Whisper in the Dark Achievement Guide


Whisper in the Dark brought us 39 new achievements to hunt down! Some of them are basically just free achievements while others actually take some considerable effort. In this guide we'll break it all down for you.

Whisper in the Dark Mastery | 25 AP + Skin

REWARD: You will receive the Prize of the Boneskinner Backpiece Skin.

This episode features a Mastery achievement, like previous episodes. To obtain it, you must complete at least twenty of the achievements listed.


Notes on Asgeir's Legacy

Many of the achievements below require you to enter Asgeir's Legacy, the area in the far North-West corner of the map. This area is only unlocked after successful completion of the Bjora Marches meta event, after which it will be accessible for a short period of time before being locked again.

You can find out when the next meta event spawns here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Event_timers

Story Completion Achievements | 1 AP

These achievements are rewarded for completing the story.

  • Ice-Bound (1 AP): Begin any Icebrood saga episode.
  • Silence (0 AP): Complete the story instance "Silence".
  • What's Left Behind: Complete the story instance "What's Left Behind".
  • The Wind and Nothing More: Complete the story instance "The Wind and Nothing More".
  • The Invitation: Complete the story instance "The Invitation".

Rewards for this segment include 1 AP and a Mini Almorra Soulkeeper.

Story Instance Achievements | 6 AP

These achievements can only be completed within a story instance.

  • TIP: To repeat a story instance, set "Whisper in the Dark" as your active story. Look for purple "stars" on your World Map. Going to those stars will allow you to repeat instances without having to go through the whole episode.

Ice Try | 3 AP

This achievement is a bit of a doosey, so bring your best. It's definitely easiest with a party; grab your friends and enter the final fight with the Fraenir in the story instance "The Invitation".

  • To get this achievement you need to find the Fraenir no more than five seconds after he teleports in the fight. At certain health percentages the Fraenir will turn into a miniature frost storm and teleport behind one of the many ice pillars in the room.
  • To find him quickly, you can do two things:
    • First, ensure you destroy as many pillars as possible. You can do this by directing his swing attack (Indiciated by an arrow on the ground pointing in the direction of the attack) towards the pillars. When he targets you with it, hide behind a pillar and dodge the attack. Leave at least one pillar up.
    • Second, you can "park" behind a pillar and wait for him to teleport to it. If there is only one pillar up, he will teleport to that pillar. Otherwise it is random which one he chooses.
      • A thief or mesmer makes this very easy, as you can leave a , , or Can't find such skill "Prepare Shadow Portal"! Please refer to our skill index. behind one or more of the pillars and teleport to them when he disappears.
      • A party makes this achievement very easy. Destroy several of the pillars and park behind any that survive.


Raven Lens Scholar | 3 AP

This achievement is quick and easy. In the first instance of the story, Silence, do not leave at the end. Instead, head back to the buildings and search for "Research Notes". Most of the notes are out in the open and are relatively easy to spot.


Easy / Hidden Achievements | 2 AP

These achievements take a very short amount of time or are practically free AP.

Give In | 0 AP

Use the "/sleep" emote anywhere on the map.

Essence Manipulation 101 | 1 AP

In the North-West corner of Jora's Keep, speak to Researcher Yarixx and complete his tutorial on manipulating essence. This takes a few minutes at most.


Everyone's a Critic | 1 AP

To complete this achievement, head to the Svanir Camps and destroy the Cook's Supplies. Once you have destroyed enoughs upplies, the Veteran Enraged Cook will spawn. - He appears with a large white circle around him, so he's very hard to miss.

Kill the cook.


Sweet Surrender | 0 AP

Use a Boneskinner Tonic or Endless Boneskinner Tonic. You can buy these from Anette at Jora's Keep.

  • Ensure you are on Bjora Marches when you use these or the achievement will not count.

Map Achievements | 124 AP

These achievments require participation on the map to obtain.

Ancient Weaponeer | 27 AP

This achievement simply involves buying all of the Ancient Boreal Weapons from Anette in Jora's Keep.

  • The entire collection will cost you 32 gold and 400 Eternal Ice Shards.
  • TIP: Strike Missions grant quite a few Ice Shards when completed. Farming nodes and completing strikes daily will get you this achievement relatively quickly.

The rewards for this achievement also include 14 Eitrite Ingots, 3 Berserker's Orichalcum Imbued Inscriptions, and 10 Eternal Ice Shards.


Bjora Marches Historian | 5 AP

PREREQUISITE: Raven Lens Scholar, The Hunger, access to Asgeir's Legacy To get this achievement you need to find three books across Bjora Marches.

