Bladesworn - Power Shoutsworn

Part of the current metagame

Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Direct damageMobility and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on September 11, 2022 and is up to date for the August 23, 2022 game patch.


This Bladesworn PvP build has a bit of everything from burst damage to group support and great sustain.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • over - trades AoE healing and some damage boost for an evade frame/CC/mobility tool. Take in Strength.

Template Code

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  • with is worth considering against condition matchups.



Equipment Variants


  • - better damage and some nice Might Might synergy in case you can afford to give up the shout cleansing synergy of Soldier rune.


  • over - if you're having trouble dealing with conditions and don't mind sacrificing some burst damage.


Elite specialization basics

  • Warriors who spec Bladesworn Bladesworn lose access to weapon swapping in combat but gain access to the Gunblade, which works a bit like an Engineer kit (F1 by default).
  • Instead of Adrenaline you build Flow in combat. If you have enough Flow you gain access to (F2), which roots you in place and starts consuming Flow when used. Dragon Trigger empowers your Gunblade skills. The more Flow you consume, the stronger the first 3 skills get. These 3 skills are the main source of your burst damage.
  • While swapping in and out of Gunblade has a 10s CD, this can sometimes be bypassed. Dragon Trigger is on a separate CD and using it puts you back into Gunblade mode.


  • Gunblade isn't a very complicated weapon. 1-4 are damaging skills and 5 is for mobility/Fury Fury application. Skills 1-2 are melee, 3 is ranged, 4 works in both. Spam them in whatever order you wish if they're not on CD.
  • The 3 Dragon Trigger burst skills are:
    • Dragon Slash - Force: replaces the autoattack, melee cleave.
    • Dragon Slash - Boost: replaces skill 2, a gap closer/mobility skill with good damage. This is the most commonly used Dragon Trigger skill as it deals high damage and has the reach to hit enemies that are farther away.
    • Dragon Slash - Reach: replaces skill 3, ranged projectile attack.
  • While dragon trigger is active, Gunblade skill #5 turns into a ground targeted teleport. While the range is short, this could still allow you to reposition yourself in a way to hit targets who escaped to the highground or are hiding behind a pillar.
  • makes it easier to land Dragon Trigger skills by giving you Blind Blind immunity while also making it more threatening by adding a Stun Stun.
  • Axe/Warhorn is more of a defensive set by comparison, but is an excellent finishing move against low HP targets even from range. It's quick and does high damage.
  • Gunblade's #3 Artillery Slash is the only skill on this set which doesn't have an ICD, therefore it's possible to spend all 3 charges in a row providing you with a source of burst damage outside Dragon Trigger.
  • and are both defensive and offensive skills. You can either use them to heal yourself and your team or set up kills depending on the situation.
  • is great at dealing with classes that rely on Stealth Stealth for sustain or combos because of the instant Revealed Revealed. While you can't use it to reveal stealthed targets, you can prevent enemies from gaining stealth.
  • Use Warhorn #4 on CD to maintain permanent Swiftness Swiftness.
  • is one of the few combo pieces in the build. Once every 12 seconds the next cripple you apply from either Axe #3 or Gunsaber #3 roots the target in place for a short duration. Both of these are ranged and could be used to catch up to targets or hit them with something that does high damage like Dragon Trigger or Skill|Blooming Fire while they can't dodge.


