Low tier tag builds


This is a quick overview of sub-par builds for Lab, written by our editor, for players that want to play their favorite class but aren't sure how to go about it. These are mostly experimental builds and are not approved. Given that, these are primarily hosted via gw2skills.

Elementalist / Weaver

Both options will fair well in the Lab and perform at almost the same rate as the Tagging Tempest build, with the main difference being slightly reduced tagging capabilities.

Warrior / Spellbreaker / Berserker

A set of experimental builds. Warrior does not do well when it comes to tagging, and it is not entirely recommended to play warrior during this event. That said, with a frenzy sigil it is possible to get a lot of Longbow 2 spam off, which might make it a viable option. Apothecary gear keeps your damage moderate on Steve and provides healing power for your shouts to heal allies. Try to avoid spamming For Great Justice when doing anything other than killing bosses like Steve.

Ranger / Soulbeast

Not a terrible option, both of these hover somewhere around low B-Tier and should be fine to use if you happen to not like Druid. Camp shortbow while moving, use Greatsword for doors. Try to stay near the front of the zerg.

Necromancer / Reaper / Scourge

While the necro and reaper variants of this build are mediocre at best, the Scourge variant is quite nice as it has easily spammable 900-range shades which behave like wells. It also is a great support for the group during Steve kills.

Guardian / Firebrand

While the core guardian version of this build is a bit sub-par, the firebrand build is actually quite nice. Honor or virtues can be changed out for radiance to have an endless Tome F1 loop (Though this shouldn't always be relied on for tagging, as it has 600 range). It deals respectable damage on bosses without constantly taking kills from the zerg due to condition ramp-up.

Thief / Deadeye

The thief build has been tested extensively and performs fairly well overall. The deadeye build is experimental but has some extreme potential.

Engineer / Holosmith

Overall moderately effective builds that are mostly outshined by other classes

Mesmer / Chrono

These builds function very similar to the powerful Staff Druid build, via the allow target change option and beam targeting. They aren't quite at the level of GS Mirage but they do the job pretty well.

Revenant / Herald

These builds are basically just a worse version of TagRen. I do not recommend playing them, but these are about as good as you get without using Renegade.