Chronomancer - Porter

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Focused on: Porting

Designed for: Open World


Used for porting at daily jumping puzzles. Focuses on minimizing time between portals.




  • to cast F1 twice inside CS for more alac from
  • more Shatters for more alac.
  • longer duration of CS to fit all your Shatters inside.
  • faster recharging.
  • slightly reduced cooldown of Mimic.
  • If you want to minmax, equip a Staff and cast with right before casting your alac skills for more boon duration from .


This build focuses on porting and it's not worth to gear specifically for it. But, if you can afford it, a set with boon duration such as Diviner Diviner is better for more alacrity coupled with and .


A portal takes 72sec to recharge after placing the second half. The goal is to use Mimic to place two sets of portals back-to-back, then focus on keeping up alacrity for faster recharge.

First port:

Second port:


  1. before you finish casting Tides of Time and spam all your Shatters to gain alacrity from
  2. and finish spamming all your Shatter skills. Continuum Split ends.
  3. Continue spamming your Shatter skills, Tides of Time, and Well of Recall, until Mimic and Portal come off cooldown.


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