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Welcome toMetaBattle,the Guild Wars 2 build database!

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PvE-To-The-Edge.pngDungeon Builds
Dungeon meta builds have evolved over time to emphasize the very upper echelons of DPS to stack and burn down foes before their mechanics have a chance to trigger.

Builds are scored on how well they help a party complete the dungeon run.

Curently intended for speed runs but may incorporate solo builds in the future.
PvP.pngRanked Arena
PvP.pngRanked Arena Builds
Here you can find a collection of working builds for Rated Arenas. These were mainly designed for Conquest, the classic Capture Point gamemode of GW2.

Meta builds are the most widespread / effective ones - these are often created by top teams. Great builds can compete with them, but are a bit less common. The ones under Good are still viable, but not always optimal choices for higher ratings.

All builds are included in this section and can be further filtered.