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MetaBattle is a database for Guild Wars 2 builds, teams, and guides. These are created and rated by the community. Our team helps curate this list by tagging some of them as meta. Though meta generally indicates popularity/effectiveness, in Guild Wars 2 there are some caveats. [read more]

Our team consists of multiple members. On the PvE side we are helped by Snow Crows, a top-tier dungeon, fractal, & raid guild, as well as one prominent theorycrafter from the community: DEKeyz. On WvW builds we rely on [[User:Haru], captain of Gun Squad, a premier GvG guild that has won many matchups and the June 2015 T2 GvG Invitational. For PvP builds, our moderator [User:Hanz], helps watch weekly/monthly tournaments to determine what the pros are playing and why. Following is a list of builds submitted by the community and curated by our team.

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The community is encouraged to interact with the site. We've heard multiple issues about how hard the system was to use and we've tried to simplify a great deal of the work involved. The only feature requiring a MetaBattle account is rating a build. Comments can be submitted as a guest (but you'll have better features when signing into Disqus).

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Chase's Example Yolo Build
Channeled Vigor.pngSignet of Agility.pngAssassin's Signet.pngFist Flurry.pngImpact Strike.png
Deadly ArtsCritical StrikesDaredevil

Hovering over different areas will give you extra information as a tooltip. The skill boxes will tell you the name. The three lines will give loose roles. The specializations will tell you which major traits. The rating percent will tell you the number of votes in parentheses. Go ahead and try those examples above. Normally, you'd be able to click the title, the rating, and the comment symbol for their respective sections. (Once on a build page all this information is available in the Table of Contents as well).

To rate builds: you must be logged in. After logging in, choose between Basic, Good, or Great, type a message, or hit next for some guidelines.

To comment as a guest: (1) Type a message in the "Join the discussion..." input, (2) Click the input box below "or sign up with disuqs", and (3) Check "I'd rather post as a guest".

To engage with the team: we'd like to introduce you to MetaBattle's Discord Server. Discord is a text-chat server that’s free, secure, and can work directly in your browser (though you may download the app on both desktop and mobile devices). After following the link, choose a name and continue on to the server. It is honestly that easy! You can discuss general topics, submit a bug-report, or peruse our PvP, PvE, and WvW channels. This is probably the quickest way to contact someone on the team for site-wide issues or other higher-level conversations.

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