Revenant - Core Support

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Focused on: Support and Bunker

Designed for: PvP Conquest

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns buildsEnd of Dragons builds



A Revenant PvP build that provides support and utility to their team, it can also sidenode as a bunker.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Hammer over Scepter/Shield - a viable although more selfish alternative, it focuses more on combo finishers such as AA having the potential to clear a condition on every hit in a radius of 240 target when combined with a Light field. Also offers blast finishers and general projectile hate.
    • If you don't own the Secrets of the Obscure expansion then Hammer is your only choice.

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Note: Legend swap can trigger on weapon swap sigils, changing weapons is not required.


Important Mechanics

  1. Song of the Mists provides sustain on legend swap, effects improves per target hit with Weakness Weakness on Legendary Dwarf Stance while Legendary Centaur Stance heals a great amount.
  2. Versed in Stone greatly improves survivability for the user and the team, therefor use Rite of the Great Dwarf whenever you find an opportunity to add value to your health pool. It's passive is valuable as well when under great pressure.

Main Strategy

Jalis debuffs and adds value to health, Ventari offsets and heals from pressure. The support rotation is as simple as using Rite of the Great Dwarf while legend swapping to combine with Energy Expulsion and vice versa so that damage is reduced while CC's and debuffs are ignored. Great for team pushes while everything else depends on the situation at hand.

Ancient Echo gives great flexibility to Ventari empowered effects while allowing for greater control to Jalis skills.

Legendary Dwarf Stance

  1. Soothing Stone is your most valuable sustain skill, it should only be used if Legendary Centaur Stance is not available or health is really low. As a support, Ventari alone should normally be enough to already sustain.
  2. Inspiring Reinforcement is to be used defensively for it's Weakness Weakness along Stability Stability. It can also help focusing on massive healing from Natural Harmony if Energy Expulsion is not enough.
  3. Forced Engagement distract/redirect/interrupt targets.
  4. Vengeful Hammers is versatile but overall not needed unless ressing under cleave or trying to pressure enemies. Using it to offset pressure in a pinch to secure Soothing Stone is worthwhile so long it doesn't take away the energy required to use it because going below the required energy will cancel the cast otherwise.
  5. Rite of the Great Dwarf is the main skill, use it to mitigate massive damage on self or the team when paired with Barrier or Weakness Weakness.

Legendary Centaur Stance

Note: When swapping to this stance, 24px Tranquil will be available for the first skill. All Ventari skills have no cast time and can be used while it's user is CC'd.

  1. Ventari's Will has no cooldown nor energy requirements, spawning the tablet is instant so having it up at all time is not required.
  2. Protective Solace is incredibly strong against projectiles while also a light field, blasts can cleanse.
  3. Natural Harmony is the best healing skill but has no benefits attached to it. If about to swap legends and there is less than 35% energy available, this is the best skill to use unless there is Poison Poison, waiting the extra second for Purifying Essence can be a better choice in the long term if there's enough conditions.
  4. Purifying Essence should be used with patience, waiting for proper condition pressure to mitigate, even if not empowered at it's maximum potential it reaches close to Natural Harmony amounts of healing that would be otherwise debuffed.
  5. Energy Expulsion is the main skill to use, for the Stability Stability when empowered and CC to interrupt players, Resistance Resistance making it easier to navigate and support teammates for their damage. It acts as an overall skill with healing and cleansing which can be improve if using Protective Solace at the last second. Since the tablet gets destroyed, it resets 24px Tranquil so it can be done repeatedly a few times.


The main set for assisting in kills or supporting.

  1. Serene Slash is useful in fight that you outnumber, still good while in Ventari to multitask with, in Jalis it might delay some important actions as you AA.
  2. Blossoming Aura has Weakness Weakness to which can reduce power damage and endurance regeneration, overtime it can definitely be a nuisance to enemies trying to survive, barrier can still apply if allies are nearby the target so using it on target is preferred.
  3. Otherworldly Bond second skill on a teammate has no casts so it's possible to use other skills such as Crystal Hibernation which can allow for very clever plays and when using on an enemy it can be an extremely debilitating amount of debuffs that can be followed by a pull to secure a potential down.
  4. Envoy of Exuberance should be used before switching to Staff or as a backup when not in Ventari since Jalis has no healing support.
  5. Crystal Hibernation is good way to relieve pressure and think with while providing more self healing when any attack is blocked because of the Relic, Stability Stability can be a nice addition to prevent interrupts from unblockables.


The second layer of weapon sustain.

  1. Rapid Swipe combined with Vengeful Hammers can be a decent cleaving setup and will heal at the final cleave in an AoE.
  2. Mender's Rebuke can mitigate damage with Weakness Weakness while healing, heal effectiveness is increased by 50% if hitting a foe.
  3. Warding Rift is the second way to nullify predictable incoming bursts and should always be used as such for anything but Daredevil/Thieves as they have all the means to interrupt it and put the user in a very bad spot.
  4. Renewing Wave is a great addition to remove condition pressure, it can be secured more easily with Inspiring Reinforcement, sigils also put a great contribution at increasing the chances of removing important conditions.
  5. Surge of the Mists is a great interrupt on resurrects or kitting tool to avoid damage, however it's pattern is predictable and should not be used carelessly. As it is a multi-cc, it can go through single stacks of Stability Stability with ease, making those that pulse only once per second, skills such as Inspiring Reinforcement or Lich Form.

Weapon Variant

Hammer over Scepter/Shield

Kept as the main weapon for it's utility and finishers.

  1. Hammer Bolt has 100% chance to result in a projectile finisher, this results in a great synergy with Protective Solace for cleanses, Inspiring Reinforcement for Vulnerability Vulnerability and Field of the Mists for 24px Life stealing. Ventari skills have no cast time therefor the AA can be left on automatic while multitasking the tablet.
  2. Coalescence of Ruin can deal damage but should not be a priority as a support/bunker.
  3. Phase Smash can be used for denying bursts, kitting, baiting, blasting and reaching in near teamfights safely to benefit further from Song of the Mists.
  4. Field of the Mists is a great way to offset upkeep from Protective Solace if low on energy, it can be used to Blind Blind foes too if blasted.
  5. Drop the Hammer is a good area denial if enemies over extends in your space such as Protective Solace to combo field in a blast.


Heavy boon removal.

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