Mirage Vote[edit]

Hi, your rating for the following build has been removed: Mirage - CI But Without CI

Vote comment was:

It's vastly overrated and definitely does not deserve being in Meta section at all.

In current meta, it's condition weakness becomes exceptionally apparent when fighting Weavers (which are very popular as sidenoder/duelist, which is what this build is supposed to do), it's also plain weak against shout warriors and Holo makes it grit it's teeth too. While it has a couple of good evasive moves with a block, it's not going to win you points during your sidenoding conquests - and it can't actually take that many hits; and unlike aforementioned options for the role (War, Holo, Weav) it cannot perform half as adequately in teamfight scenarios purely because of how it's condition damage application works.

Every Thief build practically ever is it's bane, as it historically was for most mesmers, and repeated nerfs to defensive utilities of core class made it a lot squishier for no real gain. It's really weak to being in any sort of +1 scenario and lacks meaningful outplay options for those, aside from disengage potential.

It's good at catching people off-guard by applying 3-4 damaging conditions in relatively high quantities as a burst. Passive staff application is a good way for winning by attrition, but it has enough ways to be countered - especially considering that in general, sidenodes have places you can use for breaking LoS.

3 stars is even generous.


I don't mean to offend you, but this just sounds like agenda pushing. People downvoting top tier builds for personal reasons (not wanting Anet to nerf it, or others to play it, etc.) is nothing new for us unfortunately.

Not sure when was the last time you watched or participated in an automated tournament, but Mirage is one of the top performers even now, and it's the same in ranked. Don't pretend that this spec is dead because it isn't.

If you wish to elaborate on your opinion, feel free to join us in discord. --Revenant tango icon 200px.pngHanz (talk) 15:02, 8 November 2019 (UTC)