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[[User:Rainbow_QQs/MetaMetaMetaMeta|[agro] Meta Guardian]]
[[User:Rainbow_QQs/Meta Guardian|[agro] Meta Guardian]]
[[User:Rainbow_QQs/MetaMetaMetaMeta|[agro] Meta Elementalist]]
[[User:Rainbow_QQs/Meta Elementalist|[agro] Meta Elementalist]]
[[User:Rainbow_QQs/MetaMetaMetaMeta|[agro] Meta Mesmer]]
[[User:Rainbow_QQs/MetaMetaMetaMeta|[agro] Meta Mesmer]]

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Lo' ^__~

In case you are confused, simply want meta, or whateverthe#@%^, I'm putting down a list/guide on the current PvE meta builds. These might not be a 100% viable for record runs (as things there change a lot), but they should provide close to highest/highest DPS output, so no worries about that. Feel free to shout @ me and tell me what to change. Much appreciated.

[agro] Meta Guardian

[agro] Meta Elementalist

[agro] Meta Mesmer

[agro] Meta Warrior

[agro] Meta Thief

[agro] Meta Ranger

[agro] Meta Engineer

[agro] Meta Necromancer Error404 Not found