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Reaper - Condi DPS

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds

This build was last updated on December 23, 2023 and is up to date for the June 25, 2024 patch.


A condition damage build for Necromancer that sacrifices the versatility of Scourge for higher damage. This build also brings large amounts of short-range cleave without having to rely on Epidemic, and its frequent application of Blind Blind and Chilled Chilled make it effective at mitigating damage in mob-heavy fights.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Signet of Vampirism or Summon Blood Fiend for a little more damage. Signet of Vampirism is slightly more DPS, but can hit targets other than the one you're attacking.
  • "Your Soul Is Mine!" is the only bonus source of life force generation you have, which may be necessary on some encounters.
  • Well of Blood is your biggest heal in encounters without incoming conditions, and it provides a small amount of support.


Replace "Suffer!" if you need any of the following:

  • Corrosive Poison Cloud if projectile absorb is needed.
  • Epidemic if in an encounter with numerous adds spawning.
  • Plague Signet for condition cleansing teammates and a strong condition transfer.
  • Summon Flesh Wurm is your go-to blink skill should you require quick mobility.
  • Summon Shadow Fiend If you need more life force, shadow friend can help.


  • Summon Flesh Golem for good crowd control (or in any situation where a boss is too mobile to make use of the full damage potential of Plaguelands).

Template Code

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Trait Variants

  • Use Parasitic Contagion for strong self heal at a 10% dps loss.
  • Dhuumfire is only slightly less damage, and could be used on bosses that take extra condition damage.
  • Use Chilling Victory if you find yourself starved of life force.

Specialization Variants

Blood Magic variant (instead of Soul Reaping)

  • You could bring Blood Bond to maximise DPS, but if you're taking Blood Magic its reasonable to assume that res power is more valuable.

Blood Magic gives more support in the form of minor heals. Usually not worth running, but here for the sake of completeness. Make sure to switch your heal to Well of Blood to benefit from the ranged revive.

Spite variant (instead of Soul Reaping)

Spite gives access to self-generate Quickness Quickness and Might Might, enabling you to easily maintain 25 stacks once a target is below 50% health. Use this in situations where you're completing a solo role (for example, doing Back Wargs at Escort). It also grants you far more vulnerability application.



Relics variants

  • Relic of Akeem is almost identical damage and is AoE, but requires lining up CC perfectly.
  • Relic of the Ice is the best option for players that don't own Secrets of the Obscure. This triggers Deathly Chill five times when you use your elite, so this also has better burst damage for the first ~25s.



  • or ascended versions
    • , or for a cheaper alternative


    • or for a cheaper alternative



A lot of condi reaper's damage comes from combo fields - by far the most effective comes from the ice field provided by Executioner's Scythe. Whirl finishers from Soul Spiral, Death Spiral and Gravedigger all apply Chilled Chilled, which also applies Bleeding Bleeding via Deathly Chill. Your Summon Bone Fiend (if using) also has two projectile finishers on each attack.

In addition, applying Blind Blind and Fear Fear will also apply Chilled Chilled via Chilling Darkness and Shivers of Dread respectively, boosting damage from any skill that applies those conditions. As Chilling Darkness has a 3-second internal cooldown, spreading out your sources of Blind Blind (Nightfall, Deathly Swarm, Plaguelands and Well of Darkness) is also beneficial.

Finally, entering or exiting Reaper's Shroud counts as a weapon swap, meaning that we can trigger Sigil of Superior Sigil of Hydromancy and Sigil of Superior Sigil of Geomancy twice on each loop while only having them on the greatsword. To achieve this, as soon as we swap to greatsword (and trigger the sigils) we enter Reaper's Shroud, then remain in shroud for approximately 9 seconds so that the sigil cooldown ends, and Exit Reaper's Shroud to trigger them a second time.


Begin on Sceptre.

