Berserker - Mace/Longbow Condizerker

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Focused on: Condition damageControl and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A very sustain-oriented take on condition Berserker for PvP designed to win smaller skirmishes with its burst damage.

Archival note: merged into the Sword/Sword version.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • over - the main purpose of these two skills is the same: restore a large chunk of adrenaline on low CD to fuel your F1-2 skills. In terms of functionality Sundering Leap adds mobility to an otherwise sluggish build plus applies cover conditions and offers some survivability via Aegis Aegis while Shattering Blow has Stability Stability to cover your important casts while also reflecting projectiles and doing some damage from range. Both are viable choices.


  • - constant passive adrenaline regen for more frequent access to Burst skills.

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  • works well with the Mace/Sword set which has 2 blocking skills, opening up new and creative ways for you to pressure enemies by reflecting their projectiles.


  • trades CD reduction and improved autos on Longbow for better mobility and the ability to break out of Immobilize Immobilize using movement skills like or .



Equipment Variants


  • or - in terms of stats these are worse than the other runes, but the passive mobility boost can be quite valuable when you need to move from one fight to another. Taking however makes these unnecessary.
  • - a bit more defensive option that could help you survive other condition builds.


  • over - this makes your Mace bursts a bit worse but you'll gain more defense against conditions.


Elite specialization mechanics

  • Berserker Berserker grants Warriors acceess to (F2), a mode during which they gain new burst skills.
  • To Enter Berserker mode you must have full adrenaline (30/30). The Berserking burst skill (Mace) and (Longbow) become available during this time frame, these cost 10 adrenaline (which amounts to 1 regular adrenaline bar, 1/3 of the cost of what it took to enter Berserker mode).
  • and are both important adrenaline management tools. They're especially useful for getting back to full adrenaline before just before recharges so you don't have to waste time building adrenaline while Berserker is available. Even in Berserker mode they are useful, allowing you to quickly fill up the adrenaline bar for back-to-back burst combos.


  • Both the initial cast and the landing strike of restore adrenaline, so try to land on top of enemies. The skill also applies useful cover conditions for burst combos and could act as a gapcloser.
  • restores 5 adrenaline on weapon-swap. This is great at instantly getting that last bit of adrenaline you'd need for burst skills especially if you're having difficulty building adrenaline (like getting outranged or Blind Blind spammed).
  • Much of the pressure comes from spamming and as much as possible.
  • While Mace/Sword is more defensive because of the blocks, Longbow can help you survive too with proper use of and .
  • You don't have to worry too much about the self-stun of as entering Berserker mode breaks you out of CC.
  • Use inside for a free Fire Aura Fire Aura whenever possible.
  • The Berserker Burst skill is the only Longbow skill that isn't a projectile, you can use this to pressure targets who are using anti-projectile skills like without swapping to Mace.


  • Both entering and leaving grant you powerful defensive buffs, making this an important part of your sustain:
    • - stun break and immunity to strike damage.
    • - grants which causes damage you deal to heal you.
    • - grants Stability Stability and endurance.
    • - the Superspeed Superspeed could help you run away from enemies if you're being focused.
  • Don't hesitate to cut Berserker mode short with Eternal Champion (F2) if you're taking too much damage.
  • has inherent defensive value as a mobility skill, you could use these to quickly disengage from fights and resustain before heading back in. When playing with this could also break you out of Immobilize Immobilize, making it harder for enemies to pin you down.
    • This skill even has Aegis Aegis to cover your escape. Of course if you use this to run away you'll only get half the adrenaline, but that's a small price to pay for survival.
  • and provide a steady stream of cleansing. On Mace your Burst skill must connect if you want Cleansing Ire to proc, but on Longbow it doesn't matter whether you hit a target or not. As soon as or touches the ground you'll be cleansed, which means Longbow has way better synergy with this trait especially under pressure as you can even use this while running away.
  • Always factor in what other cleansing CDs are available before you'd heal with as this is your best mass cleanse. If the answer is none and you heal with no conditions on you in a condition matchup, you might get killed a few seconds later due to the lack of cleansing. Sometimes it's worth holding onto for a few extra seconds just to be safe.
  • CC shouldn't be much of a problem for you with the amount of stun breaks in the build. Deciding which one to use depends on the situation, for instance:
    • If you're getting condi bombed then might be the clear winner.
    • If the target is in melee and has no Stability you could counter-burst with .
    • If you're sitting in a with 3 people on you then the damage mitigation of or is what you need.
    • If it's a Power-based matchup with no need for cleansing and you can easily avoid the incoming damage with a stun break + a dodge then could be enough while you keep for emergencies.
  • Dodge rolling applies Resistance Resistance. This is especially useful against builds with a lot of Blind Blind spam, allowing you to land important skills such as or without having to worry about the attack missing.


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