Herald - Frontline Sustain

I see that I have some finalizing/formatting to do in the text. I will gladly post a video guide once this makes it to testing phase. I've been using this build since near release. So I'd like more feedback as I have more experience using it and may have missed or overlooked something. I found that this build had great sustain and team support and enjoyed playing it so much that I wanted to share.

Ellsy (talk)Ellsy

The Terms "Glint" "Mallyx" "Jalis" caused initial confusion for me. As I was focused on the Stance Name Title, not the full text of the stance when looking at the build. A brief note at the top (Or in the Usage section, when noting the usage for each stance) for a new to revenant player to help clarify this would be helpful.

  Mallyx (Legendary Demon Stance)

  Jalis (Legendary Dwarf Stance)

  Glint (Legendary Dragon Stance)

--AnotherShadow (talk) 16:56, 21 January 2017 (UTC)