Dragonhunter - Burn Trapper DH

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Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A PvP Burn Dragonhunter build that bursts enemy team from stealth. Where Spirit Burn DH utilized Sword of Justice and Eternal Armory for dispersed Burn Burn application, the low damage is now supplemented by Amplified Wrath and a more concentrated burst.

Skill Bar


Skill Bar Variants


Off-hand options

  • Focus - extra damage + blocks, Sword/Focus allows easier combo for cleansing or teleporting into safe stomps.
  • Shield - for sustain and team support, especially against enemy ranged damage.
  • Torch - for mobile burst Template:Gw2wiki, condition cleanses and synergy with Radiant Fire. Counteracts many of this builds weaknesses.


  • Test of Faith over Fragments of Faith - lower CD provides more frequent Template:Gw2wiki and Template:Gw2wiki, but the build lacks any stun breaks.
  • Contemplation of Purity - for mass condition cleanse and StunBreak.
  • Judge's Intervention - more mobility and Stunbreak, can be used mid Dragon's Maw cast for instant CC from range.
  • "Stand Your Ground!" - can make up for the lack of StunBreaks with Template:Gw2wiki stacks.


  • Renewed Focus - alternative playstyle, take Torch as it does not require CC setup.

Template Code

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  • Right-Hand Strength - use this if you go Sword/Torch so you can camp Sword for longer than two rotations of its abilities. Otherwise Sword CD and weapon swap will nearly overlap anyways.


  • Glacial Heart is also a viable option, provides cover conditions and a powerful Template:Gw2wiki. Optional if taking Shield.
  • Resolute Subconscious if you decide to drop Purging Flames, definitely take Torch in that case.


  • Hunter's Determination can be taken for 2v2/3v3 arenas where despite its long CD is reset every round, also triggers Rune of Superior Rune of the Trapper.



Equipment Changes





  • Your role is to burst the enemy team and can typically takedown groups in seconds.
  • The build relies on CC to pin the enemy down, through Dragon's Maw/Chains of Light, followed by Purging Flames/Procession of Blades/Symbol of Punishment/Symbol of Blades to stack Template:Gw2wiki through Permeating Wrath.
  • Being a condition build you want to avoid using Spear of Justice to maintain Permeating Wrath. However, the spear pull can be used to pull onto Dragon's Maw and combo with Purging Flames as it does not rely on Permeating Wrath for damage, or to ensure kills since Renewed Justice will refresh Spear of Justice.
  • With many AOE abilities and Permeating Wrath this build scales with team fights.
  • This build excels if your own team has CC and boon strip to lock the enemy down.


  • You have 2 main CC's Dragon's Maw/Chains of Light and 6 sources of damage through Symbol of Punishment/Symbol of Blades/Zealot's Defense/Ray of Judgment/Procession of Blades/Purging Flames. Use them in any combination, to poke from a distance or all in. Layer AOEs to maximize Template:Gw2wiki stacks. Purging Flames is the strongest source of Template:Gw2wiki so make sure enemies cannot escape its ring.

Strong Burst:

  1. Dragon's Maw
  2. Procession of Blades
  3. Purging Flames
  • Pull or push enemies onto traps/AOEs with Hunter's Verdict/Shield of Absorption.
  • Wait for CDs with autos and weapon skills. Camp scepter to make use of Template:Gw2sigil while burn is applied for more damage.

For an opener:

  1. Purification and/or Fragments of Faith to stealth up from Rune of Superior Rune of the Trapper
  2. Run up undetected to enemy team.
  3. Dragon's Maw from stealth while standing under enemies to guarantee pulling and CCing groups.
  4. Kite to your previously laid traps, as Purification majority heal comes from triggering trap and fragments from Fragments of Faith can be picked up for 5 Template:Gw2wiki which can cleanse 5 conditions if timed right.
  • Pre-cast Shield of Wrath if needed for extra damage or blocking incoming attacks, or save for blast combo (cleanse, Template:Gw2wiki, Template:Gw2wiki).
  • You can delay your Chains of Light to Template:Gw2skill anyone that has escaped Dragon's Maw and to layer the CC.
  • Enter the fight late to ensure stabilities (Guardian Support "Stand Your Ground!") and ports have been used so enemies cannot escape.
  • If you miss or the enemy avoid the burst or survive (or revived), you will have to wait for your cooldowns.
  • Pre-cast all your traps on a point if your team has secured a node, creating a death trap for the next engaging team fight. Mix up stacked trap locations to be less predictable.
  • For mobility between points:
    • Purification
    • Fragments of Faith
    • Procession of Blades
    • Symbol of Blades
    • Wings of Resolve
  • Template:Gw2wiki will prevent capture/decap of nodes which can delay pre-trapping. It is possible to set traps without Rune of Superior Rune of the Trapper triggering by dodge-jumping during the animation without canceling the trap (needs testing!).