  1. Plaguelands
  2. Blood Is Power
  3. "Suffer!" to immediately transfer a condi
  4. Well of Darkness
  5. Deathly Swarm
  6. Weapon swap Weapon swap

Greatsword/Shroud section

  1. Reaper's Shroud
  2. Infusing Terror
  3. Death's Charge
  4. Terrify - cast this early so Relic of Akeem is off cooldown in time for Grasping Darkness
  5. Life RendLife SlashLife Reap x2
  6. Executioner's Scythe
  7. Soul Spiral - be sure to let it complete the animation
  8. Exit Reaper's Shroud
  9. Death Spiral and Gravedigger - both provide whirl finishers
  10. Nightfall - this is a priority skill that will interrupt the cast of the previous skill if you use it too early, so be careful
  11. Grasping Darkness - cast this last to make sure Relic of Akeem is off cooldown
  12. Weapon swap Weapon swap - you can weapon swap as soon as you see the claw from Grasping Darkness in order to cancel the aftercast

Sceptre section

  1. Grasping Dead
  2. Devouring Darkness
  3. Blood Is Power
  4. Plaguelands (if available)
  5. Blood Is Power (if available)
  6. Deathly Swarm
  7. Enfeebling Blood
  8. Blood CurseRending CursePutrid Curse x2
  9. If you didn't use Plaguelands this loop, do an extra autoattack chain
  10. Well of Darkness
  11. Grasping Dead
  12. Devouring Darkness
  13. Weapon swap Weapon swap

If Plaguelands is not available at step 4, but is nearly off cooldown, you can delay steps 3-6 until after step 8.

Example rotation


  • Use Epidemic whenever there are enemies near the main target. A second necromancer can even bounce the conditions back to the main target.
  • Try to position yourself inside the hitbox of your target to ensure that all created Chilling bolts hit your target as they spawn instead of flying off uselessly.
  • While the build uses CC as part of it's rotation, if your groups needs immediate access to CC bring Summon Flesh Golem instead of Plaguelands for CC on demand. It's better to do this than lose out on DPS by saving Executioner's Scythe.
    • If necessary, you can delay your Terrify while in shroud if it will line up with a defiance bar.
  • If you fail to transfer conditions with Deathly Swarm, clear them with Consume Conditions as they hurt quite a bit! Be aware that this will Blind Blind you, so make sure to throw a single autoattack out afterwards to clear it.


On Demand:

  • Summon Flesh Golem is one of the strongest crowd control skills the necromancer has.
  • With a Warhorn in your 2nd weapon set, use Wail of Doom. Note that by taking warhorn you lose your ability to transfer the self-condis from Blood Is Power and Plaguelands, resulting in a ~1.5k DPS loss.

Part of rotation:

  • By making use of Chilling Darkness and spacing out the blinds in your rotation, you can upkeep Chilled Chilled on a target at all times to greatly assist breakbars.
  • Grasping Darkness is both a pull and applicator of Chilled Chilled you can use whilst in Greatsword
  • Nightfall can also be used to apply additional chills for breakbars whilst in Greatsword.
  • For your shroud you have Executioner's Scythe and Infusing Terror.

