Virtuoso - Chaotic Condition Virtuoso

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage and Control

Designed for: PvP Conquest


A condition Virtuoso build for PvP, versatile but meant to play side node.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


(and even but that's a bit more risky) can be reconsidered depending on one's playstyle.

  • - allows a control during fight which can enhance both survivability and capability to hit as wished.
  • - introduces a dispell while enabling to remove boons from target.
  • - this breakstun skill is interesting to play a node during bigger fights, while enhancing might and fury which both contributes well to build's pressure. In pure duel, it can however be less interesting than other options.

can also be replaced by which can provide greater healing, and does not imply to hit a target to take advantage from its side effect, but that means removing a dispel.

is really nice. Using can also be helpful.

Template Code

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Variant : Manipulation

can be an option, in which case you will want to include and , and take advantage of the mobility to drop



Equipment Variants



  • can be a nice option with staff & playstyle


  • is focusing on condition damage, but reducing direct hits impact as precision lacks.
  • is high risk high reward choice, but harder to handle in a duelling perspective.


  • is good for mobility. or can be considered to get more survivability for duels. ( can be imagined of as dispel can be really low)



  • Playstyle: play for node holding and defending. Considering the mobility, it is overall wiser to rotate between close and mid depending on team composition of course.
  • is an amazing aoe that is not meant to damage or kill a target. First it allows to weaken a target through poison weakness daze and chilled. Applying this aoe onto a teamfight or a downed ally can impact a lot any fight, and opponents have to avoid it in general. But this skill also grants Resolution Resolution and Aegis Aegis that are effectively defending yourself, and can also enable to stomp without getting cc.
  • Aim to use inside whenever possible in order to combo Chaos Aura Chaos Aura for yourself. The ability to blind and weaken nearby enemies while giving you a chance to gain Protection Protection or Regeneration Regeneration whens struck are of great help.
    • Keep in mind that auras don't stack in duration, so don't try to combo it with .
  • is an excellent panic button and mobility tool that instantly yeets you across the battlefield whilst breaking stun.
  • is a nice combo for chaos storm as well, and allows a rather long range leap that applies nice damage. It offers a somewhat longer possibility to port back via .
  • is applying a consistent damage when blocking. Make sure it can block properly an opponent attack to trigger its damage and to also trigger .
  • Your condition cleanses are , or (depending on which you equipped or not, only let you nullify damage for 3 seconds), , provided you can hit your target.
  • Poke with as it applies vulnerability.
  • allows you to survive any damage or condition damage. It is nice to be used for condition as dispel overall lack. Prefer using first and let recharge blades. Since the duration of the skill is 3 seconds, this leaves 3 seconds to get back at kiting may build cds have gotten too low.
  • is a capable skill that will provide Fury Fury thanks to , which adds to . It also can cc your target through any blocks thanks to . Hence is ideally to be used after or .
  • is your strongest pressure skill. Hence it is nice to secure it via a proper cc. Yet damage is interesting and dangerous as well thanks to



Basic combo:



This build has a rating of 3 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
Jyaim gave this build 5 stars • June 2022
This build is really interesting to play and quite valid at higher tier. While it is not the best duelist option (regarding some inspiration / scepter / signets variants), it provides other solid opportunities to make the build really worth, without spamming useless deaths all along the map.. which is often the issue of mesmer builds that pretend to be duelists, yet cannot handle being plussed by any kind of roamer...
2 stars
Azethys gave this build 2 stars • May 2022
A build that might very well be described as a meme build. It lacks the surviability of other sidenoders, and would most likely be destroyed by most skilled players. The lack of inspiration as a sidenoder, and also any cleansing opportunities makes this build an easy foe to put down, after blade renewal and f4 has been used.
2 stars
Acezelpyer gave this build 2 stars • May 2022
I see where you were trying to go with this build, but with Soulbeast, other classes burst and overall sustain in today's PVP landscape this build doesn't bring enough damage fast enough to be feared. It's very easily bursted down by others in a 1v1 and in team fights you don't bring a lot of presence either. The bug with Psychic Riposte's unblockable bladesongs being blockable when Master of Fragmentation is traited really hurts it also.


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