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Welcome to MetaBattle, the Guild Wars 2 build database!
PvE-To-The-Edge.pngDungeon Builds
Dungeon meta builds have evolved over time to emphasize the very upper echelons of DPS to stack and burn down foes before their mechanics have a chance to trigger.

Builds are scored on how well they help a party complete the dungeon run.

Curently intended for speed runs but may incorporate solo builds in the future.
World Boss
PvE-To-The-Edge.pngWorld Boss Builds
World Bosses cannot be critically hit. In addition, due to the many players that often group up to fight them, conditions are stacked and difficult to apply. This nullifies many builds emphasizing Precision, Ferocity, Condition Damage/Duration.

These builds offer competitive DPS and may include various tactics for the different phases of a World Boss encounter.

Builds are rated on direct damage capabilities, zerg support, and how well they may accomplish their secondary goals.
PvE-To-The-Edge.pngGeneral PvE Builds
These builds are not rated according to Dungeons/World Boss set up. Often times the builds in this category sacrifice ~50% (or more) of a profession's potential DPS and are unviable as DPS options.

This category is kind of like the "roaming" section of PvE. The builds are rated on how well they can tag mobs or run around maps. They are suitable for casual play in an open world setting and are intended for farming or map completion.
WvW.pngZerging Builds
WvW Zerg builds tend to work best in a setting with 10+ players.

Builds are scored on survivability, support, damage, and control.
WvW.pngRoaming Builds
Roaming WvW builds tend to work best in a solo or small group setting. They are capable of skirting zerg fights to pick off stragglers. They may also be capable of flipping camps efficiently.

Builds are scored on self-sufficiency, escape, and damage.
Ranked Arena
PvP.pngRanked Arena Builds
Here you can find a collection of working builds for Rated Arenas. These were mainly designed for Conquest, the classic Capture Point gamemode of GW2.

Meta builds are the most widespread / effective ones - these are often created by top teams. Great builds can compete with them, but are a bit less common. The ones under Good are still viable, but not always optimal choices for higher ratings.

All builds are included in this section and can be further filtered.
120px-Engineer tango icon 200px.pngEngineer
120px-Engineer tango icon 200px.pngEngineer Builds
All Engineer builds for PvE, WvW, and PvP.
120px-Ranger tango icon 200px.pngRanger
120px-Ranger tango icon 200px.pngRanger Builds
All Ranger builds for PvE, WvW, and PvP.
120px-Thief tango icon 200px.pngThief
120px-Thief tango icon 200px.pngThief Builds
All Thief builds for PvE, WvW, and PvP.
120px-Elementalist tango icon 200px.pngElementalist
120px-Elementalist tango icon 200px.pngElementalist Builds
All Elementalist builds for PvE, WvW, and PvP.
120px-Mesmer tango icon 200px.pngMesmer
120px-Mesmer tango icon 200px.pngMesmer Builds
All Mesmer builds for PvE, WvW, and PvP.
120px-Necromancer tango icon 200px.pngNecromancer
120px-Necromancer tango icon 200px.pngNecromancer Builds
All Necromancer builds for PvE, WvW, and PvP.