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Part of the current metagame.

Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: Ground controlHealingSupportUtility.

Designed for:


Support firebrand provides a large amount of Stability Stability as well as powerful healing and boon support.

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants


Brings a powerful, low cooldown AoE pull at the cost of group support and healing.

Skill Variants


  • viable burst heal option.


  • Provides more personal sustain at the cost of supporting team.
  • AoE condition cleanse at the cost of your 1 personal defense skill
  • when quickness uptime is required
  • if projectile hate is needed


  • Personal defense


  • Increased healing at the cost of stability. Take monk runes if using this trait.


  • If regen/protection uptime isn't an issue.


Swap Virtues to Valor for more personal sustain at the cost of tome uptime.


  • excellent passive healing bonus, preferred option if having multiple guards using Valor as
    does not stack.
  • increased availablility of group support with Tome of Courage. Balances loss of


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PvE weapon swap.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Water
Healing WvW Infusion




  • Nomad's can be an easier to obtain stat in place of Minstrel's but looses boon support.
  • Cleric's can be used to add healing power at the cost of boon support and personal sustain.


  • highest healing option
  • strongest boon support and defensive option with less healing
  • strong option for GvG


  • for Stability Stability uptime.
  • when confident on 25 stack uptime, Benevolence is an option when not stacking other modifiers for outgoing healing.


  • Defensive option.
  • Useful feast option against condition pressure.


  • Support option when lacking boon duration.



  • Use
    to stun break for caught allies. Part communication and an attentive eye are key here.
  • Use
    when you are being overwhelmed with conditions. Try to use it during fights and not on regroups.
  • - gives area Stability to help secure stomps/resurrection or mitigate the effectiveness of an enemy CC (try to use SYG proactively, before a bomb). It is only a stun break for yourself, not your party.
  • is your -and your party's- panic stability and area break stun. Use it only after
    is on cooldown and stability it urgently needed.
  • and
    make up a significant part of your group healing. Try to use your dodge rolls and aegis skills not only just for personal defense but also when your group requires some healing.


  • Tomes will go on full cooldown once stowed so make sure to only pull them out when you can make full use of them.
  • Use
    on spikes and for general DPS
    • Use Epilogue: Ashes of the Just as often as possible for a significant group damage increase.
    • On spikes pull enemies in with Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke} then follow up with Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath and Chapter 2: Igniting Burst
  • brings high healing and condition cleanse. As a support Firebrand, you will be fulling healing allies with only a few skills, and may sometimes have to camp the tome.
    • Try to use Epilogue: Eternal Oasis before other healing skills to benefit from the increased healing.
    • Chapter 4: Shining River creates a Water Field - coordinate with your allies to blast it for healing.
  • Use
    for its Stability Stability access to fill in gaps between
    • Chapter 4: Stalwart Stand brings a very strong pulsing Resistance Resistance field, make use of it against condition pressure.


  • Rotation: Engage with
    , throw
    and pressure with
    and immediately after use Epilogue: Ashes of the Just then Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke to pull and catch enemies. After using tome pages
    to burst heal allies, followed by other Tomes or swapping to Mace/Shield as needed by the group.


  • Use Mace/Shield to support your group and create heavy burst CC and healing. The autoattack provides very strong AoE healing.
  • Rotation: Autoattack continuously throughout the fight. When bombing the enemy in Mace, use your
    to give an extremely high healing Regeneration plus AoE pressure. Then activate on your shield
    for a burst heal to allies and protection, followed by
    for a high damage skill and a small damage mitigation. Either when you see a downed enemy or ally, use
    to push back a res/stomp attempt, either double tapping for a large burst AoE heal or channeling for projectile defense.


  • Use Axe/Shield for both defensive support from the shield and for offensive plays with
    , an AoE pull. This combos effectively with Wells and with
    , where you can pull enemies back inside of your group's ground pressure.
Build rating: 100%
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5 Ratings
Gold Medal - Great
Freya said this build was great last month

The build that defines everything after it, it is the build that enables everyone else to function and is stupidly op when you consider it's value and how it can support entire party solo, with boons and healing.

Gold Medal - Great
TwanBr said this build was great April 2018

Even after the latest nerfs this build remains incredibly powerful. It provides nearly everything your team needs from a support.

Gold Medal - Great
Xivor said this build was great January 2018

Hands down the most effective heal and support build in the game right now. The bar compression of support utility eliminates other classes from having to spec for resistance, cleanse, stability, etc. Coupled with very decent healing, this is now the goto heal/support slot build. With Firebrand, hybrid Guardians have moved away and split roles have been created due to the unique role of the Tomes. This build finds very low use of weapons for DPS, but brings awesome aegis spam, and the shield gives a very nice defensive bubble. After recent buffs, I have swapped in Merciful Intervention instead of CoP, which scales real nicely and provides downstate control

2 More Ratings
Gold Medal - Great
Nailuj said this build was great December 2017

Extremely effective build. This is the bread and butter sustain for any organized group. Sigil of water should be taken out and replaced with monk. It is objectively superior to the rune of water. Merciful intervention and pure of voice should be listed as alternates.

Gold Medal - Great
The Blue Rangerr said this build was great October 2017

Despite a lack of damage, I found this build the single most effective way to support a group, comparable with tempests and druids but with the powerful addition of Stability, CC and additional boons. Even in a pug zerg, the healing output alone more than compensates for the minimal damage loss, and is an incredibly good build to run for any Firebrand player.

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