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Focused on: Support and Bunker

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A Revenant PvP build that provides support and utility to their team, it can also sidenode as a bunker.

Archival note: workable but never really caught on.

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  • a selfish choice that can improve Resolution Resolution duration as well as boons on self for better Barrier.
  • depending how what type of team you face, this might be a better choice.





  • if not using .

Note: Legend swap can trigger on weapon swap sigils, changing weapons is not required.


Important Mechanics

  1. provides sustain on legend swap, effects improves per target hit with while heals a great amount.
  2. greatly improves survivability for the user and the team, therefor use whenever you find an opportunity to add value to your health pool. It's passive is valuable as well when under great pressure.

  1. is the solve it all skill, it should only be used if is not available. As a support, Ventari alone should normally be enough to already sustain.
  2. is to be used defensively for it's Weakness Weakness along Stability Stability.
  3. can possibly distract an entire fight in the favor of your team with it's ability to hit multiple targets.
  4. should be used in regards to not having enough energy for and foes being in range, it can deal surprising amounts of damage for those who remain too close overtime.
  5. is the main aspect of the legend, use it to mitigate massive damage on self or the team.

Note: When swapping to this stance, 24px Tranquil will be available for the first skill. All Ventari skills have no cast time and can be used while it's user is CC'd.

  1. has no cooldown nor energy requirements, it won't trigger but will trigger anytime it's available, Swiftness Swiftness constantly helps mitigating damage because of .
  2. is incredibly strong against projectiles while also a light field, blasts can cleanse and allies/self within the range of enemies hit by will have a condition removed in a 240 radius for every hit.
  3. is the main healing skill, best used while empowered. If about to swap legends and there is less than 35% energy available, using this is a viable thing to do unless there is Poison Poison, can be a better choice in the long term.
  4. should be used with patience, waiting for proper condition pressure will add great value to this skill, even if not empowered while at it's maximum potential it reaches closely to amounts of healing.
  5. is extremely powerful as a CC that can be used repeatedly but support as well, before leaving this stance it should always be used for it's healing, cleanse and knockdown. The cleansing can even be improved with , under certain situations however may still be a better choice sustain wise.


Kept as the main weapon for it's utility and finishers.

  1. while slow has 100% chance to result in a projectile finisher, this results in a great synergy with for cleanses, for Vulnerability Vulnerability and for 24px Life stealing. Ventari skills have no cast time therefor the AA can be left on automatic while multitasking the tablet.
  2. can deal damage but should not be a priority as a support/bunker.
  3. can be used for denying bursts, kitting, baiting, blasting and reaching in near teamfights safely to benefit further from .
  4. is a great way to offset upkeep from if low on energy, it can be used to Blind Blind foes too if blasted.
  5. should only be used if necessary to deny revives/areas, landing this skill can be difficult.


A valuable weapon swap under pressure.

  1. combined with can be a decent cleaving setup and will heal at the final cleave in an AoE.
  2. can mitigate damage with Weakness Weakness while healing, heal effectiveness is increased by 50% if hitting a foe.
  3. is the second way to nullify predictable incoming bursts and should always be used as such for anything but Daredevil/Thieves as they have all the means to interrupt it and put the user in a very bad spot.
  4. is a great addition to remove condition pressure, it can be secured more easily with , sigils also put a great contribution at increasing the chances of removing important conditions.
  5. is a great interrupt on resurrects or kitting tool to avoid damage, however it's pattern is predictable and should not be used carelessly. As it is a multi-cc, it can go through single stacks of Stability Stability with ease, making those that pulse only once per second, skills such as or .


To be evaluated.

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