Revenant - Core Power

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Strike damage and Utility

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on March 29, 2024 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


A Power Revenant PvP build that offers high burst damage with either shared or self oriented sustain with it's variant.

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  • Glaring Resolve can greatly help securing Rite of the Great Dwarf on a stunbreak at the cost of a passive cleanse.
  • Steadfast Rejuvenation shifts sustain from Rite of the Great Dwarf passively into upkeeps to keep damage coming but losing on good proc that can save you from any type of bursts.
  • Notoriety + Spiritual Resolution + Resolute Evasion + Vicious Reprisal shifts damage from Weakness Weakness into Resolution Resolution with good Might Might generation and passive condition damage reduction.



Equipment Variants


  • - More sustain against Power at a loss of damage. Preferably use with Versed in Stone.


  • Relic of Antitoxin - If cleansing is preferred over damage reduction from Determined Resolution.

Note: Legend swap can trigger on weapon swap sigils, changing weapons is not required.


Important Facts

  1. Ferocious Aggression makes Fury Fury even more valuable and thus should most act of damage be done while having it on top of critical chance.
  2. Contained Temper extra energy for stunbreaking can make a great deal of a difference, since CCs do not deal damage it can be beneficial to take the hit when locked in a legend.
  3. Song of the Mists assists in both damage and sustain, use legend swap in range of many targets as possible to increase the effect accordingly to the situation.
  4. Versed in Stone makes Rite of the Great Dwarf halves all damage, using it at the right time or in team fights can waste a lot of cooldowns for the opponents.
  5. Aggressive Agility is extremely useful for chewing through opponents that rely on conditions to sustain.
  6. Dance of Death will double the healing of 24px Battle Scars when below 50% health which can in some fights mean you'll survive better if you keep attacks going even while kitting.

Legendary Dwarf Stance

  1. Soothing Stone should only be used under condition pressure since much of the Legendary Dwarf Stance mechanics allows you to tank a lot of it at once while Stability Stability is also abundant in an emergency if swapping to Legendary Dwarf Stance, if in a rush it can be cast with Quickness Quickness if swapping legends shortly after initiating.
  2. Inspiring Reinforcement to be used offensively before bursting/finishing or defensively to secure sustain skills or reduce power damage.
  3. Forced Engagement is mainly used offensively in various ways but can also be used defensively.
  4. Vengeful Hammers is a quick instant damage reduction with it's healing effectiveness increases the more targets being hit. Great to also use up Enchanted Daggers or 24px Battle Scars as they become Unblockable Unblockable and quickly delivered.
  5. Rite of the Great Dwarf is best used if either Song of the Mists has been effectively as one with Barrier,Stability Stability and Weakness Weakness will greatly reduce damage while the other with Quickness Quickness greatly increases the chances of fully using the skill in all sort of situations. Phase Traversal has great synergy with this skill for team support or easily achieve peak efficiency as firstly mentioned.

Legendary Assassin Stance

  1. Enchanted Daggers has many uses as a Life Steal which can go through many utilities that aren't blocks/invulnerabilities, however Poison Poison can drastically reduce it's effectiveness.
  2. Riposting Shadows is great for kitting but should always come after a normal evade and not before for the endurance restoration. It's predictable timing can be detrimental and so shouldn't be carelessly used, however willingly being CC'd brings forth benefits from Contained Temper as well as the added Resistance Resistance can free you out of situations like inside a Spectral Ring. Using it for the sake of using up energy or right before a legend swap is also good.
  3. Phase Traversal great mobility skill that can open unusual opportunities with it's 2 Unblockable Unblockable hits and Quickness Quickness. The final hit of this skill can be useful to remove Blind Blind and setup a burst. Players typically dodge out of habit whenever they see the skill used, great for baiting.
  4. Impossible Odds has various high risk high reward combos but shouldn't be used for it's movement as it is still affected by conditions, saving up for anything such as Riposting Shadows is objectively better.
  5. Jade Winds while expensive can really shift team fights around if you aren't focused on and being able to restore energy with Ancient Echo makes it really accessible and useful with Unblockable Unblockable, it's preferable to have a legend swap before using it still as it leaves you vulnerable. If in combat and full of energy, Phase Traversal can be paired with it as a surprise, it's AoE has also a great reach through walls to which on certain maps can catch opponents off guard. Finally, the skill is so visually telegraphed that players can dodge instinctively by default which you can stow your weapons after as a fake out without wasting energy.


