Scourge - Condition Scourge

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Focused on: Boon CorruptionCondition Damage.

Designed for:



Condition Scourge has extremely high self sustain with high AoE condition damage and boon removal. This build excels in longer fights and is extremely beginner friendly.

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Skill Variants


  • Extremely high AoE DPS but hard to use.
  • Ranged boon corrupt and barrier.
  • For extra lifeforce and stunbreak.
  • Defensive mobility and situational utility.

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  • if Life Force generation is an issue.


Using Soul Reaping over Death Magic loses a lot of self sustain but is a minor increase to DPS.


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Superior Rune of Tormenting
Malign WvW Infusion


feast option with additional Condition Damage and Expertise



  • Dire stat icon.png Dire gear can be used as temporary option but lacks condition duration.
  • Fill in Grieving stat icon.png Grieving or Viper stat icon.png Viper's gear pieces for more damage at the cost of lower survivability.


  • for extra boonrip.
  • when not needing Energy sigils.
  • stacking sigil option.


Only if absolutely not needing self sustain
  • for better condition damage.
  • for better condition duration.


  • recommended offensive food if kills are frequent


  • If using a great deal of Grieving or Viper's gear.


Elite especialization basics

  • This is how the shade mechanic works: if you have no active shade () in the world, all your F2-F5 skills will proc around you. If you do have an active shade, all your shade shade skills, and related traits, will only affect the active shade area, not you.
  • Therefore, depending on you group playstyle, you may not want to place a shade at all, and behave yourself like a mobile shade, doing damage while in melee, and benefiting from the barrier and cleanse. However, being able to 900-range spike can be superior if coordinating shade cooldowns, and knowing when and where to place your . The self support aspect of the shade skills is mostly irrelevant, since you run with dedicated supports in WvW zergs.


  • All of your shade skills will proc the strike of (F1), whichs means you want to instantly use then, as soon as you land your F1, to maximize damage.
  • Shroud traits proc as if the shade skills counted as that shroud skill. procs for example.
  • and can be used before landing a shade, for extra barrier and cleanse.
  • will continue pulsing if a new shade is summoned at the location of the new shade so there should be no worry about re positioning shades when needed.
  • applies torment through


Scourge brings strong damage through his shade skills, barrier access and boonrip.

  • Positioning, reacting fast and timing your dodges well are key. You don't have evade skills nor immunities like other classes, and your support classes won't be able to babysit you all the time.
  • The weapon sets and combinations aren't an agreement. Axe/Torch for example has strong melee pressure, whilst Axe/Focus has an amazing single target spike. The way you choose between weapons is going to be based mainly in your playstyle and in what your group want you to focus on.
  • Both your shade and wells skills are really important and shouldnt be used mindlessly. Coordinate these with your group to maximize its effectiveness.
  • is a significant part of your boonrip outside of weapon skills and shroud. Place it on top of the enemy group, along friendly and your team pressure.
  • will be used for the group barrier share before and during extended engages.
  • is the only stunbreak in the build. Don't waste if for the stability of the swiftness it gives. Can be also used when pushing melee for the boonrip trail it provides, but its not encouraged.
  • is going to be dropped if the enemy is hard commiting into a melee push, to panic disrupt then. Can also be used offensively on melee, to stack AoE fields on top of the enemy stack and lock then down through corrupts and conditions.
  • can be used off cooldown as long as you are close enough to hit enemies.
    • or can also be used to activate the trait to provide more burning on your next use of .


  • is your most important skill and one of the reasons why you run the Curses spec. Try to keep it on cooldown when you are in range. You can pre-cast it in 1,200-range, while moving towards the enemy, to avoid downtime.
    • Since it has a 10s cooldown, you should be able to cast it twice per weapon swap rotation, as your opener and finisher. It also is one of your main sources of life force in the build.
  • provides good AoE damage and should be used constantly to maintain AoE pressure.
  • decent for melee damage and cleave as well as life force generator.
  • single target CC. Use it to snare escaping players or interrupt channeled skills.


  • Staff auto attacks are low impact and its abilities relatively long cooldowns, so the best use of the weapon is to use its cooldown skills then swap out as soon as possible.
  • Use and to build area condi stacks.
  • and usage should be more careful, don't be afraid to leave them off cooldown when swapping back to S/D.
    • is one of your limited anti-condition skills so use it carefully.
    • