Mechanist - Condi Mechanist

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest


A jack of all trades, master of none Condition damage PvP Mechanist build.

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  • and could be considered for a high risk/reward build but your sustain's going to be much lower. Use either or .



Equipment Variants


can be replaced by any of the following sigils if you don't need the condi cleansing:

  • increases the damage of both you and the Mech.
  • improves and .



  • gives you barrier equal to 10% of any healing you receive, which means the passive of is enough to proc on CD for Alacrity Alacrity. As the build only has 1 weapon set and minimal sustain, CD reduction is an important factor here.
  • and greatly improve your mobility, and mobility is a key part of your defense. Try to avoid being in melee most of the time, especially when your shield skills aren't available. Rocket Boots is a great filler skill to patch gaps in your sustain.
    • These two skills also make the build a strong roamer, allowing it to rotate between capture points in seconds if need be. When you can't find a favorable fight to join, use your mobility to zip around the map and decap unguarded nodes.
  • Use the Mech's F1 as often as possible. The Weakness Weakness can cover your damaging conditions on top of adding to your sustain by reducing the strike damage they deal. It also helps the Mech stick to your target.
  • is mostly for the passive CD reduction and the Mech revival portion of the active. Using it for the damage is very rare but sometimes you might want to consider that to help with cleaving downed targets. Against moving targets however landing it can be quite hard, especially on uneven terrain, and the Mech can get CC'd very easily unless you commit to it with .
  • Any boon you gain is also granted to your Mech. This causes to maintain 10 stacks of Might Might on your Mech - 5 because the trait gives you Might and another 5 because the trait is AoE and the Mech is an ally.


  • Most of the burst damage comes from , but getting enemies to stay in range of it is the hard part. Try stunning them with , CC with or use as a gapcloser for the Mech. Hugging the Mech could also work, forcing enemies to tank the signet's active damage if they want to reach you, but you should be ready to use some defensive skills in that situation.
  • As for Pistol skills, both and deal solid damage. Static Shot could even help you trade blows with enemies better because of the Blind Blind.
  • When you have nothing better to do spam or kite enemies until your burst CDs come back up.


  • is one of your best defensive skills in general: it breaks stuns, cleanses conditions, and lets you escape to the highground.
  • (Mech's F2) is your next best defensive skill, useful against every kind of pressure. Cleanses conditions, applies Protection Protection to protect from strike damage, blocks an attack with Aegis Aegis, breaks stun and makes you immune to CC chains with the Stability Stability. On top of that it even has Alacrity Alacrity to speed up your skill recharge rate - and not just yours, but the Mech's too, reducing the CD of Crisis Zone itself!
    • This skill is AoE, you could use it to support allies in need too.
    • You need to be in range of your Mech for this skill to affect you!
  • Shield skills and grant you Protection Protection through various Inventions traits, and cleanses conditions from you whenever you gain Protection. Your healing skill removes an additional condition via .
  • is great for shaking off enemies as well as cleansing several non-damaging conditions, increasing the likelyhood of removing damaging ones if you follow it up with any other skill that cleanses conditions.
  • Both shield skills are very versatile defensive CDs.
  • works best against projectiles but its chain skill is an AoE knockback, so even against melee you could use this skill for the CC alone. Or if you want to pressure someone ranged, Magnetic Shield could let you walk up to them while the knockback is a great followup once you're in melee.
  • is effective at any range but works best in melee as it even stuns enemies who strike you there. For maximum value use its chain skill right as Static Shield is about to run out - the Daze Daze further prevents them from pressuring you, and has the potential to hit them on its way back too.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 2 votes.
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3 stars
Hanz gave this build 3 stars • March 2023
It's not really "good" but it's in the realm of being playable in some ranked games. I think the mobility saves it, because it can't 1v1, +1 or teamfight as well as many other builds, but it can do a bit of everything and Rocket Boots gives it the mobility to simply leave a fight and try being useful elsewhere or at worst act as a decap bot. It has flexibility. Recent pistol buffs helped a little but Firearms as a spec is still too gutted in PvP for no reason, I mean we're not even taking the condi trait in the 2nd slot for a condi build because it's so nerfed. Superconducting Signet in theory is really strong but because of how clunky the mech is hitting anyone with it for 2 pulses should be an art form. The only reason I think we should have this build is because it's the best Mechanist (and condi Engi in general) can do, and there's a real demand for Mechanist in the playerbase from what I see in ranked even if it's not that strong. People will play Mech whether it's good or bad, and if we don't have a build for it then more people will play worse versions of it and that's not helping anyone. Maybe I'm being too negative, it's really not terrible, for average ratings this is fine and the traits/skills are well optimized, it's just not a very strong spec right now. I'll admit it's fun when it works.
5 stars
Colophonius gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
This is so strong that its toxic to play against. Without a good cleanse in your party youre lost.


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