  • Research Notes: Ancient Raven Lens - Inside the Raven Sanctum, second room.
  • A Burden - Asgeir's Legacy.
  • What's Happening - After completing The Hunger you will be awarded this book the next time you kill the Champion Boneskinner.


Bjora Marches Insights | 4 AP + 4 MP

There are four Mastery Insights on the map (map guide below).

  • Asgeir's Legacy requires completion of the map meta.
  • Fallen Mountain Overlook is easily reachable with a springer from the south side.
  • Ravenfrost Caverns requires Raven Attunement 1 or requires that you know someone with Raven Attunement 1.
  • Aberrant Forest is easily reachable with a springer.


Bjora Marches Treasure Hunter | 3 AP + 1 MP

There are several Norn Chests and Glorious Norn Chests throughout the map. This achievment requires you to find and loot each of them. Note that four of these are located within Asgeir's Legacy, which is only reachable after completing the meta event.

  • Requirements will include:
    • Rollerbeetle Barrier Smash Mastery, or a friend that has it.
    • Successful compeletion of the Bjora Marches' meta event.


Constant Vigilance | 5 AP

This achievement is one of the hardest to get. To obtain it you must ensure that none of the Vigil Relief Crew (the same ones from the Supernatural Achievement) die to the Boneskinner. This means you either need enough CC to consistently break his bar or to have high enough DPS to burst him down before he can jump away. Breaking his bar is the most consistent method.

An easy (ish?) method for obtaining this is to form a small party, no more than five people, who all have a ton of CC. Find a fairly empty map and follow the Vigil Relief Crew from Jora's Keep. Once the Boneskinner fight starts, burst it down as fast as possible and ensure you break his bar. Fewer people ensures his bar doesn't scale as hard; if you have too many this achievement becomes nearly impossible.

Essence Looter | 3 AP

PREREQUISITE: All Essence Manipulation masteries, including tier 2. This achievement requires access to Asgeir's Legacy.

To obtain this achievement you need to open all nine Essence chests. They are marked on the map below.


Friendly Breakups | 3 AP

During any blizzard, everyone will gain the Freezing Cold debuff. When this debuff reaches 20 stacks, they will be frozen in an ice shard. To obtain this achievement you need to break 20 of these ice shards.

  • The easiest method for obtaining this requires a necromancer, ranger, or friends.
    • Get your party and head to the valley just Southeast of Asgeir's Legacy.
    • Start stacking up the debuff on yourselves.
    • Break eachother out.
      • Any class with pets can solo this achievement by allowing themselves to be frozen and using their pets to break out.

The Hunger | 10 AP + 1 MP

This is a quick and easy achievement but requires some patience. This guide will also unlock the achievement "Just Resting".

For this collection, you bring food to the hungry Kodan, Bright Shore, in his hut [&BB4MAAA=] (Unlocks Just Resting). You can start the collection by talking to him. These must be done in order and delivered one at a time before proceeding to the next item.

Imported Blood Orange

You can purchase an imported Blood Orange from Anette Eymundrdottir [Karma-Merchant] at Jora's Keep [&BCcMAAA=] for 3115 Karma and 50 Eternal Ice Shards Deliver The Imported Blood Orange to Bright Shore.

Rabbit Meat Chunk

You can find ambient rabbits directly outside of Jora's Keep [&BCcMAAA=] for this portion Deliver the Rabbit Meat Chunk to Bright Shore.

Dear Meat Chunk

Same as the Rabbit Meat, can be found on ambient deer outside of Jora's Keep Deliver the Deer Meat Chunk to Bright Shore.

Bear Flank

What is an Arctodus but a bear? You can find Arctodus near here that will drop Bear Flank [&BDQMAAA=] Deliver the Bear Meat Flank to Bright Shore.

Aberrant Warg Meat Chunk

Aberrant Wargs can be found in the forest near Bright Shore but can be difficult to find. There are also a handful that spawn during the Pre-Event for Boneskinner where you escort Captain Igenna Jawspire to the Aberrant Forest. You should have time to get the Warg Meat, run it over to Bright Shore's hut, and then return in time for Boneskinner for the last part. Deliver the Aberrant Warg Meat to Bright Shore.

Boneskinner Flank

The last part of this requires you to kill Champion Boneskinner, which spawns as the last event in a chain that starts with you escorting Captain Igenna Jawspire to the Aberrant Forest. The chain begins at Frozen Pass and ends in the Aberrant Forest area. Deliver the Boneskinner Flank to Bright Shore to finish this achievement.