Encounter-specific Tips

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian Toggle
  • Take advantage of your Death's Charge to reach the green AoE if needed.
  • Epidemic helps to control the seekers, especially in later phases of the fight.
    • The seekers can also be used as a reliable means of "Epi-bouncing" should your group have a 2nd Condi Necro.
  • Be very careful with when/where you use Grasping Darkness so you don't accidentally pull in seekers.
Ghost events Toggle
  • Abuse the Adrenaline Mushrooms as much as possible.
  • Place Plaguelands on top of the Champions and use Epidemic off cooldown to help mitigate mob presence.
  • Use Death's Charge for better mobility.
Gorseval the Multifarious Toggle
  • Keep in mind that if you're about to do your shroud 5+4 combo and Gorseval begins his slam attack, you can use Infusing Terror to prevent being knocked back whilst channeling (Assuming you aren't being given Aegis by allies).
  • Use Epidemic for the adds.
    • You can use Epidemic to help speed up the Charged Soul phase, provided they are not inside Gorseval's hitbox when you use it.
    • You can use Epidemic to clear orbs during the split phase as well. Just be aware that if the orbs are too far away Epidemic will either not reach them or target the walls instead (as they have an extremely large hitbox).
Bandit events Toggle
  • Epidemic can be pretty useful here.
Sabetha the Saboteur Toggle
  • Take advantage of Epidemic to kill adds as well as transferring the conditions from the champions back to Sabetha.
    • Try to save Epidemic for after bombs are thrown to launch up cannon players to avoid killing the saboteurs too early
    • Epidemic can generally be used twice when one of Sabetha's champions spawn. Once before 75% hp or so to help clear adds, and again at 25% to "Epi-Bounce" the conditions from the current champ back to Sabetha
  • Keep an eye out for loose bandits when you're about to use Grasping Darkness and pull them in.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor Toggle
  • Consume Conditions will be very useful if you're unable to dodge the shake.
  • Take advantage of Epidemic to kill the Slublings. Pay attention to not kill your teammate who is clearing the mushrooms!
  • Use Grasping Darkness to help pull slublings that are beyond the reach of your mesmer's pulls.
  • If absolutely necessary, you could bring Corrosive Poison Cloud to mitigate some of the slubling's attacks.
  • Infusing Terror can be used to counter the Fear Fear after the CC phase but be aware that your Stability Stability can be corrupted into a long Fear Fear.
  • Transforming into a Slubling will kill your minions. Consider taking the first mushroom so you can spawn the minions afterwards.
Bandit Trio Toggle
  • Summon Flesh Golem can be used to assist with CC'ing the saboteurs.
  • As a fight centered around fighting large amounts of basic mobs, Epidemic is very valuable here, try to use it as often as possible.
Matthias Gabrel Toggle
  • When you get sacrificed, your minions die.
  • Take advantage of the mobility of Death's Charge to reach the fountains or for placing the AoE's.
  • Matthias will usually move about too much to make Plaguelands reliable, so bring Summon Flesh Golem to help CC the sacrifices.
  • You could swap dagger for warhorn here and take Plague Signet. As you will frequently be afflicted with conditions on this encounter, using it in place of Deathly Swarm can prove very effective.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Siege the Stronghold (Escort) Toggle
  • Epidemic is extremely powerful here, be sure to use it to the fullest.
    • Be sure to use the Wargs that spawn as "Condi Batteries" and Epidemic off of it to groups of mobs nearby
    • At the end when you're fighitng Mcleod's phantasms, use Epidemic on the one you're NOT attuned to to still transfer conditions on it to the one you can damage for a large spike in dps.
  • Better to use Summon Flesh Golem over Plaguelands, as it is hard to make use of the full effect of Plaguelands before enemies die
  • You are able to perform the "back warg" role with no major changes to your build, though you can swap out Soul Reaping in favor of running Spite.
    • Be sure to move properly so you remain inside the Warg's hitbox whilst you use the Shroud 5+4 combo so all of the chilling bolts hit
  • Use Grasping Darkness to help stack mobs when your allies' pulls are on cooldown
    • Just be careful not to do so near mines, as they can knock you back in unexpected directions if you're not careful.
Keep Construct Toggle

As a condi build, you'd be better of running a power dps build, but in the event you HAVE to play Condi Reaper here:

