Chronomancer - Condition Chronobunker

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Focused on: Condition damageControl and Utility

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A tanky PvP Chronomancer build with great boon and condition application, made to either win smaller skirmishes or stall capture points until help arrives.

Archival note: fell out of use once Alacrity Alacrity uptime got nerfed

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Signet of Illusions - allows you to reset shatters while providing passive clone generation. With this you get to spam shatters more for improved Alacrity Alacrity uptime.
  • Blink - extra mobility plus a stun break is never a bad option.
  • Mirror Images - instant clone generation on top of being a stun break and a target break could be used both defensively and offensively to fuel shatters.
  • Well of Senility - AoE CC with boon removal and more Well synergy.
  • Feedback - an instant source of AoE projectile reflection could be invaluable against certain builds (but also useless against others).
  • Null Field - if you're struggling against conditions or want to soften up targets for your team to pressure.

Template Code

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  • Auspicious Anguish offers better sustain against conditions.



Equipment Variants


  • Rune of Revenant - makes the build a bit more tanky.


  • Relic of the Defender - less cleansing, more healing.


  • - better survivability against Power-based specs.


  • Sigil of Doom over Sigil of Cleansing


Elite specialization basics

  • Chronomancer Chronomancers gain access to brand new Shatter skills that are more or less the same as the old Shatter skills. F1 is still the power damage one, F2 still has Confusion Confusion and F3 Daze Dazes targets.
  • In the F5 slot Chronos gain a new Shatter that's unique to them: Continuum Split and its chain skill Continuum Shift. More about these later.
  • Time Marches On provides a passive movement speed bonus, rendering movement focused runes unnecessary.


  • Role: spend most of your time in duels and smaller skirmishes. Your role first and foremost is to survive and hold the point. The damage of the build isn't amazing, but there are plenty of CC tools for setting up kills once help arrives. Against tankier opponents you'll often have to wait for allies to wrap up fights.
  • Shatters grant Stability Stability and Alacrity Alacrity plus one other boon depending on the Shatter used (see Bountiful Disillusionment for more details).
  • Summoning Phantasms also grants Alacrity Alacrity.
  • Use Phase Retreat to make travel easier between points, and not just vertically. We recommend that you set up a bind for about face (Options Control Options Movement). With it you can make the skill teleport you "forward" (assuming you're not targeting an enemy player) by using about face Phase Retreat about face. The quicker you do it, the better.
    • Make sure you don't have a target selected whilst doing this.
  • Split Second should be used on CD for its Alacrity while out of combat, preferably after you've used Phase Retreat for movement. Alacrity will make your skills recharge faster, making the travel time with PR a bit shorter while recovering other CDs as well.


  • Scepter is the main source of damage as far as weapons are concerned, the rest of your kit is mostly defensive or low damage.
  • Illusionary Counter followed by a Shatter the moment the clone spawns from the block is great for instantly putting on pressure.
  • Confusing Images remains the main burst skill in the build especially when combined with Shatters. Use your CC skills to make it harder to avoid, but try not to stunlock them once you've stacked up Confusion.
  • Rewinder is your best Shatter as far as condition damage goes. Try to land it with 3 clones whenever possible, as each clone shattered reduces Rewinder's CD on top of causing more damage.
  • Split Second could be considered filler here. It has 2 charges and a short CD so feel free to use it even when you're low on clones, it should be back up soon enough.
  • Use Well of Calamity on CD, there's no reason not to.
  • Illusionary Counter + Mirror Images into a Rewinder is a great way of delivering instant burst damage.


  • Condition cleansing is rather low, on certain variants limited only to Well of Eternity. Sitting inside the Well can make you an easy target, use your blocks and interrupts to stay safe. Well of Eternity's final pulse heals for more than the first one, so even if you don't stand in it for the cleansing at least try to be there for the last tick.
    • If condition damage is starting to overwhelm you use Distortion as a time-out button.
    • Using Phase Retreat in WoE's Light field combos a Light Aura Light Aura which helps you mitigate incoming condition damage.
  • All's Well That Ends Well makes every Well's last pulse do an AoE heal, so even Well of Calamity's worth waiting out.
  • If you get CC'd and your stun breaks are on cooldown bail out with Phase Retreat or Distortion. Chaos Armor's Protection Protection and Weakness Weakness can also help mitigate the pressure.
  • Phase Retreat should be used inside combo fields whenever possible as it's a Leap finisher. All of your Wells are combo fields and so is Chaos Storm, using it inside a Chaos field produces an Aura called Chaos Armor.
    • Chaos Armors override each other and don't stack in duration, so try not to use Staff #4 and Phase Retreat too close to each other.
  • Stability Stability from Bountiful Disillusionment has a very short duration but that doesn't make it any less valuable. With proper timing you could prevent getting stunlocked even when you can't dodge or block an incoming attack. This is especially handy when you're channeling Echo of Memory and someone attacks you with an unblockable CC - throwing in a Split Second at the right time could allow you to keep blocking.
    • As Shatters recharge very quickly in this build you can use them more freely, especially Split Second (F1). Don't hesitate to use it to sefeguard any important casts while under pressure such as your heal or elite with the Stability.
  • Same goes for Well of Precognition. This Well offers extremely powerful defensive boons, so even though the skill itself is a stun break you could use it proactively to negate incoming CC, or damage in general.
  • Chaos Storm dazes enemies on its initial impact and continues to pulse both boons and conditions useful for your survival, so standing inside it is never a bad idea.
  • Echo of Memory has a chain skill: Deja Vu. This is basically an identical skill, allowing you to channel 2 blocks back-to-back but ONLY if Echo of Memory successfully blocked an attack. Always make sure that happens, for example briefly move into enemy AoE if you have to, or wait for them to fire a projectile at you and use Echo of Memory while it's mid-air.
    • While blocking an attack immediately causes the Phantasm to spawn, if no attacks were blocked the Phantasm attempts to spawn at the end of the block - which can be dodged. If the enemy dodges the Phantasm won't be summoned, which is something worth remembering especially for mirror matches. If no attacks were blocked and you see someone dodging near the end of your block you might want to change targets to summon the Phantasm on a different enemy. This can only be done if you have "Skill retargeting" enabled in the options menu under Combat and Movement.

