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               | Bowl of Saffron-scented Poultry Soup = 12480
               | Bowl of Saffron-scented Poultry Soup = 12480
               | Can of Hearty Poultry Soup = 78450
               | Can of Hearty Poultry Soup = 78450
                <!--Ascended (Outgoing Healing)-->
                | Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish = 91690
               <!--Condition Damage-->
               <!--Condition Damage-->
               | Bowl of Truffle Risotto = 12465
               | Bowl of Truffle Risotto = 12465

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Looks up a specific item id through its name.

{{Item lookup|<unnamed param 1>|<unnamed param 2>|<unnamed param 3>}}


unnamed param 1
Item name. Ambiguous names have to be resolved with parentheses identifiers (check this page for all item names available). Defaults to -1 (none).
unnamed param 2
Item type. Accepts:
PvE/WvW — head, shoulders, coat, leggings, feet, backpiece, accessory, ring, amulet, pve/wvw-rune, pve/wvw-sigil, infusion.
PvP — pvp-amulet.
Both — rune, sigil.
Consumables — food, utility.
unnamed param 3
Optional. In case of ambiguous item names, set a number to this parameter as an alternative way of disambiguating items.


{{Item lookup|Diviner Amulet|pvp-amulet}}


{{Item lookup|Superior Rune of the Pack|rune}}


{{Item lookup|Superior Sigil of Celerity|sigil}}


{{Item lookup|Oysters with Spicy Sauce|food}}


{{Item lookup|Toxic Focusing Crystal|utility}}


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