  • Use Epidemic to help deal with the phantasms that spawn (just try to wait and make sure they will die on top of KC before using it
    • You can also try bouncing it from one phantasm to another depending on how they spawn in the fight.
  • If necessary you can use Grasping Darkness to help reposition the orb during orb phase
  • Try to use Plaguelands just before KC is set to return for the burn phase to ensure all the damage from Plaguelands can have effect.
Xera Toggle
  • Use Plaguelands to help clear the first Bloodstone Shard in the "pre-event" it will be back off cooldown by the time the fight starts proper.
  • Use Grasping Darkness to help stack mobs when your allies' pulls are on cooldown
  • Epidemic is an effective way to help clear bloodstone shards during the fight
    • Be aware that the tank needs to position Xera closer to the shards you want to clear
    • Also be aware that your group needs to kill any mobs that have spawned, mobs that are about to spawn (shown by the orbs graphic) will still be considered valid targets, and that you will always have one Epidemic projectile get "eaten" by the invisible hitbox in the middle of the area.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable Toggle
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud can be used to mitigate the knockback projectiles from Cairn, but due to their travel path the situations where this is possible are generally slim (such as when the group is going for the first green circle, or when you are trying to rez an ally off stack.
  • You can use Shroud and Infusing Terror to mitigate the effects of Cairn's Spatial Manipulation attack (though it will still increase your stacks of Unseen Burden).
  • Death's Charge can be used as an extra means of getting around should you get displaced during the fight.
Mursaat Overseer Toggle
  • Epidemic is extremely powerful here, but be aware that the timing of its usage can depend heavily on when/where your team's tank moves MO around the area.
    • While the radius of effect for Epidemic is 900 units it can't hit the whole field so if possible try to hit at least 2 Jade Scouts/Soldiers with any given Epidemic
    • While conditions won't transfer to an "inactive" jade scout, they can still transfer if it becomes active whilst the Epidemic projectile travels through the air.
    • If a Jade Scout is about to reach the end zone, you're better off waiting an extra few moments before casting Epidemic.
Samarog Toggle
  • Epidemic can be used to great effect during the "prisoner" phase. While as an invulnerable target Samarog will block Epidemic projectiles should Rigom be knocked back inside his hitbox, there is a sweet spot where Rigom can be targeted/affected by Epidemic and not have the projectiles be mitigated. By using Epidemic on Rigom and transferring his conditions to Guldhem you can achieve a one-player "Epi-bounce".
    • Alternatively, if Rigom is at the front end of Samarog's hitbox but still inside it you can use Epidemic on Guldhem and still potentially have it reach Rigom.
  • Grasping Darkness can be used to help re-position Rigom near Samarog.
    • Be aware that if your timing is not good you will need to wait a short period for Rigom to stop being invulnerable before you can pull him.
  • While Summon Flesh Golem is powerful CC here, depending on your group's dps it may only be up every 2nd breakbar, so try to coordinate this with your other team member's large CC skills.
    • Just be aware that if you are targeted by Samarog's Brutalize attack it will kill any minions you have summoned (so try not to get fixated).
  • Try to avoid using your Shroud combo just before or during

a break bar, as it will neutralize your damage.

Deimos Toggle
  • Be careful when positioning to place your ice field from Executioner's Scythe so you don't step in the black Rapid Decay AoEs.
  • Epidemic can both be used to transfer conditions from the Saul clones to Deimos or vice-versa, as well as slow down/kill the Prides before the reach the real Saul D'Alessio.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror Toggle
  • Epidemic is a must have here to help deal with both the Tormented Dead and the Elite Flesh Wurms.
    • Additionally, you can also Epi-bounce whilst killing these if you have two Necromancers in your group. Communication is key here as they die very quickly once hit by the first Epidemic cast.
  • Owing to the amount you'll be moving during this fight, it's better to bring Summon Flesh Golem for more consistent damage as well as the on-demand CC for SH's breakbars.
  • Be careful with your positioning/timing for using Grasping Darkness so as not to pull the Tormented Dead on to the group.
  • Also be careful with how you re-position to use your shroud combo so you do not walk into the Soul Rifts.
River of Souls Toggle
  • Most of the damage you will deal during this encounter will be burst based, so make sure you practice your shroud combo!
  • Nightfall is useful here to help protect Desmina from the Spirit Hordes by blinding them.
  • Soul Spiral is your best tool for dealing with the Spectral Rifts short of equipping an Axe for Ghastly Claws.
Statues of Grenth Toggle

Statue of Ice - The Broken King:

  • Be careful not to use your shroud combo on top of the ice fissures or in his frontal cone attack.

