Druid - Condition Eclipse Duelist

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Focused on: Condition damageSustain and Mobility

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on February 03, 2024 and is up to date for the January 30, 2024 patch.


A high-sustain PvP condition Druid build made to win 1v1s and other smaller engagements while also bringing some group support to the table.

Skill Bar

Fanged Iboga

Skill Variants


For the optional slot:

  • - great defensive option against direct damage burst builds.
  • - passive healing that also helps with Astral Force generation, and the active could help you deal with conditions and CC.


Fanged Iboga Fanged Iboga could be replaced by:

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  • - higher self-healing in case you want to maximize survivability and don't mind losing some kill potential.
  • - gives you permanent Vigor Vigor uptime which also improves the effectiveness of several defensive traits.


  • - more tanky option with lower healing, could be considered against comps with Power-based burst builds.


Elite specialization basics

  • Rangers with the Druid Druid specialization gain access to (CA) which uses a resource called Astral Force (AF).
  • You build AF mostly through healing yourself and allies. The amount healed doesn't matter. Consistent sources of healing like Regeneration Regeneration and Protection Protection via are great at building Astral Force.


  • Celestial Avatar skill #5 is a channeled ability that has Stability Stability on it. When you're trying to heal under pressure you should interrupt Natural Convergence right away either by moving or weapon stowing, that way you get to use the Stability to cover other skills.
  • Dodging grants Protection Protection and Protection heals you.
  • Smokescale's F2 ability is which could be used to combo Stealth Stealth with both weapon sets and .


  • Your goal is to win a battle of attrition, there aren't really any big burst combos in the build. You put on constant pressure with weapons, pets, and Celestial Avatar while primarily focusing on survival.
  • If you're using for the damage and not the evasion, you should first make sure your target is snared. has the benefit of allowing you to use as the first skill after swapping weapons for synergy while still getting the most damage out of it.
  • makes amazing at applying cover conditions. While CA skills don't do a lot of damage they can apply a wide variety of conditions, if the target was already pressured this form can quickly overwhelm them by making it way harder for them to cleanse your more important conditions.
  • In CA is a source of ranged Immobilize Immobilize, you could use this to set up skills like .
  • isn't very dangerous but an instant ranged poison isn't bad, and could be used while casting other skills.
  • Fanged Iboga Fanged Iboga occasionally creates an Ethereal Field, you should try to use leap/blast finsihers in it for Chaos Aura whenever opportunity presents itself.


  • and are your best skills against conditions, constantly cleansing you as long as you're staying inside the AoE ring. They're also a Water Fields, Sword/Warhorn has 3 skills that could be used inside this field to combo extra healing while CA has and Dagger's got .
    • You should always try to use as many of these finishers as possible if you're missing health in order to maximize healing.
  • Even without using CDs you can managed conditions just by dodging thanks to .
  • Other great cleanses are in Celestial Avatar (somewhat spammable instant skill) and on both sets.
    • If you drop halfway through casting you can combo an extra condition removal.
  • is a somewhat spammable instant ranged Blind Blind that could even be used while stunned, making it quite valuable if you know how to use it.
  • Entering dazes nearby enemies. This is an instant way of lifting some pressure off of you and just like Seed of Life it could be used even while stunned.
  • Both sets have skills with evade frames: on Dagger/Dagger and on Sword/Warhorn.
  • is a great defensive skill against Power-based burst damage, with this you could facetank an entire burst combo and even cast healing skill or counterpressure enemies while it's active.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 3 votes.
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4 stars
Ollieman gave this build 4 stars • March 2024
It's a good build. Not as strong as it could be given the choices. Whoever wrote this guide isn't a Druid main. Nice try though ;) I wouldn't consider it meta. And less so on 3/19/2024 with incoming nerfs.
4 stars
ChihyuxD gave this build 4 stars • January 2024
Good build,the T0 pet Fanged Iboga make this build very good for solo.But I don't think it can handle being killed by the Deadeye +1 very well.Nerf deadeye pls :)
5 stars
Nick1708 gave this build 5 stars • December 2023
I love this build, on my lvl (g3) is quite strong, very beginner friendly, i took trapper expertise and against condis which the build may feel weak if you fight on the heal trap you are almost invincible, a weak point is the pet is very vulnerable. good mobility, easy stealth, high survivability, good group support with stealth and the elite. The dmg looks bad on peaper, but it has a good hybrid damage.


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