Mechanist - Teamfight Signet Mecha

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest


A Condi/Support PvP Mechanist bruiser build created to win larger teamfights and roam between objectives.

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can be replaced with to trade some healing for chase/escape/roaming potential.



This build isn't very modular and it is not recommended to change any of these picks. The majority of the build's surprisingly high damage comes from a mix of various conditions and some strike damage. You also make excellent use of healing power thanks to traits like and others discussed below. The weapons are best-in-slot for this type of build and have a lot of synergy with the traits and utility skills.

Equipment Variants


  • can replace for better healing at the cost of stun/daze duration and some damage.
  • can replace for slightly increased damage at the cost of one source of condition cleansing.


While somewhat more susceptible to burst than tankier Mechanist builds, the unique combination of synergizing traits and skills provide a very high amount of sustain for you and any allies around you in the form of AoE healing, barrier, condition cleansing, and defensive boon uptime near you and/or your Mech. Additionally, the build is capable of surprisingly high sustained damage in fights (mostly condition damage but with decent amount of strike damage). Lastly, it is incredibly forgiving and easy to play, which makes it ideal for learning the profession. Other choices might reward higher APM players with slightly more damage or utility (such as ), but this build is simple and effective. Veteran players may try swapping some things around, but most of the decisions here are strictly recommended for the build to function properly.

  • gives you barrier equal to 10% of the healing you receive, which means the passive of alone will proc on cooldown for Alacrity Alacrity uptime. You will also be granted this barrier from Regeneration Regeneration, which you will have with nearly 100% uptime!
  • Condition cleansing is one of the three hidden components to the build's teamfight sustain and one of its main selling points:
    • procs whenever you activate , cleansing 1 condition from up to 5 allies within a 360 radius.
    • will cleanse 2 conditions from you every 100 seconds.
    • will cleanse 1 condition every 10 seconds when striking enemies.
    • Your Mech's will cleanse conditions from up to 5 targets within a 600 radius.
    • also removes 2 conditions but this should be the last resort, as this is also your best escape/chase tool and your most reliable stun break.
    • Finally, cleanses 1 condition from allies when you grant them Protection Protection.
  • Protection Protection uptime is the second component to the build's teamfight support utility and durability. Remember, each time you gain or grant Protection Protection you also cleanse a condition!
    • grants Protection Protection to you and nearby allies every time you activate a Shield skill. Also, Protection Protection on you is 20% more effective.
    • grants Protection Protection to you and nearby allies whenever you activate .
    • grants Protection Protection, Stability Stability, Aegis Aegis, and Alacrity Alacrity in addition to cleansing conditions and breaking stuns on a 40-second cooldown.
    • grants you Protection Protection when disabled on a 30-second cooldown.
  • The third hidden component to your teamfight sustain is Regeneration Regeneration uptime:
    • grants you and nearby allies Regeneration Regeneration and Vigor Vigor with about 100% uptime!
    • grants you Regeneration Regeneration whenever you cleanse a condition from an ally.
    • makes any Regeneration Regeneration you apply 20% stronger.
    • grants you an additional +250 healing power while you have Regeneration Regeneration.
  • Additionally, will heal you each time you gain a boon and increases your boon uptime!

Weapon Skills

  • > > is a pretty powerful autoattack chain, so don't feel bad just using this when everything else is on cooldown. Decent strike damage, Confusion Confusion application, and even AoE barrier (which in turn provides more Alacrity Alacrity).
  • Thanks to , will also fire the same projectile from your Mech! Spam it for a stun and to inflict Burning Burning.
  • Use to reflect projectiles and provide AoE Protection Protection. Reactivate for , an AoE knockback.
  • Use to block and stun anyone that attacks you while providing AoE Protection Protection. Reactivate for , a projectile that dazes enemies.

Utility Skills

  • Thanks to , Signets have increased effects and provide their passive bonuses even when they are on cooldown.
  • Use whenever you or your Mech are missing a decent chunk of health without worrying about losing the passive heal, barrier, and Alacrity Alacrity.
  • Spam on cooldown to keep the AoE damage field up around your mech (or you if the mech is on recall). You will passively deal 12% increased condition damage.
  • Spam on cooldown to keep the AoE barrier field up to block missiles and provide barrier and Alacrity Alacrity to allies. You will passively take 12% less condition and strike damage.
  • Save for dire situations, such as a vital stun break, escape tool, or to finish off a kill that is about to get away. Your move speed will be passively increased, and you will share all your boons with your mech.
  • should only be activated if you're absolutely certain your Mech is in no danger, has a clear shot, and it won't be interrupted. Otherwise, save to summon your Mech if you're forced to recall. Without your Mech, you and your team are much more vulnerable.

Mech Skills

  • Mech skills can be used while you are disabled or casting. Managing the Mech is the most complicated part of the build, as the AI isn't the smartest.
  • Spam on cooldown for good Bleeding Bleeding damage and chasing.
  • As previously discussed, use wisely as an AoE stunbreak and boon+healing support utility. Sometimes you can use the stability to safely execute a finisher!
  • is best used in the middle of a teamfight to deal some damage and knockback enemies. You can also use it to interrupt revives or protect you while reviving an ally. Note that it also causes your Mech to briefly evade attacks.
  • will cause all of your Mech's skills to provide AoE healing. This can save your life!
  • Make sure to keybind Attack My Target and Return to Me, as this will greatly improve your ability to manage your Mech's positioning.


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4 stars
Doc Doom gave this build 4 stars • September 2022
I've been playing this during this 3v3 mini-season while overseas and dealing with a lot of lag. I've been able to effectively chain CCs on my enemies and load them up with conditions. The barrier generation doesn't feel all that impactful but every little bit helps. The condi cleanse on this build feels pretty sufficient. Sustain is actually pretty nice since you have adequate condi cleanse, healing, 2 projectile defenses, a block, and 2 stun breaks, one of which is a teleport. The build just synergizes with itself pretty well and can hold its own in a team fight while also supporting allies and dishing out decent damage. So far, just about every match I have ended up with top kills, top healing, and top damage, though maybe all my teammates are garbage I dunno.


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