Statue of Death and Resurrection - The Eater of Souls:

  • You can use Epidemic here to help clear the Spirit Hordes, and bounce conditions between the Eater of Souls and the Twisted Spirit (the spider).
  • Summon Flesh Golem may be more useful here than Plaguelands if group CC is low.

Statue of Darkness - Eyes of Judgement and Fate:

  • You can use Epidemic here to help kill the Minotaur if it spawns, just make sure both the Minotaur and the Eye are both vulnerable to attacks to ensure this works.
Dhuum Toggle
  • Nightfall, Devouring Darkness and Enfeebling Blood will also help remove conditions when Dhuum gains them.
    • It's "safe" to do about 2 Scepter auto attack chains during the Vortex attack Dhuum does so don't push your luck and try to do more.
  • Should you happen to be "afflicted" with the bomb, you can use Death's Charge to help get away/back to the group faster.
  • You could use Summon Flesh Wurm to help take some of the Deathling aggro off the Reaper of the Chaos Planes, but only if no-one else is clearing them.
    • Summon it on the "line" between the center of the room and the Reaper, and Deathlings will aggro onto the Wurm as they run into it.
  • Should you be chosen to do the "green circles" be aware that it will kill your minions every time you do this, so it might be wise to not use any minions in favor of other skills.
  • You can use Reaper's Shroud and Infusing Terror to help mitigate the damage you take outside of the dome during the final 10% phase.


General Tips Toggle

No Pain No Gain:

  • Take Corrupt Boon to eliminate the boons that bosses will apply to themselves
    • Even without Alacrity, this will always be off cooldown before boons are reapplied.

Social Awkwardness:

  • Be careful with how you position whilst using your shroud combo. While you need to be inside of a target's hitbox to ensure all chilling bolts hit this also makes it likely that you will force other players out of the hitbox.

Flux Bomb:

  • Similar for Social Awkwardness, be careful how you position for your Shroud Combo (and by extension all of your damage) should you be the chosen target of the flux bomb
  • Also be aware that as it applies blind, be sure to not let it negate any important skill casts like Epidemic.

Fractal Vindicators:

  • These can be dealt with almost immediately by utilizing Epidemic.
  • You can also make use of Nightfall to help temporarily deal with their attacks by causing widespread blind.

Mists Convergence:

