WvW Guides

Guild Wars 2 WvW Guides for Better Gameplay, Competitive Advantage and everything World vs. World related.

Guard Killer.webp
Beginners Guide To WvW Roaming
Introduction to WwvW Roaming for new players.
Objective Aura 2- WvW Experience.webp
Guide to Objective Scaling Rewards
Guide to maximizing objective rewards.
Badge of Honor.webp
Guide to WvW Rewards
All about WvW rewards and how to spend them efficiently.
How to find a group in WvW
Guide on how to find people to play with in WvW.
Arrow Cart Mastery.webp
How to spend WvW Ability Points
How to spend WvW Ability Points in an optimized way.
How to make Conflux
Crafting guide for the legendary Conflux ring.
How to make Warbringer
Crafting guide for the legendary Warbringer back item.
Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Warhelm.webp
How to make WvW Legendary Armor
Crafting guide for WvW legendary armor.
How to Unlock the Warclaw Mount
Guide for unlocking the Warclaw Mount and related achievements.
How to Gear a Character
An overview of some of the most efficient methods of gearing a character in PvE, PvP and WvW.
Tips for Settings
Essential and optional game settings to make your gameplay more fluent in PvE, PvP and WvW.
Ways to Earn Gold
Overview of some of the best and most common ways to earn gold.
Locked Profession.webp
What Profession Should I Play?
Help figuring out which Guild Wars 2 profession to try.
What are CC and Breakbars?
Introduction guide to crowd control and defiance bar.
Chaos Aura.webp
What are Combo Fields?
Introduction guide to combo fields and finishers.
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