Firebrand - High Burst Condition

Under construction.webp This is a placeholder build that was useful in the past. Click here to view current builds.

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest



High burst condition damage great in team fight. High risk, High Reward.



Template Code

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Equipment Variants


  • Pistol & Pistol for more glass canon and DPS but less survivability.
  • Pistol & Focus for higher dps with defensive from focus. Can take Wrathful Spirit in the Zeal Trait line.


  • Mantra of Lore instead of Mantra of Potence for more cleansing.


Elite specialization mechanics

  • Quickness Quickness generated from Potent Haste, Overwhelming Celerity, "Feel My Wrath!" is what makes this build works paired with Axe Auto Core Cleave and Permeating Wrath will cause massive Burn Burn. Unless the enemy is just standing still, it will be hard to do this so this where your other skills comes.
  • Quickfire is a must as this will enable you to do more burns even your Tome of Justice passive is on cooldown.
  • Furious Focus acts as a potent constant condition cover paired with Resolute Subconscious + Any Fury Fury plus the bleeding from Unrelenting Criticism plus other condition you apply can prevent your enemy from cleansing the burning.


  • Start in your pistol and focus weapon set.
  • Make sure you have Mantra of Truth and Mantra of Potence charged up.
  • Make sure to bait out dodges, stun breaks, Stability Stability, Blocks, and Invulnerability, first before doing the combo by using scepter basic attack.


  • Use Chains of Light for the immobilize with the Ray of Judgment for a higher change of hitting the enemy Or before pulling with the Blazing Edge.
  • Once you find an opening that's when you use "Feel My Wrath!" then use Blazing Edge right away as its a very fast animation. If you successfully pull the enemy in, immediately follow up with Symbol of Vengeance.
  • When they are in front of you start using 2 charges of Echo of Truth and Potent Haste at the same time while pressing axe auto Core Cleave.
  • By then the enemy will be likely be using a long blocking skills such as Fortified Earth or a disengage, you will want to wait to use the last charge of the mantra.
  • Once there is an opening or they did not have any above, then use the last charge of the Mantra Voice of Truth and Overwhelming Celerity. Once Voice of Truth successfully land, it will give many condition cover such as Slow Slow Immobilize Immobilize Blindness Blindness Weakness Weakness Vulnerability Vulnerability plus Poison Poison from the Relic after using Blazing Edge and Symbol of Vengeance Daze Daze from Unrelenting Criticism
  • If everything lines up. Spam only using your axe auto attack Core Cleave + Bleeding Edge + Searing Slash which stacks tons of Burn Burn and minor Bleeding Bleeding
  • If everything lands and don't address the burn with cleanses the enemy will be dead in about 2 seconds.
  • For against tanky builds or if you feel like it, you can use Tome of Justice + Chapter 4 Scorched Aftermath Chapter 4 Scorched Aftermath at the end of the enemy blocks or before pulling in with the Blazing Edge combo.
  • Important Info: once all of that hits the enemy will try to use a heal skill with the the common animation of hand movements plus a blue light. Try to use a CC to interrupt the casting by using Tome of Justice + Chapter 3 Heated Rebuke Chapter 3 Heated Rebuke for range or Tome of Courage + Chapter 2 Daring Challenge Chapter 2 Daring Challenge for melee range or Shield of Absorption if available.
  • If the enemy's heal skill is the other types, try not to attack during the duration or be on the defensive side to prevent the extra proc heal.


  • Once your done with the combo switch to mace as soon as possible as this will help you survive and sustain before the next combo.
  • Try to survive as much as you can as your combo cooldown lines up to about 30 seconds.
  • Poke with your range weapon (Pistol or Scepter)
  • Use Tome of Resolve when you need instant cleansing from high stacks of damaging conditions traited with Absolute Resolve.
  • Use Tome of Resolve + Epilogue Eternal Oasis Epilogue Eternal Oasis for the 20% Heal increase plus 5 condition cleanse such as Poison Poison before using Signet of Resolve
  • Don't be afraid to use Tome of Resolve + Chapter 2 Radiant Recovery Chapter 2 Radiant Recovery for a quick 2 condition cleanse + heal as it only cost 1 page and low cooldown.
  • For ranged opponents or classes with lots of projectile, Tome of Courage + Chapter 3 Valiant Bulwark Chapter 3 Valiant Bulwark to start is a must for survival. Due to the massive reflect bubble, this can reflect projectile damage back to the opponent. The only downside to this is it does not reflect Unblockable Unblockable
  • Tome of Courage + Chapter 4 Stalwart Stand is another Stun Break.
  • I found that while using Tome of Justice + Chapter 4 Scorched Aftermath Chapter 4 Scorched Aftermath for pressure relief while charging Mantra of Truth and Mantra of Potence works well as most players don't want to stand in fire.
  • If the enemy is ranged, use terrain to block your line of sight while charging Mantra of Truth and Mantra of Potence.
  • You can also use "Feel My Wrath!" to charge up Mantra of Truth and Mantra of Potence quickly if you are in a pinch.


Original Build by your local Firebrand

Yuna Kawase


This build has a rating of 3 stars based on 4 votes.
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1 star
Mulvarr gave this build 1 star • May 2024
I main FB in other gamemodes, I really wanted this to work but man.. pvp and dps FB, it's never gonna happen is it? The damage is weak, easy to counter. Against support it's like I'm not even there. I only pull my weight when I'm tossing out boons to the team at which point I have to ask myself why I'm not a support. It's squishy as hell, doesn't last 2 seconds in bigger fights. Or 1v1s. Or anywhere really. Was hoping maybe pistol could improve it, nope. Guess I'm sticking to DH in pvp and I suggest others do the same. -137 rating, pumped the brakes after that. Wouldn't recommend. I'm genuinely trying to think up reasons to give this more than 1 star and I can't. Slow, low damage, paper sustain. All the good parts, support FB does better, and even that I dont like.
4 stars
Eddieknj gave this build 4 stars • January 2024
Pretty fun build! I play a similar version with scepter/shield axe/focus. I also take absolute resolve and more pages. This way you have some more condi cleanse, and some pretty good ranged burn! Def need to use terrain with this as you're still very squishy but whenever someone gets close you should have the upper hand.
2 stars
JudgeTomb gave this build 2 stars • November 2023
High damage but no coverage, heasily beat by build with minimal cleansing. Hard to fight against long range player. Not good for 1v1, may be Ok to play in unrank with for fun but i strongly advise to not play it in ranked. It'd be good if Anet could do something for firebrand whom's basically the worst class existing since years in PvP
5 stars
Tears Death gave this build 5 stars • October 2023
Great build overall, is good to see someone dedicated to his spec this much!


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