Chronomancer - Support Chronomancer

Part of the current metagame

Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Crowd controlBoon removal and Utility

Designed for: WvW Zerg

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds


Support Chronomancer WvW build focusing on revival, utility and crowd control.

Skill Bar


Heal Variants

  • if you take
    • Both swaps strongly recommended at smaller numbers.

Utility Variants

  • extremely powerful AoE boonrips but inconsistent at range, typically used over
  • Enables an extra use of or .
  • if in need of Stability Stability and personal stunbreak
    • Your utilities are extremely powerful, only take this if you can't live without it

Template Code

Copy Template Code



  • useful to give self Quickness Quickness if landing is difficult
  • for variant



Equipment Variants

  • Minstrel Minstrel can be replaced by Wanderer Wanderer or Celestial Celestial
    • Your equipment in general has minimal impact on this builds performance, but concentration is helpful for Alacrity Alacrity uptime
  • slightly more boon rip at the cost of survivability




  • CC
  • Boon rip
  • Supporting allies


  • This build has high passive defense
  • This build has low mobility skill access, staying very close to your tag and group is critical
    • Target isolated players to reposition with /, the clone will die before can be used if it is summoned into damage
      • Be ready to Dodge as soon as you press
  • This builds has moderate active defenses
    • will not activate if you are not hit during the cast time of
      • will reset the cooldown of but not if is active
Active defense priority
  • Dodge

Detailed Explanations

Illusion of Life

  • Focus on reviving allies who are far away with , don't waste the skill on players that can be hand rezzed.
  • Normally should be saved for , but resetting is also an acceptable use


  • Save your for the commanders call
    • If you aren't using voice communication, use it as your group pushes into melee, avoid wasting it for a range spike
  • Place your as close to the front of your group as possible without letting the line spawn on top of any allies


  • Use your CC when:
    • Your group calls a spike:
      • Winds -
      • Wells - +
      • Shades -
      • Traps - +
    • On top of enemy downs (while alive players are on top of them)
    • Enemy groups moving defensively while your group is pushing
  • Your CC skills also remove boons with and
  • Use when casting to reset the cooldown
    • Use while out of the way of enemy damage and pushes so you aren't brought back in an awkward spot or have your split ended early by damage
    • While inside the split, use as many skills as possible such as and Shatter skills as the cooldowns reset
    • You can cast as another skill cast is finishing instead of before the cast to give yourself slightly more time in split
  • Use to pull targets into other CC and spikes, including your own
    • is particularly important when revenants range spike with
  • Use as your group pushes into the enemy or when trying to catch an enemy that is lagging behind
    • Do not put yourself out of position trying to use it
CC skill priority
  • - on range spikes
  • - in melee
  • - general usage

Boon rip

  • Your shatters (, and ) proc
    • Since your shatters are melee range, use them when crossing through enemies
      • Don't go out of your way to hit enemies with shatters if it would put you out of position
    • While proccing with is valuable, using it on targets with Stability Stability to proc is still ok
  • Target enemies on the edges of the group with , the phantasm is fragile
  • Land just before an allies spike when possible. Try to place it so one edge is on the enemy group and the other edge is in the direction they are moving

Boon rip skill priority
  • - when in range and targets lack Stability Stability, to proc
  • / - when in range
  • - if applicable

Supporting allies

  • Cast where your group will be when it finishes ticking
  • If possible, hit allies as well as enemies with , but prioritize enemies


  • Under General Options / Combat/Movement turn on Allow Skill Retargetting and set Ground Targetting to Instant Cast, this will make cast at the location your cursor is at the end of the cast, instead of where you initially targetted
  • Under General Options / User Interface check Always show squad health bars and Always show party health bars. These will make it much easier to keep track of who needs your support
  • Also under General Options / User Interface turn on Thick party health bars and Thick squad health bars
  • Under Squad Options check View as a grid. This will allow you to keep track of your allies' health, enabling better decision-making and skill management


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 5 votes.
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5 stars
Slyner gave this build 5 stars • March 2021
Super super fun and very versatility build!!!! high boonrip and CC, medium cleanse.. u can bring a lot of tools like portals, wells to improve sieges, mimic + continuum split, illusion of life. But i recommend drop chaos and use illusion 1-2-2 and run sword/focus+shield. If u are driver, better run staff instead shield and use inspiration 1-2-2 instead illusion. In short, you can do a lot for your group
5 stars
Macallan222 gave this build 5 stars • August 2020
I enjoy this build, and feel that the Mesmer has a role again within the large scale Meta game for the first time since boon share Chrono. There are some minor tweaks with regard to utility, largely dependent upon squad needs, but the gear choices and trait recommendations make perfect sense to swap from boon rip to off healer/clear/boon support very easily. You wont provide the same level of clears as Support Scrapper or Aura share Tempest, but the hard and soft CC, particularly with regard to boon rip, is effective and can truly turn the Tides of Time!
5 stars
Kurnian gave this build 5 stars • July 2020
Top boonrip + FB/sup spb level cleanse + CC. Omega comfy
4 stars
Xivor gave this build 4 stars • July 2020
With Scrappers filling the stealth option, the Chronomancer can focus on control and boonrip. CC's from Gravity Well, Tides of Time, and Chaos Storm with Sigil of Absorption give this build very strong boon rip capability, with of course, strong CC options. Additional boonrips from shatters with the trait Shattered Concentration really increase the boon rip numbers for this class. Pulls with Temporal Curtain are also very strong. With Illusion of Life is very strong for friendly down control, and Null field gives good condi cleanse and additional boon rip, especially when used at the melee clash and with Spellbreaker Winds. I would only bring 1 Chronomancer per 15 players for the utility, but the control it gives makes up for the loss of one DPS slot. Given that the healing and cleanse capability of this build is so low for a full support option, I cannot give it a 5, but I think it is worth a solid 4.
5 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 5 stars • July 2020
A excellent build capable of outputting the most boonrips in a group, especially in 15s and lower man content. The ability to revive allies with Illusion of Life can carry fights, and you have some of the best crowd control in the game.


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