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Focused on: Bunkering and Decap

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A tanky Druid build for PvP that's meant to win capture points over time by spamming knockbacks.

Archival note: fell out of use after some nerfs to CC

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


  • Signet of Stone over Signet of Renewal - a good pick if direct damage is a bigger problem in the matchup than condition damage, but you do give up a stun break and some passive healing for it.


  • Wolf Wolf over Smokescale Smokescale - the Fear Fear on Wolf's F2 ability adds another skill to the build that could remove enemies from capture points.

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  • Your role is simple: look for 1v1s, keep knocking people off the capture point and root them while outside, then repeat. Win the cap over time without having to kill your opponent. Focus on knockbacks and survival.
  • Quick Draw is a very versatile trait beyond just reducing the CD of your knockbacks:
    • This trait procs even when swapping into Celestial Avatar and can be used to get some extra healing out of the build, mostly via Lunar Impact.
    • With Swoop you can squeeze out some extra mobility from Greatsword while leaving a fight.
  • Set your pet to avoid combat and manage it manually! This is especially important for Jacaranda, because the first attack it does is an AoE lightning strike that does damage in set intervals. You want the pet to begin attacking once the target is immobilized from one of your skills to get maximum value out of this skill.


  • As a decap build, there are plenty of knockback skills in your arsenal to help push enemies off the point and slowly capture it:
    • Point Blank Shot on Longbow.
    • Counterattack on Greatsword (chain sequence of skill #4).
    • Glyph of the Tides which is a utility skill. Note: normally this skill pushes foes away (which is what we want), but when used in Celestial Avatar it'll instead pull them in. Don't use this skill in Celestial Avatar unless you either desperately need to interrupt something or you're not standing on the point.
    • The aforementioned skills should often be used right after swapping weapons in order to reduce their CD via Quick Draw.
  • Once the target is outside the capture point you should use your many sources of Immobilize Immobilize to keep them out as long as possible:
    • Ancient Seeds which is a trait proc. The target is rooted when it's hit by either you or your pet while CC'd. Try landing hits after a knockback as soon as possible.
    • Entangle, your elite skill.
    • Jacaranda's Embrace, the Jacaranda pet's F2 ability.


  • Aside from major cooldowns, condition cleansing in this build is limited mostly to staying inside Healing Spring.
    • Being a Water Field, you can combo Healing Spring with skills like Swoop or Lunar Impact for more healing.
  • On the other hand there are plenty of passive ways of mitigating condition pressure: Rune of Melandru, Empathic Bond and Natural Stride.
  • Out of the 2 stun breaks in the build, use "Protect Me!" first unless conditions are killing you. Try to keep Signet of Renewal's passive bonus going as long as possible. This signet provides both passive healing and (by extension) Astral Force building while not on CD.
  • Usually survival is a bigger priority than holding a point - you can come back and neutralize it in seconds anyway. While Stealth Stealth does prevent capture point contribution, it can save your life in emergency situations.
    • Hunter's Shot is the most straightforward way of getting Stealth.
    • Smoke Cloud is a combo field created by Smokescale's F2 that you could utilize even in Celestial Avatar while healing yourself by making the pet drop it under you. With Lunar Impact you could even stack AoE Stealth Stealth for allies
  • Dodge rolling applies Protection Protection, and Protection regenerates health via Rugged Growth.

Celestial Avatar

  • Becomes available once you fill your Astral Force bar, which can be done mostly through healing, and to a lesser extent damage dealing.
  • Entering Celestial Avatar removes a couple of conditions via Druidic Clarity. Even if you're not going to spend much time in this form, just entering for a brief moment is already a powerful sustain tool.
  • Seed of Life should usually be used on cooldown. There's a bit of a delay between placing the seed and the cleanse going off, be sure to stand in it when it blossoms.
  • Lunar Impact is a quick and huge heal which also CCs enemies. As a Blast Finisher this has many other applications, for example blasting Seed of Life's Light Field results in AoE cleansing 1 condition.
  • Rejuvenating Tides is very straightforward, just use it to heal yourself and allies if you're not taking too much damage during the channeling.
  • Natural Convergence is excellent for cleaving downed enemies. Note: this skill can be used defensively just for the Stability Stability alone. The channeling can be interrupted by moving or weapon stowing, but the Stability Stability will still remain - you can use that to safely cast another skill if need be.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 4 votes.
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2 stars
Emforay gave this build 2 stars • August 2022
Too unreliable a lot of classes can get around it or just destroy you from range
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • August 2021
Niche but definitely workable. Can find its place in some comps and pull its weight, quite possibly the best decap build around. August update: still one of the most popular ranger builds in ATs, but that doesn't say much for a class that's unpopular.
5 stars
Ikyro gave this build 5 stars • April 2021
Healing power is useless. Demolisher is the way to go on this.
3 stars
Acedia1092 gave this build 3 stars • December 2020
Playable, yet neither a good bunker nor duelist. As a bunker its sustain is rather weak when getting +1'd and often means a death (just like most duelists) and its dueling ability isnt that good either as it does very little damage.


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