Hello, I am Haru, a WvW Section Admin for I am the guild leader and driver of [GS] Gun Squad, a competitive WvW/GvG guild on Tarnished Coast (NA). You can watch our videos here.

Guild Wars 2 Character Information

  • How to contact me in-game
Name Title Class Function
Haru Pls Yakslapper Warrior Icon Color.png Berserker PvX
Harushoo Professor Revenant Icon Color.png Herald PvX
Pho King Haru No Title Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian WvW
Haruyah Dungeoneer Elementalist Icon Color.png Tempest PvE
Pho King Hayroo Fashion Collector Elementalist Icon Color.png Tempest WvW
Haruccino Champion Phantom Necromancer Icon Color.png Reaper WvW
Its Haru No Title Engineer Icon Color.png Scrapper WvW
Much Haru No Title Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian Mule
Ice Climber Haru No Title Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian Mule
Harupaw Legendary Champion Ranger Icon Color.png Druid PvE
Its Taylor Swift Fashion Collector Mesmer Icon Color.png Mesmer PvX

GvG/WvW History

  • *denotes current affiliation.
Timeline of Guild Participation
Guild Server
[IRON]The Iron Triangle Sanctum of Rall
[ONE] Fight As One Sanctum of Rall, Fort Aspenwood, Sea of Sorrows
[NS] Night Shift Sea of Sorrows
[OnS] Onslaught Blackgate
[TM] Team Micro Yak's Bend
[GS] Gun Squad* Blackgate, Sea of Sorrows, Maguuma, Fort Aspenwood, Yak's Bend, Jade Quarry, Tarnished Coast*


Fun Builds
Roaming Rifle Hybrid Engi
DPS Guardian for Groups
Experimental Roaming GS+Sword/Axe Warrior

Useful Links

My YouTube Channel

Gun Squad

Guild Wars 2 WvW Community Website

Guild Wars 2 Reddit

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