  • It's down to chance which you get, but if an entity spawns (Jade Maw Tentacle, Mossman, Champ Rabbit) you can employ Epidemic to perform Epi-bouncing at single target fights.
  • You can use Nightfall to blind the Jade Maw's Tentacle and prevent it knocking back your group.
Aetherblade Toggle
  • You can use
    Arrow right.webp
    to teleport up to the 4 panels in the rotary energy wall segment from below, and use a combination of Spectral Walk, Flesh Wurm, Consume Conditions, Speed of Shadows, and some quick movements to hit all 4 panels.
Aquatic Ruins Toggle
  • Underwater Combo:
    • Has a similar cadence to the terrestrial rotation, with spear in place of greatsword, and trident in place of sceptre.
    • Deadly Feast to group up mobs and begin dealing damage.
    • Executioner's Scythe -> Soul Spiral inside hitboxes for Chilling Bolts
    • Immediately leave shroud and use Spear 2 and 5 for more Chilling Bolts.
    • Weapon swap and spam trident skills. Frozen Abyss deals an astonishing amount of damage on condi reaper.
  • Reaper's Shroud prevents you from transforming into a dolphin (this doesn’t serve much purpose, it’s just amusing).
  • Use Spectral Walk/Deadly Feast/Speed of Shadows to stack up Swiftness before advancing through the dolphin segment.
Mai Trin Toggle
  • Placing a Flesh Wurm between Mai Trin and Horrik can block his fire projectiles, lowering damage done to your group
Chaos Toggle
  • Spectral Grasp/Grasping Darkness can be used to assist in stacking the golems in the split phases in the Anomaly fight.
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud can be used to block the projectile knockback attacks from the JT golems.
Cliffside Toggle
  • Arrow right.webp
    can be used to teleport up most of the first trap section with the wind gusts
  • It can also be used in tandem with a White Mantle Portal Device to teleport your party up to the boss room from the right arm seals, and functions well enough as a bone fiend alternative.
Molten Boss Toggle
  • Use Corrosive Poison Cloud to block both firestorm projectiles and the projectile attacks from the Molten Effigy.
  • In the event that you need to mitigate the Enrage from the secondary boss (usually Firestorm), your minions each remove the stacks of enrage at the same rate you do, leading to a vastly reduced time taken to remove enrage stacks for every minion you have equipped.
  • Epidemic can be used to deal with the Dredge the Firestorm summons in its 2nd form.
Molten Furnace Toggle
  • Using Reaper's Shroud, the passive damage reduction/mitigation and stability from Infusing Terror allows you to brute force through the steam walls toward the end of the fractal.
  • Grasping Darkness is a useful pull for relocating the Veteran Molten Dredge Protector who makes the Weapon Core invulnerable
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud blocks both the fire tornados and the fire AoEs during the weapon test boss
Nightmare Toggle


  • Reaper can solo capture the capture points between boss 1 and 2 through clever usage of Grasping Darkness, Infusing Terror, Spectral Grasp and Nightfall to move the ads out of the capture areas and keep them out.
  • You can use
    Arrow right.webp
    to Teleport up to the capture areas to avoid the aoes on the path leading up to them
  • If in a bind, you can use Reaper's Shroud to “eat” damage from Ensolyss’ hallucination stomp attack, the hallucinations “dying” after this finisher will replenish any life force lost this way. Just be aware, it most likely won’t protect you from being hit by all 5 simultaneously.
  • Try to maintain your Life Force, as it can be a deciding factor that allows you to survive during the capture phases.

Challenge Mode:

  • Condi Reaper can easily perform as poison kiter at Siax, allowing your team to focus on damage rotations without worrying about the poison or hallucination spawning AoEs.
    • To guarantee aoe aggro, make sure your kiter is the only player in the boss room when the fight starts. To ensure this, have other players stack on the mistlock and only run in when the first break bar starts.
    • The game logic behind this is as follows:
      • Siax can only target the hallucination attack on players within the fighting area
      • Siax targets a player as the first breakbar begins.
      • Once targeted, the "fixation" for this attack will only change once the current target goes down/dies.
  • Aside from this, you can Scepter auto attack at range (this is the only time it’s ok :P), and use Corrupt Boon to deal with boons and Epidemic to deal with Hallucinations as needed.
    • Additionally, you can save your Shroud combo for dealing with the Hallucinations the spawn during the split phase.
Twilight Oasis Toggle
  • You can use Grasping Darkness to cancel any given attack a Sand Binder is doing (this is because their attacks are only able to be cancelled by pulls, and their breakbars are also immediately broken by pulls.
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud can block the following in the Amala fight:
    • Lyssa staff autoattacks
    • Melandru Earth Elemental boulder throw
    • Grenth Staff attacks (used after teleporting to a flesh wurm)
    • Grenth Flesh Wurm attacks
  • Epidemic is effective for the following:
    • Killing the excess Lyssa clones
    • Epi-bouncing off the Melandru Earth Elemental
    • The Priestesses of Lyssa, Melandru, Grenth and Balthazar's extra minions.
    • Clearing the wurms during Grenth phase (don’t use Epidemic if there are shambling horrors up)
  • Corrupt Boon can be used to help mitigate the boons Amala applies to herself during several phases of the fight.
    • Nightfall, Putrid Curse and Enfeebling Blood will also help with this.
Shattered Observatory Toggle


