Mirage - Sage Staff

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damageSustain and Control

Designed for: PvP Conquest

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds

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A condition damage mirage build with good sustain, condition burst via Confusion Confusion stacking and CC potential via stuns, dazes and Blind Blind. Can function both as 1v1 sidenoder and a teamfighter.

Skill Bar






Damage dealing

  • Perfect Burst combo:
  • can be used before or for additional damage, if not at 3 clones.
  • can also be added before for more damage, especially if is on cooldown.
  • You can substitute for if the latter is not available
  • , and are potent interrupts that will also proc for more Confusion Confusion stacks. is particularly potent in a teamfight due to being an AoE Daze Daze.
  • Generally speaking you don't want to use Ambush window from Mirage Cloak on , as is more consistent and safer choice.


  • Synergy between , and provides a good deal of sustain against condition pressure.
  • is incredibly powerful defensive cooldown, especially if you have clones thanks to . Each clone not only adds additional distortion, but also spawns a Mirage Mirror which provides additional Mirage Cloak uptime.
  • As a mesmer, the best defense is a good bamboozle:
    • and break enemy targetting.
    • Interrupts apply Blind Blind thanks to .
    • , and offer juking opportunities.


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
Ethan gave this build 5 stars • February 2023
My favourite Mesmer build, it’s amazing because no one really expects the condi burst seeing as how most people think mes is unplayable right now. All the strong points are their, sustain, good burst, and you can be a duelist and still have presence in team fights.
3 stars
Gkhougaz gave this build 3 stars • February 2023
When it works it's satisfying, but more often than not, you can be overpowered. This build is extremely dependent on cooldowns that always seem too long. A lot of the time you will be left high and dry with nothing to cast and very vulnerable. The condi chrono bunker build is much more solid, with alacrity to help the CDs and more boons, and with perhaps the Sinister amulet better captures the bursty condition feeling that this build is trying to achieve.
4 stars
MadTavish gave this build 4 stars • July 2022
A very solid mirage build with all the typical strong points of a mirage: quick condi burst, sustain via healing over time and on-demand CC. Solid in both organized play and solo queue, especially with it's teamfighting potential. It is however not a pure meta duelist as it lacks the ridiculous sustain of builds like Vindicator/Shoutsworn and its damage is very reliant on having CDs. The capability of this build to carry definitely depends on the skill level of the player, especially with mesmer currently being a off-meta class in PvP. Overall a solid alternative to the Carrior Axe Mirage build if your team needs better teamfighting and 1v1 ability.


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