  • This DH build only has one StunBreak from Fragments of Faith (provides decent Template:Gw2wiki) and few defensive skills with Wings of Resolve and Shield of Courage and shield weapon abilities.
  • The ring created by Purging Flames also functions as a condition cleanser to help against conditions. Additionally, Hunter's Fortification provides cleansing every block (1s CD) making Shield of Courage, Fragments of Faith shards, Shield of Wrath and Shield of Absorption function as condition cleanses. The light fields can also be used for condition cleanse combos.
  • Power damage is mitigated mainly through Template:Gw2wiki and blocks. Lich Form in particular can be countered with Shield of Absorption.
  • Otherwise, you will rely on Template:Gw2wiki and Template:Gw2wiki from Rune of Superior Rune of the Trapper to kite and evade damage.


  • Template:Gw2wiki lets enemies walk through your traps and CC unaffected and the build doesn't have any boon strip. You can try using Template:Gw2sigil on scepter to boon strip stability and reapply Template:Gw2skill. However, regular StunBreaks will not break out of Dragon's Maw unless it is an evading ability.
  • Condition cleanses and transfers - the build lacks cover conditions for Template:Gw2wiki and can hit hard if the conditions are transferred back onto you. Use line of sight after burst to avoid condition transfers.
  • Minionmancer, pets, and clones can trigger your traps and waste them entirely, as well as prevent Template:Gw2wiki. Instead, drop the traps when you need them rather than predictively. Create distance before Template:Gw2wiki so traps don't damage and Template:Gw2wiki. On the other hand, more enemies mean more Permeating Wrath procs so use it to your advantage.
  • Heavy CC
  • Torch can counteract these weaknesses:


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 4 votes.
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2 stars
Acedia1092 gave this build 2 stars • October 2021
Awefully weak with next to no sustain damage after the combo, it is very frail and easily burst down, and its burst in the teamfight can easily be dodged with some attention. Does not work against any player that has experience dealing with dragon's maw. Will probably carry you to gold if you are in silver tho.
5 stars
Sting gave this build 5 stars • September 2021
This build works great in lower ranks and can carry team fights, providing objective control and ending fights early. Can be outplayed at higher ranks and lacks much versatility. Incorporating torch made up for many of it's weaknesses, making it a more solid build.
5 stars
Asdfghjklq gave this build 5 stars • September 2021
Sigh, here we go again. Gotta address the no brain, typo riddled, broken syntax comments on these build ratings. Though seemingly not AT ready, this build can easily carry to plat. I fail to see any "near top tier build of consecrations trap dh" that you mentioned posted on the site, do you? You seem confused and stuck in the pre March 23, 2021 patch. Forget the old build. All traps, weapons, and trait alternatives have been listed. If you are seriously considering anything beyond those mentioned, then I can't take you seriously. Reading and testing the build isn't hard, you made it hard... Provide valid criticism and elaborate on your comments or delete it, thanks.
2 stars
Baescons gave this build 2 stars • September 2021
this is taking a near top teir build of consecrations trap dh and bringing to the bottom. 1.)your trap choice is horrible 2.) your weapon choice is terrible 3.) your trait choice is terrible. the only things you even need to make this a top teir build in this meta is to take the old build and add the traited purging flames. if you want to keep carrion and soj, then all you needed was that, TOF and traited SOJ. you can always get away with a gigachad hybrid versus by taking the symbol trait and wizard/swashbukler amulet and then just skip SOJ and take ex.) Sanctuary for more consecrations and much more glacial heart triggers. its not hard, but you made it hard...


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