  • Corrosive Poison Cloud blocks the bouncing orbs that leave behind the damaging AoEs at Skorvold.
  • Reaper's Shroud can mitigate the damage from the red skull attacks that require allies to get inside the dome
    • Only do this if an ally is unable to get to the dome and you need to stay alive. This does not mean you can stop the attack occurring and affecting your allies by going into Shroud.
    • This also requires that you have roughly 60% or more Life Force remaining.
  • Summon Flesh Golem will, in most cases, insta-break a Viraastra clone during the determination phases
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud blocks both Arkk’s and Viraastra's red orb attacks (specifically the ones that cause knockdown/apply damaging AoEs on the ground.
  • Spectral Grasp allows you to pull all 4 additional mobs that spawn with both of the mini bosses in the Arkk fight.

Challenge Mode:

  • Epidemic is very good for dealing with the Anomalies that spawn during the Arkk fight.
Snowblind Toggle
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud, if placed correctly, can block all 5 projectiles sent out by the Elemental Source that cause the fires to go out (this is done by aiming CPC at the top part of the “spire” that makes up the base of the elemental)
  • By using Epidemic, you can kill the first set of Icebrood Crystals before you enter the room (only useful if still waiting for other players to arrive/not be afk/you get there first)
    • The combo is as follows:
      • Grasping Dead
      • Devouring Darkness
      • Enfeebling Blood
      • Blood Is Power
      • Epidemic
      • Deathly Swarm
Solid Ocean Toggle
  • Using Nightfall can essentially make a tentacle unable to attack for its duration due to the multiple applied blinds (hard CC can also cancel their attack)
  • Be aware that the terrain makes Grasping Darkness difficult to use, due to somewhat uneven floor panels
  • Epidemic may target “invisible hitboxes” in this fight, so plan accordingly.
  • Using hard CC on the Jade Elementals can remove their passive projectile reflect (though they can still cast a manual Magnetic Shield. Make sure you remove their reflect before using Grasping Darkness/Deathly Swarm.
Sunqua Peak Toggle
  • Using Plaguelands within a second of Ai dashing to the side of the arena to perform her multi-part projectile attack will give it enough time to apply all stacks of conditions before she moves again (with the exception being if she reaches a phase hp threshold). It is best to drop Plaguelands at the location where you will break her though.
  • Be aware that her hitbox is a little weird. You will need to jump if you're using Spectral Grasp to allow it to hit her.
  • Epidemic can hit the Sorrows in the dark phase of the CM fight, and is effective for dealing with their break bars. Two necros with Epidemic should be sufficient to kill the Sorrows with damage instead, removing the need to break them at all!
Swampland Toggle
  • Spectral Walk is useful for lowering the total ground needed to be covered with the wisp at the start of the fractal.
  • You can Epidemic the Champion Oakheart during the Bloomhunger army phases, effectively making it an effective "Condi Battery" to help account for the buildup time of your Condi damage.
Thaumanova Reactor Toggle
  • Using a combination of
    Arrow right.webp
    and Spectral Walk allows you to solo the southern turret room: https://gfycat.com/DazzlingBlaringHart
  • Use Flesh Wurm to teleport part way through the heat room, making getting to the end safer.
  • For the two southern doors in the eastern room, you can use Epidemic in tandem with sufficient conditions on the door to destroy the portal behind the door (which controls completion) without breaking the door and releasing the enemies inside.
  • During the Subject 6 fight, keep in mind that even if it is blocking you can still use unblockable attacks on it. As such, you can use Epidemic to help deal with the mini Ooze's.
  • Be sure to remember to swap Epidemic out for Summon Shadow Fiend for the final Anomaly fight, as there is little usage for it.
Uncategorized Toggle
  • Arrow right.webp
    allows for teleporting to the top of the “Guitar Hero™ ” segment before the Old Tom fight, and Corrosive Poison Cloud can be placed at the top to block the projectiles.
