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Holosmith - Vass Condi Holo

Under construction.webp This is a placeholder build that was useful in the past. Click here to view current builds.

Focused on: Condition damageMobility and Control

Designed for: PvP Conquest

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds



Vass Holo is a PvP build that makes use of the Relic of Vass to add more condition diversity and burst damage to an archetype that lacks condi variety, without giving up valuable utility slots or making trait tradeoffs.

Skill Bar

Elixir Gun

Skill Variants

Template Code

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Max Burst Damage Variant

Replace Firearms with:

  • Flamethrower - Replace Elixir C for MAXIUMUM damage. Swap to Sigil of Smoldering. - For better general DPS & sustain stick to the original.



Equipment Variants

  • Rune of Engineer - Same thing but slightly less sustain for slightly more damage


  • This build is strong in duels and teamfights.
  • Toss Elixir H & Toss Elixir C are best used to start fights. Relic of Vass will trigger from defensive usage mostly.
  • Prime Light Beam > 50 Heat: Will trigger Relic of Vass through Self-Regulating Defenses and also pulse burn. Prime Light Beam, Poison Dart Volley & Photon Blitz are your strongest burst options.
  • Use Photon Blitz, Poison Dart Volley, Fumigate & Fragmentation Shot to get rid of Relic of Vass stacks quickly.


  • Relic of Vass + Prime Light Beam > 50 Heat -> Photon Blitz -> Static Shot -> Shield 4 -> Poison Dart Volley
  • Relic of Vass + Holographic Shockwave -> Photon Blitz -> Shield 4 -> Poison Dart Volley


  • Hitting yourself with Glob Shot or Throw Shield will apply a stack of Relic of Vass to self


This build has a rating of 2 stars based on 2 votes.
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2 stars
Nuo gave this build 2 stars • June 2024
Tries to adapt a decent WvW roaming build for sPvP and fails hard. Very squishy with mediocre damage, with no real advantages over any other builds.
2 stars
Allgar gave this build 2 stars • June 2024
Low damage and dies too fast. Cast time on elixirs ruins Vass, the game got faster with all the powercreep and they're literally not worth taking and casting for 3 poison little procs. Other builds do 10k damage to you while you pop 2 elixirs. Elixir S buys you some time but then you'll just die anyway. Also 60 second cd on it is criminal, nerfed from the old 48s when already nobody was taking it. The only thing that does damage is holo forge 4 which gets interrupted/dodged/projectile denied/cleansed 99% of the time. Cool idea but it's not worth it.


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