Continuum Split (CS)

  • Continuum Split allows you to use your skills twice.
  • It's best used for double elite/Well activation. Press CS just before Gravity Well finishes casting then unload as many Shatters, Phantasms, Wells and skills in general as you possibly can while CS is active.
  • Important: CS prevents capture point contribution, same as Distortion. If you're the only one holding a point, sometimes you might want to try keeping the time spent in CS to the bare minimum.
  • Phantasms, Wells, and applied boons will still persist after CS has ended. This is very important because it lets you double up on things like Well of Eternity - while you'll lose the healing from the initial cast, you're still going to benefit from all the cleansing (and the final big heal if you catch it once CS is no longer active). Spam as many Wells, Phantasms and Shatters as possible while CS is active for the extra bonuses like Alacrity Alacrity.
  • If you absolutely have to, even Continuum Split itself could be used defensively. It reverts your HP back once it ends, so if you can activate it right before taking damage then it acts like a healing skill with a delay. You'll also be returned to your original position, allowing you to pull off things like using CS before jumping off a wall and teleporting back with Continuum Shift once the enemies jumped after you. This however is a bit predictable and could even backfire, as you're inevitably going to return to your starting position in a few seconds so they could just wait it out and burst you when CS ends.


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5 stars
Gkhougaz gave this build 5 stars • June 2023
This build is broken af and unkillable with so much invuln, aegis and block. As written it's a bunker, and offers support by dropping lot of aegis w/ storm and precog. Stay on staff at middle range to accumulate clones (staff 2+3). Bounce Winds of Chaos to apply confusion+torment, for allies might+fury. Winds of Chaos ricochets, abuse this by standing closer. Continuum Shift enables doublecasts, so spam staff instas, shatters and Eternity if you want doublehealz. Scepter/shield come out if you take pressure, or for laser beamed confusion stacks. You'll rarely get highest damage, but you can often hold 2v1. Shield, distortion, and precog have incredible chain denial. Wells have incredible tilt factor. Shatters have incredible burst. Damage comes in packets of 200-400, so it's strictly pressure only until you can burst all the shatters at PBAoE, but punishment ramps against more active foes (Confusion, chaos aura). Don't sleep on combo fields--Phase Retreat in your ethereal fields for Chaos Aura. Phase Retreat can be a surprisingly effective and frequent dodge. Mobility lacks with just +25% speed. I've settled on Signet of Illusions for shatter fuel and targeting hell. Pro tip: enable Melee Attack Assist in settings and rub against foe. Shatters+winds of chaos+wells all have much higher efficacy at melee range. Replaced staff sigils with Courage and Purging. One caution: can feel flaccid if you need to do direct damage.
5 stars
Ethan gave this build 5 stars • June 2023
The alacrity nerf made this slightly more fightable. But this is still literally unkillable. I hate the fact that this is the meta mesmer build. But you know, if you wanna afk on a sidenode and just not die, this is the build for you
5 stars
Quanxi gave this build 5 stars • December 2022
I cannot wait for this to die. Literally. Whenever I see one on the enemy team I make a mental note to not even try. With perma alac uptime they're never out of defensives to spam and half their defensives just give them more alac.. used to play this briefly but the mirrors made me fall asleep. CC chaining an entire enemy team is oddly satisfying however. Grav well is bae.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
The buffs did their job, Chrono's once again back at the top. Great sustain in 1v1s and plenty of group utility for anything abvoe that. Damage's not that high but it can survive long enough to get +1d against just about anything in the meta. Condi cleanse is on the lower end but manageable, especially in a power meta.


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