Hunting Champions | 6 AP

This acheivement requires access to Asgeir's Legacy. There are elevent champions in Bjora Marches that need to be killed to obtain this achievement. They are marked on the map below.


Junior Investigator | 3 AP

An NPC named Elini will occasionally spawn at Jora's Keep. She will leave through the front gate and head to one of two locations just oustide the keep. Here she will ask for "Evidence" which can be found by looting the Suspicious Snow. You need to complete this event 10 times to obtain this achievement.

  • NOTE: If the event fails, you will not receive credit. Ensure the event succeeds.


Luminary | 5 AP + Title

This is a meta achievemnt that is granted upon completing all of the "Lighting the X" achievements. There are four sub-acheivements in total.

  • To complete any of the puzzles:
    • Activate the raven shrine at the start
    • Pay attention to which mirror it's heading to
    • Turn that mirror the correct direction.
      • There is only one "correct" direction. If the orb of light bounces, you have it right.
    • Clear any debris in the way.

You can watch a quick guide to Luminary here:

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFyBggc1n2I&feature=youtu.be ]

NOTE: At the time of writing there is a glitch which may cause this achievement and its sub-achievements to show as incomplete even after they have been completed.

Master of the Ancestral Forge | 50 AP + 1 MP + Other

REWARDS: You will get the Raven's Eye Scepter, a 20-slot bag recipe, a 20-slot bag, 28-slot bag recipe, Box of Eternal Ice Shards, Raven Spirit Shadow, Raven Statue, 24-slot bag, 32-slot bag recipe, 50 Eternal Ice Shards, Helm of Dragonrender, and a Boneskinner Tonic.

To obtain this achievement you must unlock all sixteen Restored Boreal Weapons

  • You can buy these from the trading post.
  • Crafting will cost 16 Berserker's Orichalcum Inscriptions, 1200 Eternal Ice Shards, and 160 Eitrite Ingots
  • You need to buy the recipes from Anette at Jora's Keep. You must have the base skin for that weapon unlocked before you can purchase this recipe.


Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum | 10 AP

To obtain this acheivement you need to explore all possible combinations of solutions to the Raven's Trial in the Raven Sanctum. You can do this once per day per character in the open world version of the sanctum, but you can also restart the story instance as many times as you want.

The combinations are as follows:

  • Drive Away Beasts, Save Spells, Guide the Queen
  • Drive Away beasts, Save Spells, Guide the Child
  • Drive Away Beasts, Save History, Guide the Queen
  • Drive Away Beasts, Save History, Guide the Child
  • Lead Healers, Save Spells, Guide the Queen
  • Lead Healers, Save Spells, Guide the Child
  • Lead Healers, Save History, Guide the Queen
  • Lead Healers, Save History, Guide the Child

Here's a handy flowchart!


Raven's Favor | 25 AP + 1 MP

To get this achievement you simply need to complete the meta 15 times. Hang around on the map and be sure to participate in the event "Defeat the Icebrood Construct" to get credit.

Stop Hitting Yourself | 1 AP

To obtain this achievement you must kill your doppelganger during the event "Stop the Svanir Ritual".

  • This event spawns frequently in Ravenfrost Caverns. Just locate the Necromancer Lessandro and follow him around.
  • Be sure you strike the Ritual Anchors. There is a chance your Doppel will not spawn otherwise.


NOTE: At the time of writing, the bug causing your doppelganger not to spawn has been fixed.

Supernatural | 5 AP

This achievement involves completing a series of three events. During this event chain you can also obtain the Achievement "Constant Vigilance".

  • The event chain spawns next to Researcher Yarixx in Jora's Keep. Follow the Vigil Relief Crew and protect them on their way to the Forest.
  • Once they reach the forest, clear groups of mobs marked by crossed swords.
  • Once all enemies are cleared, the Champion Boneskinner will spawn. This is your chance to get the "Constant Vigilance" achievement.

Once the Champion Boneskinner is killed, you will be awareded the achievement. If you missed out on part of this event chain you can go back and complete just that event for achievement credit.

Strike Missions | 30 AP

Participating in the Bjora Marches strike mission can grant you three potential achievements. You will need to participate in all three versions of the strike in order to obtain all three achievements.

  • Legendary Claw of the Fallen and Legendary Voice of the Fallen (10 AP)
    • Defeat the Legendary Claw and Voice of the Fallen in the Bjora Marches Strike Missions
    • TIP: Try to kill them at the same time, otherwise one will gain a powerful buff.
  • Legendary Boneskinner (10 AP)
    • Defeat the Legendary Boneskinner
  • Legendary Shaman (10 AP)
    • Defeat the Legendary Shaman