The main set, this is where most of your damage comes from.

  1. Preparation Thrust combined Quickness Quickness with Impossible Odds can result in a lot of damage.
  2. Chilling Isolation does great damage on a short CD without any setup, best used with Phase Traversal.
  3. Unrelenting Assault can be used for evading telegraphed attacks or dealing great damage on lone targets, Impossible Odds almost doubles damage at a higher energy cost. Resistance Resistance granted from the skill makes it extremely well suited for targets that relies on conditions to mitigate damage.
  4. Shackling Wave is versatile all around with 24px Battle Scars for sustain, as you may use it defensively after stunbreak with Riposting Shadows then use it from a safe distance with the added Fury Fury/Immobilize Immobilize or offensively with Quickness Quickness to get rid of Blind Blind/Aegis Aegis followed by any other skills that deals damage with the added Vulnerability Vulnerability
  5. Deathstrike is burst skill that has several benefits, one being Resistance Resistance allowing you to completely ignore any conditions to deliver a powerful hit but the Fury Fury makes sure that your chances are better while maximizing damage from Ferocious Aggression, it also pairs perfectly with Phase Traversal if used last by covering a large distance with 2 Unblockable Unblockable and Quickness Quickness that makes it really hard to anticipate by reaction.


Defensive/utility set. Should only be used under pressure to sustain or if you need to CC, it will not add into damage and in most cases use up a valuable weapon swap.

  1. Rapid Swipe is still a decent cleave with Impossible Odds and Quickness Quickness, healing you and others around in the process.
  2. Mender's Rebuke fairly good damage dealer while also mitigating damage on top of all the other Weakness Weakness.
  3. Warding Rift is the main way to nullify predictable incoming bursts and should always be used as such for anything but Daredevil/Thieves as they have all the means to interrupt it and put the user in a very bad spot.
  4. Renewing Wave is the fallback skill in case of extreme condition pressure before having to rely on Soothing Stone, it can be secured more easily with Stability Stability or Quickness Quickness. Sigils contribute greatly at increasing the chances of removing important conditions and since the skill is a blast, Planar Protection can also Blind Blind for extra sustain while recovering or kitting after using any heal skills.
  5. Surge of the Mists is a great interrupt on resurrects or kitting tool to avoid damage, however it's pattern is predictable like Riposting Shadows therefor having legend swap available is recommended. As it is a multi-cc, it can go through single stacks of Stability Stability with ease, making those that pulse only once per second vulnerable, skill such as Inspiring Reinforcement or Lich Form.


  • Heavy use of conditions.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 4 votes.
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4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • February 2022
The build isn't bad but it's always been in a weird spot. It's like a middleground between power Herald and Renegade, or more like a worse Renegade. Which means every Renegade nerf makes this a little more attractive. Right now it's still worse than the elite specs however and there's little reason to play it over them, but if you want something different for fun then it's an option.
4 stars
ShaoAZ gave this build 4 stars • June 2021
Been having at it for 2 years now, this build has a little something for everything, just like it can be countered in about everyway. As a high risk, high reward. Easy to kill on, easy to die on. The skill ceiling is pretty high with a lot of the flow requiring proper timing to maximize it's survivability or damage at viable levels. Taunt as of right now is extremely jank in some cases and should be expected to change in the future. Initiating fights and +1 works just like Herald but with more utility that can actually get entire teamfights in your favor. I'd say that even extensive knowledge of other professions is required to play this since most of what makes it work relies on outplaying opponents the further the fights go on. It can absolutely 1v1 anything and fill multiple roles at a lesser degree, a true jack of all trades as it was designed for most likely. Even on Berserker stats. Traited RotGD with Weakness on top, it's possible to tank "ridiculous" pressure.
3 stars
Katzenfutter gave this build 3 stars • May 2021
This is more of a niche build, but does a lot of damage with the right team and matchup. Choose Spiritual Reckoning and the life steal traits (devostation 2-3-3) paired up with demolisher amulet for a more sustainable version (and one more rating star)
3 stars
Trîkuna gave this build 3 stars • April 2021
far from meta, but decent duelist build and decent at roaming, it weakness is definetly condi builds. but it's still playable into them. very fun when you're looking to play a niche build on revenant :) does alright into certain matchups, wins alot of matchups that has a lot of CC like Lightning rod. would still recommend to give this build a try! (ps. try demolisher + earth rune to tilt people harder)


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