Bladesworn - Defense Bladesworn

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Strike damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on November 29, 2023 and is up to date for the November 07, 2023 game patch.


A PvP Power Bladesworn build that drops Tactics for the Defense Defense specialization in order to gain some new tools such as Resistance Resistance on dodge and projectile-reflects on Aegis Aegis

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • - a tech option against condition builds, offers better cleansing in exchange for lower healing. Might want to consider taking on Strength Strength if you want a damage boost. For the record Mending isn't always necessary against every condition build, sometimes your sheer amount of healing and barrier stacking coupled with the few cleases in the build is enough to stand your ground.


While generally not recommended, the elite can sometimes be swapped out in niche cases like 2v2 and 3v3 offseason where you'd need better rez power or chase/kill potential, or if you're using . Usually hoever provides a lot of damage and sustain especially when paired with so it's too good to give up.

  • - could be useful when you expect to be mostly teamfighting or during 2v2/3v3 offseasons.
  • - the combination of CC, mobility and damage makes this good in just about any situation from securing kills to disengaging from fights.

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  • works well with and has synergy with , boosting your self-healing.


  • increases your mobility and helps with rotating around the map or kiting/chasing targets, but lowers your self-healing.



Equipment Variants


  • over - trades some consistency on your burst/Axe finishing moves for better sustain against conditions.


  • - better healing thanks to the many Aegis Aegis sources in the build. Highly recommended if you're not expecting to face condition builds.
  • - improves your consistency by ensuring that your important attacks crit. Might want to consider replacing the current rune as the Precision stat loses some value with this relic.
  • - higher burst potential.


  • - more tanky option.


Elite specialization basics

  • Warriors who spec Bladesworn Bladesworn lose access to weapon swapping in combat but gain access to the Gunsaber, which works a bit like an Engineer kit (F1 by default).
  • Instead of Adrenaline you build Flow in combat. If you have enough Flow you gain access to (F2), which roots you in place and starts consuming Flow when used. Dragon Trigger empowers your Gunsaber skills. The more Flow you consume, the stronger the first 3 skills get. These 3 skills are the main source of your burst damage.
  • While swapping in and out of Gunsaber has a 10s CD, this can sometimes be bypassed. is on a separate CD and using it puts you back into Gunsaber mode.


  • Role: your primary purpose is to be a duelist and take 1v1s, but the build has plenty of AoE pressure and even some group utility too, making you useful in teamfights as well in case you'd need to be more flexible.
  • Gunsaber isn't a very complicated weapon. 1-4 are damaging skills and 5 is for mobility/Fury Fury application. Skills 1-3 are ranged, 4 can be both melee and ranged. Spam them in whatever order you wish if they're not on CD.
  • The 3 Dragon Trigger burst skills are:
    • Dragon Slash - Force: replaces the autoattack, melee cleave.
    • Dragon Slash - Boost: replaces skill 2, a gap closer/mobility skill with good damage. This is the most commonly used Dragon Trigger skill as it deals high damage and has the reach to hit enemies that are farther away.
    • Dragon Slash - Reach: replaces skill 3, ranged projectile attack.
  • While Dragon Trigger is active, Gunsaber skill #5 turns into a ground targeted teleport. While the range is short, this could still allow you to reposition yourself in a way to hit targets who escaped to the highground or are hiding behind a pillar.
    • When playing with this could also act as an instant source of Stability Stability that could help you avoid being interrupted.
  • makes it easier to land Dragon Trigger skills by giving you Blind Blind immunity and unblockable attacks.
    • Skill #4's Aegis Aegis application could also come in clutch if your timing is good, potentially blocking a CC skill that would otherwise interrupt the channeling.
  • Axe/Pistol has plenty of burst damage and could act as a quick finishing move against low HP targets, but it's also an excellent set for barrier stacking (more on that later).
  • is both a defensive and offensive skill. You can either use it to heal/cleanse yourself and your team or boost your damage depending on the situation.
  • causes Aegis Aegis to reflect projectiles. This is way more impactful than it sounds because attacks you reflect don't consume the Aegis, allowing you to block way more than just 1 attack.
    • Skill #4 on both sets (Pistol and Gunsaber) are Aegis Aegis sources.
  • gives you Stability Stability whenever you CC a target. This is one of the reasons why building up 2 charges on Gunsaber #3 is a good idea - at 2 charges the skill has Daze Daze, and you could us this trait synergy to follow up with a Dragon Trigger cast that's now protected.
  • Dodge rolling grants Resistance Resistance which is especially useful against Blind Blind and Weakness Weakness spamming specs. With this trait you can keep on pressuring targets by sacrificing a dodge, or end up getting it as a passive bonus anyway when dodging attacks.


