.
Video Example for the Greatsword, Rock Gazelle rotation written above
Video Example for the Greatsword, Red Moa rotation
Video Example for the Longbow, Red Moa rotation



This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 2 votes.
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5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars • April 2020
An extremely strong Power DPS build, with some of the highest burst in the game as well as the capability of bringing some of the strongest DPS buffs in the game for power classes with Frost Spirit and One Wolf Pack, making Power Soulbeast a mainstay in the current fractal meta and an extremely good choice on many raid bosses, especially when paired with Dragonhunters or Weavers. That it can now bring Spotter further benefits it, especially in raids as now an entire squad can have spotter without having to run double druid. Soulbeast, without a doubt, is probably one of the best possible Power DPS you can possibly play as of the current patch, alongside Power Holosmith and Power Chrono.
5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars • September 2018
An insanely strong burst DPS with the option of bringing raid utility and raid buffs.


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