Mesmer - Blurring Inspiration

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Condition damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on December 05, 2023 and is up to date for the November 07, 2023 game patch.


A high-sustain core condition Mesmer build for PvP, made to win duels.

Available for F2P players as well and is seen as rather beginner-friendly (especially as far as Mesmer goes).

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Axe/Torch over Scepter/Torch - if you have Secrets of the Obscure you can take Axe instead of Scepter for more burst damage, a target break, and clone generation. A more aggressive weapon set that can work well with Staff.


  • - if you want a stronger team fight presence over the ability to moa a player.
  • - if you want to provide more support via giving allies the opportunity to reposition or recover.



  • for lower cool downs and damage.



Equipment Variants


  • over - more cleansing over poison access.


  • - more damage, less healing.


  • - more burst damage when landing a CC on someone after hitting the requirements.
  • - increased Poison Poison access and increased effectiveness.



  • Try to send your Phantasms on CD before using as your healing skill partially recharges them.
  • grants you Stability Stability whenever you shatter, so consider using one of your shatters to prevent interrupts on important casts like while under pressure or if you're stomping a downed enemy.
  • Don't be afraid to use if you need to keep the pressure up but you're all out of shatters. This signet also lets you be a bit more wasteful of your shatters, knowing that you can recharge them anytime.
  • Aim to use inside whenever possible in order to combo Chaos Aura Chaos Aura for yourself.
    • Keep in mind that auras don't stack in duration, so don't try to combo it with .


  • Use for mobility while roaming between capture points or chasing after targets. PR teleports you in the opposite direction of where you're facing, so in order to teleport "forward" simply turn around and use it then turn back. We recommend that you set up a bind for about face to do this in a fluid manner (Options ⇒ Control Options ⇒ Movement).
    • About face about face is the rotation.
    • Make sure that you don't have an enemy targeted when doing this!


  • Every shatter inflicts Torment Torment via .
  • is the strongest shatter skill here when it comes to damage, followed by . These 2 will help you burst.
  • Scepter is your offensive set while Staff is more about defense and sustained damage. All Scepter skills deal good damage.
  • The autoattack chain of Scepter can be progressed without a target, even out of combat. This is useful because autoattacking the air twice lets you start fights with for a free clone.


  • The build has plenty of ways to deal with conditions:
    • Weapon swapping removes a condition via .
    • is your mass cleanse, removing a total of 5 conditions with .
    • removes another one when you use your healing skill.
    • cleanses conditions whenever you gain and when you are CC'd while the cool down is ready.
    • Last but not least, is another source of cleansing.
  • Every signet grants .
  • is an excellent panic button and mobility tool that instantly yeets you across the battlefield whilst breaking stun.
  • Your strongest option against damage in general is , granting you immunity to any form of pressure including CC and conditions that are already on you.
  • can be used even while stunned, blinding nearby enemies and giving you a chance to gain Protection Protection whens struck.
  • Same goes for , you could use it to get out of harm's way even while stunned.


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 6 votes.
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4 stars
ViLogic gave this build 4 stars • February 2023
One of the best free to play builds. I’ve run it to top 60 in three seasons. NOTE: As Thane mentions below, take mass invis over moa and lesser chaos storm over master manipulator. Aa the meta has changed, run sympathetic visage over medics feedback. The meta is too melee spike damage heavy now to make medics feedback as viable as it once was.
3 stars
Emforay gave this build 3 stars • October 2022
UPDATE: Bumped down to 3 stars, played a little more of it. Maybe this is because of how Mesmer is fundamentally designed, but I feel as though I bring more value to the team being a DPS or roaming rather than actually trying to fight another duelist at a node. The deciding factor is moa signet, if you miss this, you honestly might as well leave the fight unless the other duelist is low rating or something.
4 stars
Archangel gave this build 4 stars • July 2022
I played this build in July 2022 2v2 mini season with particularly good win rate, even Mesmer not being my main for a long time. Anyway, this may be very situational and may lack in normal 5v5 seasons thought.
2 stars
Jyaim gave this build 2 stars • March 2022
This build intends to make mesmer a duelist that holds which is rarely a top option (though it happened in the past). This one is easily decapped and cannot apply any serious pressure on actual duelist classes. Its mobility is ok but barely enough to roam fast enough to counter balance its duel limitations. I prefer by far core carrion build that uses scepter pistol with sword torch, and takes advantage of domination, duel and chaos trait line.
5 stars
ThaneXLR gave this build 5 stars • September 2021
Since I have made top 10 end of season multiple times on this build, I will give a short pro and con of the build. Overall: The build performs at every level if played correctly. Its kill potential is extremely niche compared to any other build: relying on reflecting projectiles, confusion, interrupting key skills, and constant basic attacking+mind rack. I recommend moa signet against minionmancers to instantly disarm spawned minions, other than that it is better to stick to mass invisible at all levels. Always take method of madness over master manipulator, 7 second reduced cd is not worth trading off a passive chaos storm. Pros: -Beginner Friendly -Essentially immune to conditions -Can do raw power damage if needed (hybrid damage) -Does very well into projectile reliant builds (renegade, slb/condi ranger, condi thief) -One of if not the best build to take outnumber fights -Good stealth tracking (scepter 3, staff 3) Cons: -Very low burst damage output -Relies a lot on enemies to make mistakes in order to win fights quicker (confusion, interruption, reflects, scepter 2) -IMPORTANT: WORST NODE HOLDER IN THE ENTIRE GAME -Mediocre mobility -Loses to these builds most of the time: fire weaver, prot holo, reaper, scourge (if on point) Good luck and have fun. P.S. I may start streaming on Twitch under the same username idk
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • April 2021
A very good build for F2P/beginners who'd like to try the class. Easy to play, plenty of sustain, but in the end there are better things to play if you have the expansions. Decent duelist.


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