Guardian - Burn Guard

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The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good.

Focused on: Condition damageUtility.

Designed for:


A build designed for massive AoE DPS that performs better the greater the enemy numbers.



Skill Variants


  • better party support but lose a very strong block.


  • personal stunbreak and AoE stability

Template Code




Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Balthazar
Malign WvW Infusion


feast option with additional Condition Damage and Expertise



  • Try to maintain 100% Burning Burning duration since your primary damage comes from the 2s base duration burn of with .
  • Trailblazer stat icon.png Trailblazer's adds condition duration from the gear which you can use to reach 100% burning duration.
  • Viper stat icon.png Viper's and Sinister stat icon.png Sinister's can be used in place of Trailblazer's and Dire's for more damage, gaining from Zeal spec, at the cost of survivability.
  • Rabid stat icon.png Rabid's can be used in place of Dire as a smaller damage increase that helps with proccing with less loss of survivability.


  • general defensive sigil
  • or trash condis to cover Burning Burning from cleanse


  • highest damage option if unconcerned about condition duration.
  • alternative hybrid damage option when unconcerned about duration.


  • to reach burn duration cap with other gear setups
  • alternative defensive option against condition pressure
  • highest damage option with frequent kills.


  • Most of your damage comes from a Burning Burning, meaning that if it gets cleansed, the build isn't fulfilling its role. Always try to coordinate your main skills with you group bomb, to ensure trash condis get cleansed and your burn can tick longer and deal damage.
  • To play this build effectively you should aim to use all of your skills rapidly. The only skills you do not use off cooldown are defensive, such as healing. You also should keep your unused to ensure you are receiving the passive activation.
  • and are your main sources of damage. Place and carefully to proc it as much as possible.
  • Rotate between your weapon sets, using your symbols off cooldown. provides a significant Burning Burning spike, and should be constantly used.
  • should be thought of as a DPS ability, the reflected projectiles will proc /.
Build rating - 4 stars
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3 Ratings
4 stars
Notsussertod gave this build 4 stars September 2020

Really high dps, really good sustain and some mild condi clears (from torch 5), but can be easily countered if you're fighting against good groups. Excels at fighting pugs and lesser guild groups. Super easy to play and is very beginner friendly. Overall, power core guard is just better if you're planning on using this build in coordinated squads.

4 stars
Tyroxin gave this build 4 stars March 2020

Laughably easy to play burn guard to a basic level, just place down the Reflect and grin at the scrubs pumping their projectiles in it.

The consistent stuff starts beyond the reflect. Although cleanse has dwindled in the last patch, the guard is still locked into Burn as single condition and thus can still be countered, yet the strength lies not only in the potential stacks of burn but even more so in the constant reapplication, in principle capable of wearing down any cleanse since ages.

yet the usage of guard is still predominantly the Support Firebrand which at this moment still seems to take the cake. As long as there is need for the support Firebrand can offer (eg. not having enough guards in the squad), its getting hard to justify running guard as DPS, regardless of its power.

5 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 5 stars March 2020

The best AoE DPS class currently available. Although easy to learn, the skill ceiling is surprisingly high for maintaining constant damage and reaching the highest numbers possible. I would take one of these builds in almost any composition, but it is worth noting that they are not as effective when stacking more than 2-3 as they only produce a single damaging condition.