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Engineer - Burst Tools

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Burst damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on March 29, 2024.


Core Tools is a Power based F2P PvP build for Engineers who don't own the expansions, or simply want to play a decent core build. This build is very Fast-Strong & Complicated.

Skill Bar

Elixir Gun
Tool Kit
Elite Mortar Kit

Utility Variants

  • Elixir X - Greatly reduced max ranged damage, reduced DPS, less sustain and less blind. Greatly improved abiltiy in CC, slightly improved ability in 1v1 and gains Toss Elixir X for team synergy.

Template Code

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Equipment Variants

  • Blast Shield - Increased sustain with damage loss, good for dueling.



Equipment Variants

  • Rune of Wurm - Increased sustain while still having respectable damage.
  • Relic of Isgarren - Same as evasion with longer duration & stacks with vigor.


  • This build is for ganking and bursting. It is also capable of 1v1ing lower level, glass or slow enemies.

Full Burst

  • Overcharged Shot > Throw Wrench > Surprise Shot > Blunderbuss > Net Shot > Magnet > Pry Bar > Smack
  • No CC burst: Throw Wrench > Surprise Shot > Glob Shot > Blunderbuss > Pry Bar > Endothermic Shell

Timing these bursts reqiures knowledge and tracking of the targets resources. With time and practice it becomes easier to land the full sequence on players.


  • Make use of Streamlined Kits Superspeed and Reverse Acid Bomb but most importantly always cover your tracks with Box of Nails & Endothermic Shell to keep distance.
  • Jump Shot - If stuck in a CC chain remember that this skill now has a frame 1 bufferable dodge. Can take you out of dangerous situations quickly.


  • Flash Shell - Good when fighting in melee range. Very good VS skills bursts like Rampage
  • Gear Shield
  • Super Elixir + Elixir Shell - 'Second Heal' ~ 4000hp, Very useful when you find spots to stand still in.

Extra Techniques

  • Fumigate - Hits through walls and projectile blocks while triggering Explosive Entrance
  • Orbital Strike & Rifle Turret - Use these skills for it's BLAST finisher over damage. It can be used to AOE provide Heal, Weakness, Cleanse, Chaos Aura & Frost Aura
  • Poison Gas Shell, Fumigate, Acid Bomb & Drop Gunk - Are good for covering downed bodies.


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