Reaper - GS Drain

Under construction.webp This is a placeholder build that was useful in the past. Click here to view current builds.

Focused on: High sustain drain tank

Designed for: PvP Conquest


GS Drain Reaper


A direct damage teamfight focused reaper that draintanks and makes your allies harder to kill with your presence alone



Instead of Spectral Grasp

  • Spectral Ring
  • Corrosive Poison Cloud

While these skills are nice you dont have a lot of mobility and spectral grasp is another way to keep enemies close but they are not to be ignored

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  • Eternal Life if you are finding you need a little more survivability protection in shroud and ticking life force generation will keep you alive at the cost of a chunk of damage



If you don't expect to be fighting close enough to your allies Rune of the Soldier and Rune of Vampirism are both perfectly valid, albeit a bit selfish, choices but they still allow you to drain tank. Rune Of the Soldier is also a great option against high condition damage allowing you constant cleansing. If you choose the rune of Vampirism you just have to be a bit more mindful of finishing downed enemies in fights and may want to use sigil of Exploitation.


  • "Your Soul Is Mine!" is an excellent way to recoup life force even at full health because of Blood Bank which converts excess healing into barrier
  • While you are stronger in melee and have much more power with the greatsword many wont chose to fight you in a head to head, Grasping Darkness and Spectral Grasp can force many confrontations but if you can't get on your target swap to the axe you have it for a reason
  • While fighting in melee and you know your opponent will try to win Spectral Grasp can be used as an almost instant inturrupt for large skills or as a medium gap closer for when your opponent wants to make distance
  • "Chilled to the Bone!" is a wonderful setup tool for you slower hit like Death Spiral and if you follow that up with Reaper's Shroud the damage from Unyielding Blast, Decimate Defenses, and Death Perception will kill most medium health or damaged enemies
  • If you can fight in Nightfall make sure you do as it will mitigate a ton of damage
  • Spectral Armor, and "Suffer!" are your reaction skills, the armor for stunbreak and suffer for cleanse, although you can use Spectral Armor before you shroud to enhance your durability in shroud


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 3 votes.
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2 stars
Hanz gave this build 2 stars • February 2024
Tanking damage isn't really a viable stat in GW2 PvP, and some of the traits this build's built around are too weak in PvP to be worth it like Blood Bank.
5 stars
Ethan gave this build 5 stars • July 2023
Very fun build, unkillable, makes your team unkillable, good damage for the fact that you run avatar and flock. Doesn't need a support which is a first for reaper, easy condi transfer which is pretty destructive. Yeah, after condi reaper gets nerfed into the ground, this will be the be the best version of Reaper
4 stars
Esperando gave this build 4 stars • July 2023
Very fun build that can't die, but try switching Ritual of Life for Overflowing Thirst and use Dagger/Dagger instead of Greatsword. Daggers are faster and you get Immobilize and heal in their kit along with ability to transfer conditions. Also I use Soul Eater instead of Decimate Defense.


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