Firebrand - Quickfire

Celestial is not a good stat for this build because this build doestn benefit much from power damage (since "Ashes of the Just", our main-source of dmg does not have power damage) and therefore Power/precisions and ferocity would be completely wasted. If u want to go more towards support swap in apothecary-/shaman- and trailblazer-stats (this way u can go higher on healing power AND on condition dmg). The main issue with dropping Honor is the heal-dodge and the 6 seconds more cd on "Stand your ground" but its not that big of a problem and i dont know what Honor has to do with the heal mantra and the mace/shield-combo. Care to explain? "Quickfire" astronomically better than "Permeating Wrath", just test before rating pls.

Mace, Axe and Justice tome all have excellent power ratios, so Gurdian benefits very well from Power, Precision and Ferocity. I agree that using apothecary, shaman and trailblazer's would be much better, I'm not sure why you're using Dire at all. The heal mantra and mace/shield provide no (group) healing at all without , thats why both are worthless without it. The issue isn't just Permeating Wrath vs Quickfire, though not being able to take it is, in fact, a huge dps loss (and a support build really shouldn't be giving up Indomitable Courage). You also lack burning duration (you're missing 20/35% - see above on gear), you don't have ranged symbols for filler, your utilities don't provide damage (Heal mantra + mace/shield is enough to proc Stalwart Speed) Arete (talk) 03:25, 17 October 2017 (UTC)