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Deadeye - Poisonous Rifle Roamer

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Focused on: Condition damage and Mobility

Designed for: WvW Roaming



A condition Deadeye build focused on kiting with Stealth to wear down opponents over time.

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  • Shadow's Embrace - against condition builds this is a must, swap in when necessary.





  • This build is all about kiting, use many short bursts of Template:Gw2wiki to reposition often with Shadow Meld, Hide in Shadows, Blinding Powder and Silent Scope. Shadowstep is also an excellent kiting tool to make melee builds waste 2 mobility skills just to get to you.
  • Death's Retreat is your main mobility tool along with Template:Gw2wiki due to Meld with Shadows, be sure to have an "about face" keybind to be able to use it towards any direction freely.
  • Maleficent Seven and Mercy allow this build to excell in longer engagements without being resource starved.
  • When you need to disengage/engage without being seen you can quickly swap around your Pistol and Dagger to keep up permanent stealth after going OOC/before engaging, you do this by using Kneel > Sniper's Cover swap weapon and jump through the cover 2 times with Heartseeker swap weapon then dodge twice. Don't forget to swap them back once you have reached the safety to mount up/engage the enemy to not be left with a useless weapon set.


  • Your main damage will come from Template:Gw2wiki which also has 33% antiheal on it allowing you to outlast your opponents over time, which on rifle will come from Spotter's Shot due to Panic Strike. You will need to use Kneel to use this skill which will imobilize you which is why kiting is of upmost importance, luckilly Spotter's Shot also applies Template:Gw2wiki making the job way eassier. On opponents with little to no cleanse you can often spam Spotter's Shot, use Mercy to refresh initiative, use Deadeye's Mark and spam Spotter's Shot again to kill them.
  • The secondary weapon set has a strong stealth attack in Malicious Sneak Attack once you have reached 7 malice and are out of initiative to continue kiting with rifle. The damage on Repeater is also big due to Deadly Ambition, this is probably your highest spammable damage source. It is also an excellent source of stealth with Cloak and Dagger.


  • Your stats make you very durable but don't overestimate it and get CC locked as you will still die very soon when rooted in place.
  • A big source of your sustainability is kiting with Template:Gw2wiki or shadowsteps, you have almost permanent Template:Gw2wiki as long as you have initiative so don't blow all your cooldowns too soon to kite, as long as they don't reach you you are fine.
  • Sitting in Template:Gw2wiki heals you due to Shadow's Rejuvenation which can add up to be a surprising amount, don't be afraid to sit in stealth for a while if you desperately need the health.
  • You are a Deadeye so if things go south you can always blow all your Template:Gw2wiki cooldowns and use Death's Retreat to get out of there and mount away.


  • Any build with spammable little cleanses as the build relies mostly on a single condition to do damage.
  • When dueling for fun poeple can ruin your day by swapping in every cleanse utility or trait their profession has available after facing you once.

Gameplay Videos

If you have any questions reach to me ingame, Anput.4620


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 4 votes.
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5 stars
Peet gave this build 5 stars • August 2020
Broken and toxic af
5 stars
Anput gave this build 5 stars • June 2020
Still good even though the rifle damage got gutted, the pistol 3 got a huge damage buff. 1,5s immob on spotter shot is good CC now.
4 stars
Gloflop gave this build 4 stars • June 2020
The strength of the build is the range attacks. It is nice to play (and hard to play against) when the enemy is weak with ranged attacks. The build plays nicely with stealth and range attack, stealth and range attack,...
1 star
Hanz gave this build 1 star • June 2020
This build isn't good, condi thief is. You literally couldn't make a build that's not at least playable as long as you have a pistol, condi gear, and deadly arts. The only real reason to go Deadeye would be to run rifle, but that's centered around spamming 2 for the immob while the poison on immob trait got gutted. You're literally building around spamming a 1 second base duration poison, that you manage to bring up to 2 seconds. If you slapped on some tanky power gear I bet you'd get a better build. I'll go one step further: get a bursty power gear, drop Deadly Arts, take Trickery, keep doing the exact same rifle rotation and you have a really strong build. What's good about this build is the pistol, but honestly if you dropped Deadeye and just focused on that you'd get a way better build. IF everything goes well then sure, this build can work. But it has a couple of weakpoints that could easily make it all fall apart. For starters you're not running Trickery, which is a crime. I get that you're trying to make up for it with Maleficent 7 and Mercy, but you could just take them all and be better off. If even just one or two shots miss, you're screwed because you run out of initiative before hitting the malice cap. Cleansing is rather bad, and having less initiative means you can't even spam Death's Retreat to remedy that. You're clinging on to a dead trait here for no real reason.


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