Tier List

Guild Wars 2 Class and Specialization Tier Lists for PvP, PvE and WvW. Ordering within each tier is random and is not set in stone due to the nature of how Tier Lists work.

PvP Conquest

DISCLAIMER: This list is meant to help (mostly newer) players get a grasp on roughly what they can expect from each specialization in sPvP, especially in ranked. The rankings should be indicative of what the best builds of a core profession and its elite specializations are generally capable of. Success with them may vary based on personal skill, experience, ratings, and team comps. Even some specs seen as lower tier could be capable of pushing high ratings in the right hands.


Condi and Power builds form two distinct groups in fractals, so ratings must be taken in the context of the group type you're playing with. Only viability in CMs are considered as regular T4 fractals have too many variables to consider, and frankly for most groups, anything works. The efficacy of power builds is only considered in Nightmare and Shattered Observatory, and the efficacy of condi builds is only considered in Sunqua Peak and Silent Surf.

A specialization's rating is based on its strongest build, though having multiple strong builds may earn it a higher rating. See the build pages for more details on the available builds.

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S-tier builds are the peak of fractal classes. As power alacrity, Renegade has good burst damage, access to Stability Stability coverage and boon rip via its Legends and huge amounts of CC. Quickness Scrapper also offers good damage and CC, and its easy access to Superspeed Superspeed and Stealth Stealth makes it an excellent all-round option. Soulbeast is simply the best DPS class for fractals, with both power and condi builds to cover all encounters. In condi fractals, Harbinger is both an excellent Quickness Quickness provider and DPS, and Specter is able to provide its boons at extreme range while bringing utility to fit the situation.

In the right situations A-tier builds can be every bit as strong as those in S tier, but lack the versatility to earn them the higher rating. Dragonhunter and Weaver are leagues ahead of other power DPS specs, with only Soulbeast reliably besting them. Holosmith is a strong all-rounder with a power build that excels in less organised groups, and an impressive condi build if you're able to pull off the rotation. Scourge and Virtuoso are incredible DPS in the two latest CMs, which heavily favour ranged damage. Like other thief builds, Specter brings all the power of a venom precast, and can deal a huge amount of its damage from range as well as providing group support in the form of barrier and Alacrity Alacrity.

B-tier builds will perform very well in less organised groups and can easily rival builds in the higher tiers, but they will usually start to fall behind the better the group is.

C-tier builds are still strong builds in their own right, but are usually outclassed by other specs, or their use is too niche to justify a B-tier ranking.

D-tier builds are able to perform their respective roles, but have some specific drawbacks that mean they struggle in fractals and generally shouldn't be taken if other options are available.

F-tier is reserved for specs that don't have viable endgame PvE builds.

Open World

This tier list ranks specializations for both group and solo play in open world. When ranking these specializations, we look at factors such as versatility, innate defense (defense without losing DPS), DPS (both group and solo), party utility, mobility, and a handful of other factors. S-Tier specializations typically are either hyper-versatile or the absolute best at their specific role. A-Tier are those that perform exceptionally well in a variety of content. B-Tier contains specializations that hold their own in most content and may have a specific niche they excel in. C-Tier is made up of those that have few shining qualities or have significant roadblocks to open world performance. Note that the difference between each tier is rather small - For example an A-Tier Spec will perform quite closely to an S-Tier. However, an S-Tier spec is going to significantly outperform anything in C-Tier.

Raid & Strike

Due to the wide range both in what roles a specialisation can fill, and the relative strength of any given specialisation depending on the encounter and skill of the group, any list is going to be very subjective. The tiers below represent a class's viability both across different encounters and across different groups.

A specialization's rating is based on its strongest build, though having multiple strong builds may earn it a higher rating. See the build pages for more details on the available builds.

In the current Meta, practically every class has at least one very strong build. Because of this, A-tier has been split in two to highlight those that are a cut above the rest, but not enough to land in S-tier.

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For a build to land in S-tier it must be the best of the best. Druid is a potent healer with a range of tools to handle almost any situation while also providing practically all the common utility boons. Herald can be run as Quickness Quickness DPS or healer and also provides a great variety of boons with the additional bonus of providing them to allies within 600 units compared to the more standard 360. As power DPS, Deadeye, Holosmith and Soulbeast combine burst with sustained damage that can match or even exceed condi builds.

Individual A-tier builds are just as strong as those in S-tier, but lack the variety to push the spec itself up a rank. Not only will they excel on the right bosses, but they are versatile enough to be taken almost anywhere without feeling underpowered.

B-tier builds may still be meta on certain bosses, but suffer more noticeably on suboptimal encounters.

C-tier builds are typically only great when performing specific roles, but have the potential to outperform higher-ranked builds in the hands of an experienced player.

D-tier builds are those that should only really be used in very niche cases.

F-tier is reserved for specs that don't have viable endgame PvE builds.

WvW Roaming

Roaming builds are created mostly for solo WvW players who enjoy smaller fights like 1v1, 1vX or flipping camps on their own. If you're unfamiliar with this subcategory of WvW gameplay then be sure to check out our beginner's guide to WvW roaming.

WvW Zerg

List is for large zerg sizes (50+), some classes belong at different places for other group sizes


List is for 15v15. Anything in A tier has ~100% usage, anything D tier or below is basically never played

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