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A hybrid boon support/DPS build renegade build, mainly to used to provide Alacrity, some might, , and ; as well as CC via and .

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The recommended gear setup will take you to 85% boon duration, which is enough to maintain permanent alacrity with just casting on cooldown with no other alacrity sources. Depending on the needs of your party or squad the amount of boon duration from gear required to maintain adequate alacrity may be a lot lower than what is listed here. You can expect to need less boon duration if you're playing with a support chronomancer or extra renegades. In those cases pieces of diviner gear can be replaced with berserker gear for extra DPS.

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Superior Rune of the Scholar
Mighty +5 Agony Infusion


  • If you're having trouble maintaining alacrity with the recommended gear setup, you can replace the Berserker pieces with Diviner stats.
  • if you need additional fury uptime for your party.



    • Use if you don't have being applied to you.



General Usage

  • You maintain alacrity for your party simply by pressing every time it becomes available, so making sure you have energy for that should be your top priority.
    • If you don't have enough sources of might from elsewhere in your party, you can use to top it up (This is particularly important in fractals). This will of course result in your personal DPS being lower, but the increase in party DPS is worth it.
  • Generally you should swap legends as soon as your swap is available, however in some cases you should delay a swap to fit a before swapping.
  • Your main DPS skills are , , and , however you should only cast them if you'll have spare energy to cast your supportive skills too.
  • When you're not casting skills make sure you're consistently auto-attacking the boss, being careful not to interrupt the chain as the damage is heavily back-loaded.

Renegade Stance

  • When you swap to you should immediately cast .
  • You will likely have large amounts of energy available to cast your DPS skills while on renegade stance.
    • Make sure to get a second cast of in before swapping legends.

Assassin Stance

  • When you swap to you should immediately begin channeling , only ending the upkeep when you swap legends.
  • While in Assassin Stance you will have more energy to work with and so can cast DPS skills more freely, however be careful not to spend too much energy and be forced to delay a or lose


Due to their large energy costs (or requirement to swap to staff) all of this build's CC options will result in a large drop-off in your DPS. However, they are all powerful AoE control effects so they can be used to rescue your group from dangerous situations.

  • should be your primary CC skill and against large hitbox targets or enemies against a wall it is one of the strongest CC skills in the game. If possible, step back from the target slightly before casting this to maximize the impacts that land on the boss. Be careful using this skill near the edges of platforms, such as on Xera or the final boss of the Chaos fractal as the forced movement can send you over the edge.
  • outputs a large amount of total breakbar damage but over a long duration (6 seconds). This is best used as a tool to minimize damage from groups of trash mobs, or if you don't need instantaneous breakbar contribution.
  • should be used only as a last resort due to the large energy cost for relatively low CC output compared to your other options.

Video Example

Thanks to Daemu for usage

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5 Ratings
5 stars
Staub gave this build 5 stars June 2020

Updating to match the current state of the game. A must-have on all the bosses, with just twins being an exception.

5 stars
ShinigamiKenji gave this build 5 stars April 2020

Since the ratings are somewhat old, I'd like to reiterate: Paired with a Quickbrand or Healbrand, Alacren is the actual meta support in all PvE modes. 100% alacrity uptime, some might and great DPS and sustain boost with Soulcleave's Summit. Your priorities are maintaining permanent alacrity, using Staff 5 when CC is needed, and doing the occasional mechanic. You're not limited to Shiro, if you feel your team needs some other utility, you can change it.

5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars April 2019

Underrated, bringing the ability to be able to solo-upkeep permanent alacrity, an incredibly underrated damage boost in Soulcleave's Summit, a great damage boost in Assassin's Presence, and a great amount of flexibility in the second legend should you need something beyond your (admittedly small amount of) DPS. All this, in a set of skills that's far easier to understand and use at a glance than that of Chronomancer's, while also bringing unique offensive buffs. Paired with a Quickbrand, and fast-hitting this build really makes the alternative compositions work.

2 More Ratings
5 stars
Settra The Imperishible gave this build 5 stars January 2019

Pretty nice build for playing fractals without druid/chrono in the group. Any party with that revenant and firebrand can easily outperform standard roster with one support. All Diviners set is obviously an overcap, so the build still needs to be polished in term of stats and rotation. Overall, I'm happy to see worthy power revenant build for fractals.

5 stars
Lefernix gave this build 5 stars January 2019

This new build is amazing! The stats are perfect for returning and its gameplay. already adopted ^^