Metabattle is a community maintained wiki where Guild Wars 2 character builds are hosted. The idea behind this is to collect all the builds in one place like the contemporary PvXwiki for Guild Wars 1. Benefits of wiki based builds are:

  • Everyone is welcome to discuss/rate builds after registering.
  • Registered users are able to edit existing builds and submit new builds.
  • One platform can be used by all the top players/teams to proliferate the best builds and tactics given the category's rule set.
  • ANet can easily see which professions are ranked as the best by the community and which builds may be overpowered or underpowered.

What MetaBattle "is"

  • Communicating the best builds regardless of "fairness" or "honor" (As long as it doesn't use exploits, hacks, or third-party cheats)
  • Discussing the state of the meta and why some builds are fairing better than other relatively equivalent powered builds
  • Compiling the best builds for a category using the best players possible

What MetaBattle "is not"

  • Political, Moral, or Philosophical: We are not attempting to shape the meta based on what "should be" but rather on what "is" or "could be"
  • Opinionated/Judgmental: It doesn't matter what profession, weapons, style is being used as long as it's categorically effective.
    • What is "categorically effective"?
      • It must be great in the hands of any player
      • Usually a sub-average player should "beat" an above average player using a worse build
  • The thoughts and actions of one person. There are at least 3 lead admins for our sections that have a strong community presence in their categories or are well versed with the category's community, their playstyle, and thought process.
    • Remember, you can simply sign up and mention your thoughts and what you believe to be the correct build in the discussion page of any build page. You can also go on the community portal's talk page (lefthand side) to discuss site wide changes.

Further Reading

  • Do not change builds drastically; Most likely you'll be banned for this immediately regardless of how correct you may be. When attempting to do major changes please contact any admin or ask for permission on the community portal's talk page.
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