  • Every source of Might Might application heals you thanks to and , turning otherwise damage focused skills like into healing skills.
  • is a very important part of your survival kit, giving you barrier whenever you use the last charge of an ammo skill. This includes all of your shouts, , Gunblade skills and even .
    • This trait heavily encourages you to spam Gunblade skills to make sure you don't build up multiple charges. If every charge is your last one, this trait keeps the procs rolling.
  • adds not only sustain but also group healing to the build, making all of your utility skills stronger.
  • turns every shout skill into a source of condition cleansing.
  • gives one charge to all of the aforementioned ammo skills and makes your next Dragon Trigger stronger. It's primarily a defensive skill, make sure your heal and shouts don't have 2 charges before using this.
  • Be careful with the timing of ! The charges don't stack, if you use the second one before the first heal goes off the first one won't heal you.
  • Your best source of condition cleansing is also your only stun break: so plan your CD management accordingly.
    • A lesser version of this skill procs from .
  • on Warhorn provides much needed cleansing while offering useful boons and barrier for you and your team.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 11 votes.
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5 stars
Necro master gave this build 5 stars • July 2022
After mota 2 . ya blade is very import for each team . cancer side with cc help team fight break destory enemy
5 stars
Yerloq gave this build 5 stars • July 2022
Trade out [On My Mark] for [Endure Pain] for extra burst and survivability/stun break. Take the new [Empower Allies], and [Fierce as Fire] for the damage you lost from the shout/heal. It will stack up to wreck with more might. And go with [Rune of Fighter] (for the same reason- more dmg with might), also swapping out the heal for [Mending] with [Peak Performance] for extra condition mitigation. There you have it, unstoppable warrior is back. If the lack of speed feels too cumbersome take [Swift as Wind], as fighter helps too much to lose. This is new Meta Warrior. A duelist/teamfight combo brawler that wrecks in almost all situations.
5 stars
MadTavish gave this build 5 stars • July 2022
THE meta build for Warrior in PvP. It has very high levels of sustain for both itself and nearby allies, along with strong unblockable burst. Very skill reliant for both the player and opponent due to very telegraphed, high-powered skills. Great 1v1 and teamfighting potential. This build definitely deserves "Great" rating if not being outright being a "Meta" one. It's not as powerful as Vindicator as it has less/harder to land damage, but it absolutely is part of the current PvP metagame.
4 stars
Barnacle Ed gave this build 4 stars • June 2022
This is a fun, reliable, solid off-noder. With axe/shield, demo rune, and fighter amulet I find it really durable while still being able to bust out some decent burst from dragon trigger 2, axe 3, and gunsaber 3 -> 2 -> 5 -> 4. Has pretty decent team utility with all the shout support as well. I wouldn't call it on the same tier as Willbender so I can't rate it 5 stars in good conscience but it's nonetheless a build I'll continue playing - it also probably won't be nerfed later this month as well!
5 stars
BernardBlack gave this build 5 stars • June 2022
By far the best warrior build right now. It's not the perfect duelist (tho it can outplay many other specs, including most willbenders, tempests, mesmers (ez, they also cry afterwards OFFICER I CANT BLOCK!!!), willbenders and many others) and definitely not someone who can really hold a node in a 2v1, most of the times at least, but it is spectacular in teamfights. INSANE amounts of healing (300-450k a match average in my case), with quite a bit of damage (350-500k average a match) and I have made it all the way up to plat on this build, despite never having played Warrior in PvP before the current league. This build has everything. The guy who put 1 star to it was probably hoping nobody would play it, but I daresay it's pretty meta now... P.S. I forgot to mention I'm playing it with Pistol instead of Shield in the second slot, as suggested by Sirhazelot and Rune of the Soldier
5 stars
Acezelpyer gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
It's a nice build that finally returns the feeling of hambow (without both weapon sets) back to warrior in the PVP space. With the hands of high skilled players with good game sense this build is a monster to push off points. This spec also makes it good enough to be flexible enough to run a high number of runes and still have a notable difference between players. If you see a Soulbeast or a lot of high blockable DPS players on the other side that shield block save lives. You could even add Rune of Sanctuary if you want to add barrier on top of more barrier to be even more annoying for the other team. Remember your Dragon Trigger isnt wholly for damage, it's such a mind game of: "When is this Warrior going to pull the trigger AND in what way" with that annoying CC attached to it AND healing from might stacking.
5 stars
Sirhazelot gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
I personally enjoy playing with the pistol better for added burst and free agis + a bit of barrier with unshakable mountain. When understanding how the bursts works with this spec, you get a very strong duelist that can teamfights with loads of support and AOE CC. Make use of the gunsaber kit and pace the ammos so you dont burn them all out. Gunsaber cleave is great and has a lot of range options to kite/chase targets. Best warrior build ATM with crazy survabilities !
5 stars
Lopez gave this build 5 stars • March 2022
I prefer sword warhorn and instead of revela Skills a Stun break that knock back in area ,,,it has Great sustain and damage Bit of u are Too predictable enemy can evade your damage ……..:……………………….,,,,,,,;…….
5 stars
Mazadard gave this build 5 stars • March 2022
Agree that this is the best warrior's build for conquest right now. It has a insane survivability, a lot more than spellbreaker, and deal a very decent amount of damage. I just prefer to use sword and warhorn for better mobility, boost damage of dragon trigger by 25% and a little bit of group support. Edit: after more practice, I end up prefering axes and shield rather than sword and warhorn, but i replaced berseker amulet by demolisher amulet for more tankiness.
5 stars
Grimjacke gave this build 5 stars • March 2022
Arguably the best build in PvP right now. The new king of versatility now that Core Necro is nerfed. Damage can feel lackluster when first learning, but is very high once you figure out how to do damage.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • March 2022
One of the better specs of the expansion. This build's got a bit of everything, good cc, damage, sustain, even support. Things are definitely looking good for this after week one. I'm giving it a 5 for now but that's subject to change in the coming weeks as the meta settles.


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