    • General Tip: You can interact with the first panel and dodge forward at the same time to continue moving to the second panel, then do the same thing with your 2nd dodge to solo all 3 panels without the need for teleports.
  • Placing Summon Flesh Wurm inside of Old Tom’s hit box blocks all of his Poison projectiles until the Flesh Wurm/Old Tom is slain.
    • This also works to block the lightning ball attacks from the Raving Asura.
Underground Facility Toggle
  • The stability from Reaper's Shroud can be used to prevent yourself from being knocked off of the interaction panel at the start of the fractal, allowing allies to focus on protecting you instead of camping the switches.
  • Be sure to use the SAB boom box to pop your minions if you’re going into the bomb run segment to avoid unwanted aggro.
  • Arrow right.webp
    can be used to teleport up to the panels that activate the lava buckets in the final boss, and is generally always off cooldown in time (even without a Chrono).
    • The specific advantage of this being you can place it up next to the switch in advance, meaning you can teleport up immediately as soon as the boss enters the required area.
  • Grasping Darkness cancels both bosses’ healing “attack”
    • This applies to any kind of pull, though results may vary occasionally
  • Parasitic Contagion = Never die in the final fight due to how damage scaling works while the boss is under the effects of lava. (x10 more damage, x10 more healing)
Urban Battleground Toggle
  • Epidemic can be used on Siegemaster Dulfy to easily cleave down her siege weaponry, deals with those pesky ballista shots (can also Epidemic from mobs onto siege/doors to progress faster later on)
  • Grasping Darkness allows you to alternate pulling mobs with your teammates, meaning there’s always a pull off cooldown for grouping up the Ascalonians you encounter throughout the fractal (this also combos well with Nightfall to blind the burst damage from the warriors)
Volcanic Toggle
  • To prevent aggro’d minions keeping the Grawl Shaman on his pedestal, keep a Super Adventure Box (SAB) Boom Box in your inventory; using it will “pop” all your minions and stop them holding aggro (this works in any fractal where you are not transformed)
  • By using Shroud/Mistlock, Necro has a simplified version of the skip from the mini boss to the final boss. Jump off the edge, let the Mistlock absorb the lethal damage then use Shroud to safely get to the platform (there is a safer way that preserves the Mistlock, but this is technically faster).
    • Once you activate the checkpoint, you can then /gg yourself to avoid your allies having to wait for you to get out of combat
  • Minions contribute to the degrading of the Grawl Shaman’s lava shield separately to you, so more minions = faster shield degradation


This build has a rating of 3 stars based on 4 votes.
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2 stars
Dellenrules gave this build 2 stars • January 2024
I’m tired of people making a condi reaper that underperforms. A condi reaper should only be putting out roughly 2k less dps than the meta power reaper. I know that because that is how my condi reaper is built. With way better survivability. This is not a Meta Build.
3 stars
OfficerAndyGentleman gave this build 3 stars • July 2023
Finally bug-free, condi reaper is able to function properly and is a strong condi DPS option with relatively good burst. Despite a relatively simple rotation, it is perhaps one of the most awkward builds to play in actual encounters, struggling on moving targets and very boon-dependent.
3 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 3 stars • September 2018
Condi Reaper is essentially a selfish version of Scourge with less DPS and without most of its raid utility. As Scourge is only taken for DPS and utility, this makes it very difficult to justify bringing Condi Reaper in most situations. Its only niche is in solo/lowman raids and fractals, where Reaper's self-sufficiency comes into play and makes it potentially worth running over other DPS classes.
5 stars
Amerikajinn gave this build 5 stars • January 2018
Taking into account that it is not an impossible task to hit Ice fields with Soul Spiral, this is definitely a build that can work well for raids and fractals alike.


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