Open World

Open World builds for Guild Wars 2. A wide variety of GW2 builds and guides for all classes.

Section builds are up to date for the June 30, 2022 game patch.

General Builds

Builds meant for general open world play. Useful for general open world and story-mode play, such as events, zerging, map completion, and random shenanigans. These builds typically suggest similar gear to their instanced PvE counterparts (Raids/Fractals/Strikes) for ease of gearing but if you are not worried about this or don't mind investing in a separate gearset for open world then feel free to alter your equipment.


Solo/Specialist Builds

These builds are optimised to be self sufficient for solo play where allies are not providing boons or healing. Please note that they are generally not suitable for endgame instanced PvE content and often use luxury equipment sets so only invest in these builds if you do not mind the extra gear cost or otherwise are not worried about endgame content.

Solo Builds are currently in progress of being updated

Support Builds

Support builds for providing boons and/or healing in open world group play

Core Builds

Builds that are accessible to F2P / Core players

Low-Intensity Builds

Low-Intensity Builds for players with disabilities and impairments.

LI Builds are being updated and reworked - Expect to see them again soon.

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