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Deadeye - Quickness Support Healer

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Healing and Support

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: Path of Fire BuildsEnd of Dragons buildsSecrets of the Obscure builds

This build was last updated on April 30, 2024.


A boon support healer build for Deadeye. Provides permanent Quickness Quickness, Fury Fury, 25 Might Might, Regeneration Regeneration, Swiftness Swiftness and Vigor Vigor. It also can provide Protection Protection on demand, but doing so uses initiative that is often better spent on raw healing.

Deadeye can provide easy access to many offensive boons and a strong mixture of direct healing and Barrier Barrier.

Unfortunately, this build does have many drawbacks that need to be considered:

  • The healing output of this build is a bit below average, and while it is still plenty for the large majority of fights in this game, it can struggle in high pressure environments.
  • Extremely limited access to group condition cleanse.
  • Limited self-sustain, especially when no allies are nearby, making it a poor option to tank.
  • Primary healing output includes forced movement, occasionally making positioning difficult.
  • No access to group Stability Stability or Aegis Aegis.
  • Heavily relies on using ally-targeted weapon skills to provide the large majority on it's healing. Very few builds use this mechanic, so this can feel quite unnatural and will likely involve setting new keybinds.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants

The default utility skills for this build prioritize initiative generation and more uses of Steal Time thanks to One in the Chamber and Fire for Effect, you can swap out any of them for the following utility:

  • Infiltrator's Signet provides a minor amount of initiative regeneration, and can be activated for a small heal via Shadow Savior.
  • Blinding Powder can be ran with Cover of Shadow to provide higher Protection Protection uptime, but using it stealths allies. This will mess with other deadeyes in your group and so should be avoided if they are present.
  • Shadow Refuge - The most potent utility skill for burst healing, but on a long cooldown. Comes with the same caveats as Blinding Powder.
  • If more breakbar damage is needed, you may find Basilisk Venom valuable.

Template Code

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Harrier stats Harrier stats gear is used for maximum healing power and boon duration.

  • The Sigil of Superior Sigil of Renewal can be replaced with a Sigil of Superior Sigil of Paralyzation if you want to provide more CC.
  • Relic of Leadership or Relic of the Water should be taken if condition cleanse is required.
  • Tanking on this build is not recommended, but you can swap in as many Giver stats Giver stats or Minstrel stats Minstrel stats pieces as necessary.



  • personal option



Quickness, Fury and Might

Thanks to the Fire for Effect trait, every stolen skill you gain becomes Steal Time, which gives Quickness Quickness, Fury Fury, and Might Might to allies around you. The trait One in the Chamber will give you a new stolen skill every time you cast a Cantrip. As long as you use Deadeye's Mark off cooldown, Steal Time every time you get it, and use any Cantrip skill at least once every 18 seconds, you easily provide permanent uptime on these key boons.

Other Boons

Swiftness and Vigor

100% uptime of these boons are provided by Deadeye's Mark (with the Thrill of the Crime and Bountiful Theft traits).


Your main source of Protection Protection is from ally-targeted Shadow Sap, which should only be used if your subgroup is mostly full health, otherwise healing via Measured Shot takes priority.

If needed, the combination of Blinding Powder and Cover of Shadow, or Relic of the Zephyrite can be used to provide additional uptime.


Your main source of Regeneration Regeneration is with ally-targeted Endless Night, which should but spammed as long as you have initiative to spare as it's your main source of healing and barrier.


Practically everything you do provides some measure of Barrier Barrier or healing:

  • Shadow Savior heals on every shadowstep, which applies to Measured Shot (Sceptre/Pistol) and Shadow Swap.
  • Measured Shot and Endless Night provide healing and barrier, respectively, to allies they target. Shadow Sap and your Scepter autoattack also provide a small amount of Barrier Barrier when targeting allies.
  • Merciful Ambush heals allies that you Stealth Stealth, which can be useful if running Blinding Powder.
  • Skelk Venom provides massive healing to nearby allies, provided they are hitting an enemy. It also grants some Barrier Barrier thanks to Shielding Restoration.
  • Weapon swap triggers Sigil of Superior Sigil of Renewal and Quick Pockets, healing nearby allies and granting you initiative.



Via its allied-targeted abilities, Scepter fills in the gaps in uptime of your key boons, namely Protection Protection with Shadow Sap and Regeneration Regeneration with Measured Shot Endless Night. During downtime you can also autoattack an ally to provide AoE Barrier Barrier.

When using scepter, it is strongly recommended to have some method for quickly targetting allies: Set/Take Personal Target, Nearest/Next/Previous Ally, or Ally Targeting Mode in the options will all allow this. Go for whichever you find most convenient.

Managing Initiative

As the majority of your healing and barrier comes from allied-targeted weapon skills that cost initiative, managing your initiative is key. Thankfully, this build has plenty of ways to gain more initiative.

  • Deadeye's Mark gives 2 initiative thanks to Kleptomaniac.
  • Mercy not only refreshes Deadeye's Mark, but also gives 3 initiative.
  • Shadow's Rejuvenation gives a total of 3 initiative when entering and exiting Stealth (via Shadow Meld and Shadow Gust).
  • Quick Pockets gives 3 initiative on weapon swap.


This build doesn't follow a set rotation, and instead uses skills as they are needed. It can be helpful to follow an opener and a couple useful tips to help maintain boon uptime.


  1. Deadeye's Mark
  2. Steal Time
  3. Target an ally
  4. Measured Shot Endless Night
  5. Mercy
  6. Steal Time
  7. Target the boss
  8. Deadeye's Mark
  9. Steal Time
  10. Target an ally
  11. Shadow Sap
  12. Measured Shot Endless Night

  • Use Deadeye's Mark off cooldown to provide AoE boons and gain Steal Time for more boons.
  • When your Deadeye's Mark is on cooldown, you should always have an ally targeted (unless CC is needed) and use Shadow Sap and Measured Shot Endless Night as needed.
  • Use a Cantrip skill at least once every 18 seconds for and extra cast of Steal Time to maintain Quickness Quickness.
  • If there is an upcoming defiance bar, save Shadow Gust and some initiative for Head Shot.


The majority of your CC is from Daze Daze, making a Sigil of Superior Sigil of Paralyzation especially effective (it affects daze as well).

  • Head Shot is a 2s Daze Daze, and can be spammed as long as you have initiative.
  • Shadow Gust provides 382 Defiance Break and can knockback adds, which is relevant of certain fights.
  • Basilisk Venom can provide 150 Defiance Break per target you hit, for a maximum potential of 750 on a shorter cooldown, though the CC can be wasted by allies hitting the wrong target.


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