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Engineer - Core Condi Explosions

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage and Control

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on June 28, 2024.


Core Vass Grenadier makes use of the Relic of Vass while also retaining sustainablity. This is a duelist build with high sustain, damage and comes with Toss Elixir X.

Skill Bar

Elixir Gun
Grenade Kit

Skill Variants

Template Code

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Trait Variant

  • Self-Regulating Defenses - Slightly more damage and cleanse. A lot less healing than Backpack Regenerator.



Equipment Variants

  • Sigil of Smoldering
  • Sigil of Energy
  • / Rune of Traveler


  • This build is a duelist with team-fighting capabilities.

In order to work this build uses Shrapnel, Steel-Packed Powder & Relic of Vass to apply covers from use of Grenade Kit, Flame Blast or Rocket Fist Prototype. Most of your Relic of Vass stacks will trigger from defensive play. When in melee range you can use Smoke Vent for a bonus cover. Your main damage attacks will be Flame Blast, Shrapnel Grenade, Poison Grenade & Grenade Barrage in damaging order. Put simply Grenade Kit will apply covers and damage; whilst Flamethrower will be your burst condi source.

  • Toss Elixir X - Moa is the effective elite of this build and it comes with a few benefits. Moa prevents the enemy from using: Cleanse, Strong/Condi Attacks, Jumps, Stun-Breaks, Shrouds, Transformations. It also ignores stability. Moa can act as a hard counter to Necromancer/Specter.

How to play

Keep your range while using Grenade Kit and Flame Blast. Once they get into melee range use your multiple blinds and CCs while keeping your DPS advantage. When the team needs a target dead use Toss Elixir X to assist at opportune moments.


  • Explosions: Rocket Fist Prototype - Flame Blast - Grenade Kit - Grenade Barrage - Bunker Down - Aim-Assisted Rocket - Mace Strike - Explosive Entrance - Grenadier
  • Main Damage Sources: Rocket Fist Prototype - Shrapnel Grenade -Flame Blast - Poison Grenade - Grenade Barrage
  • Covers: Energizing Slam - Freeze Grenade - Flash Grenade - Smoke Vent - Mace Strike
  • Anti Reflect Options: Fumigate, Flame Jet & Poison Grenade
  • Use Grenade Kit, Fumigate, Grenade Barrage & Flame Jet to get rid of Relic of Vass stacks quickly.


  • Anti CC: Healing Mist,Elixir X(For Stability Stability) & Static Shield(To stop CC chains)
  • Cleanse Sources: Elixir H(3 Cleanse) - Bunker Down - Super Elixir - Sigil of Purging - Sigil of Cleansing

When low on endurance use Protection Protection to tank incoming power damage.


Compared to Holo,Scrapper and Mech this build is relatively slow but it still has a select few options for escape and chase.

  • Energizing Slam - This move is a slightly slower and higher CD Holo Leap. Use it to create/close distance easily.
  • Acid Bomb - When running while in combat or not under Superspeed Superspeed, use this skill to create/close distance quickly. Learning how to travel using reverse Acid Bomb is fundimental to survival on this build.
  • Elixir X - The primary use of this skill is for mobility & Stability Stability rather than damage. Once Acid Bomb won't be sufficient use Elixir X to create/close distance. As soon as active use skill 5 in either transformations to escape.
  • Tranquilizer Dart - Use to hit opponents outside of condi grenade range.
  • Freeze Grenade & Glob Shot - To close or widen gaps.

Burst & Combos

These are also effective on Toss Elixir X hit targets.

  • Relic of Vass + Incendiary Ammo + Explosive Entrance -> Shrapnel Grenade -> Smoke Vent -> Flame Blast
  • Relic of Vass + Incendiary Ammo + Explosive Entrance -> Rocket Fist Prototype -> Flame Blast -> Smoke Vent -> Air Blast -> Shrapnel Grenade.
  • Relic of Vass + Incendiary Ammo + Explosive Entrance -> Rocket Fist Prototype -> Energizing Slam -> Shrapnel Grenade -> Smoke Vent

Moa Set-Ups

Once the opponent is hit by Toss Elixir X they will be locked out of multiple options such as: Cleanse, Strong/Condi Attacks, Jumps, Stun-Breaks, Shrouds, Transformations. It is most effective to quickly CC or Immobile Immobile the target(s) with your fastest option being Magnetic Inversion,Static Shield or use Rocket Fist Prototype if nothing else. If you choose to not CC then your burst options are:

  • Relic of Vass/Incendiary Ammo/Explosive Entrance -> Flame Blast
  • Relic of Vass/Incendiary Ammo/Explosive Entrance -> Shrapnel Grenade
  • Relic of Vass/Incendiary Ammo/Explosive Entrance -> Poison Grenade

It is most effective to Toss Elixir X before you opponent can cleanse since even if you miss your CC you can still be rewarded.


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