Revenant - Core Condi Shortbow

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Focused on: Condition and Utility

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A Condition Revenant PvP build that offers a potent burst of damage and support in teamfights.

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Note: Legend swap can trigger on weapon swap sigils, changing weapons is not required.

Important Mechanics

  • Resistance Resistance is your main boon, it reduces damage and heals you overtime while preventing soft CC conditions from shutting you down.
  • Energy Expulsion gives Stability Stability when empowered which is crucial to the survival of this build, Resistance Resistance does apply when swapping legends, making the CC very likely to land if caught in a bad spot while out of stunbreaks.


  1. First burst consists of using Spiritcrush with Call to Anguish into Energy Expulsion for a combination of 2 CC's, Might Might, Stability Stability and Resistance Resistance. The rest comes from the other shortbow skills to which targets will be grouped and increase the value of said skills since everything has pierce.
  2. Second burst applies Confusion Confusion when you CC a target with enough Torment Torment. The effect spreads around other targets without needing them to be CC'd, this burst can be pulled off with the other one which can result in a lot of damage.

Ancient Echo gives great flexibility to Ventari empowered effects, Mallyx can see some use cases such as wanting to rip boons at a lower risk of missing because of Resistance Resistance for setting up CCs.

Legendary Demon Stance

  1. Empowering Misery should be used whenever needed, on occasion there might be opportunities to increase it's value with conditions but Poison Poison significantly reduces it's effectiveness so if you can wait it out, it's best doing so.
  2. Banish Echantement remove boons per hit, if Blind Blind all hits will miss.
  3. Call to Anguish is your main skill used offensively for the burst and defensively for kitting.
  4. Pain Absorption is not instant and might drag unwanted conditions into you during teamfights, Purifying Essence can compensate for that while also increasing the number of conditions cleared if teammates are nearby it. Using it for Stability Stability on stunbreak is the best use case.
  5. Embrace the Darkness normally doesn't see much use but it can be workable in some cases if there's energy to spare, leaping with Call to Anguish for Dark Aura is one of the best use case. If using Staff, using EtD can compensate for the lack of condition output.

Legendary Centaur Stance

Note: When swapping to this stance, 24px Tranquil will be available for the first skill. All Ventari skills have no cast time and can be used while it's user is CC'd.

  1. Ventari's Will has no cooldown nor energy requirements, spawning the tablet is instant so having it up at all time is not required.
  2. Protective Solace is incredibly strong against projectiles while also a light field, blasts can cleanse.
  3. Natural Harmony is the best healing skill but has no benefits attached to it. If about to swap legends and there is less than 35% energy available, this is the best skill to use unless there is Poison Poison, waiting the extra second for Purifying Essence can be a better choice in the long term if there's enough conditions.
  4. Purifying Essence should be used with patience, waiting for proper condition pressure to mitigate, even if not empowered at it's maximum potential it reaches close to Natural Harmony amounts of healing that would be otherwise debuffed.
  5. Energy Expulsion is the main skill to use, for the Stability Stability when empowered and CC to interrupt players, Resistance Resistance making it easier to navigate and support teammates for their damage. It acts as an overall skill with healing and cleansing which can be improve if using Protective Solace at the last second. Since the tablet gets destroyed, it resets 24px Tranquil so it can be done repeatedly a few times.


Main hand where all the majority of damage comes from.

  1. Shatter Shot while simple can help cover other conditions.
  2. Bloodbane Path can hit multiple targets on as it pierces, using it after Call to Anguish on multiple targets can result in a lot of damage.
  3. Sevenshot is where Confusion Confusion from the relic mainly comes from. It should be used if you can follow with a CC after.
  4. Spiritcrush as mentioned is the part of the main burst and should always be used in the same fashion since the cooldowns/energy are really low.
  5. Scorchrazor can be used after the main burst or after Sevenshot to add on damage with Confusion Confusion.


Swap for sustaining or interrupting revives.

  1. Rapid Swipe has poor power output on Sage, only use if that's the only thing you have left.
  2. Mender's Rebuke can mitigate damage with Weakness Weakness while healing, heal effectiveness is increased by 50% if hitting a foe.
  3. Warding Rift is the second way to nullify predictable incoming bursts and should always be used as such for anything but Daredevil/Thieves as they have all the means to interrupt it and put the user in a very bad spot.
  4. Renewing Wave is a great addition to remove condition pressure, sigils also put a great contribution at increasing the chances of removing important conditions. Can apply Blind Blind if used with Embrace the Darkness.
  5. Surge of the Mists is a great interrupt on resurrects or kitting tool to avoid damage, however it's pattern is predictable and should not be used carelessly. As it is a multi-cc, it can go through single stacks of Stability Stability with ease, making skills that pulse only once per second such as Inspiring Reinforcement or Lich Form vulnerable. If used correctly with Embrace the Darkness, it can also apply Confusion Confusion.


  • Boon removal

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