  • Every source of Might Might application heals you thanks to , turning otherwise damage focused skills like into healing skills.
  • is a very important part of your survival kit, giving you barrier whenever you use the last charge of an ammo skill. This includes your shouts, , Gunsaber skills and even .
  • heavily encourages you to spam Gunsaber skills to make sure that you don't build up multiple charges. If every charge is your last one, this trait keeps the procs rolling.
    • Skill #3 on Gunsaber is an exception, you might want to consider building up ammo on that one because it makes the skill significantly stronger, even adding a Daze Daze to it.
  • Pistol has amazing synergy with , as both of its skills are ammo skills and recovers charges very quickly which keeps the barrier rolling.
  • Simply chaining on repeat as much as you can will give you lots of barrier. You can extend the combo with , restoring ammo to both Pistol skills, allowing you to use Gunstinger once and Dragon's Roar twice.
  • turns every shout skill into a source of condition cleansing.
  • gives one charge to all Bladesworn ammo skills and makes your next Dragon Trigger charge faster. It's primarily a defensive skill best used to recharge your healing skill and Gunsaber #5 for extra mobility. To get full value out of it make sure that all of your Gunsaber skills are on CD and your heal doesn't have more than 1 charge. This is especially important because of the synergy, as going from 0 ammo to 1 will proc the barrier on the next cast, but going from 1 ammo to 2 doesn't.
  • Be careful with the timing of ! The charges don't stack, if you use the second one before the first heal goes off the first one won't heal you.
  • Your best source of condition cleansing is also one of your only stun breaks: so plan your CD management accordingly.
  • is the best skill in the build for surviving Power based damage, even allowing you to tank some enemy burst while counter pressuring them. It's also a stun break, so if you're not under any condition pressure you might want to use this first before resorting to later.
    • This skill could also be used offensively, using the Stability Stability to protect your Dragon Trigger casts.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 6 votes.
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5 stars
Thumpen gave this build 5 stars • October 2023
High sustain build! Damage is good! easy to play just play few rounds! i’m actually not dying! one of the most underrated build in my opinion!
5 stars
Eddieknj gave this build 5 stars • October 2023
Easy, insanely broken, sustain is crazy, mobility is great, burst is simple to land. 5 stars all day
5 stars
Yerloq gave this build 5 stars • September 2023
I think lowkey, this might be the most underrated build in the entire game right now. You can even add Fighter rune and Fierce as Fire to bring on that extra damage (although you'd need to kite effectively as condi damage can really add up if you're not careful) against the tough bunker builds. This build even wins against condi zerker given the right burst setup. It's super good, very underrated.
4 stars
Vex gave this build 4 stars • June 2023
It's strong but the full shout tactics version feels stronger to me which has much better healing and more frequent access to might stacking and such. On that I hardly ever lose a 1v1 while on this I have to be way more careful, which wouldn't be a problem but the more I'm forced to kit the less I can focus on doing damage and that results in drawn out fights.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
High sustain, high damage, good mobility and CC. Easy to play and really strong at the moment. Bit weak to conditions but there are several customization options that could remedy that, and there's so much barrier and healing in the build that sometimes you can even brute force your way through condi matchups with the low cleanse version as long as you avoid the bursts or keep Shake It Off ready.
5 stars
Goon gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
A very strong build that can both duel and teamfight. While vulnerable to some builds like condi reaper you have enough sustain and cc that even unfavourable match ups are winnable when played right. The build is very flexible with skills and traitlines able to be changed to deal with whatever challenge you are facing. While not overpowered like it used to be it is certainly a strong build in the current meta.


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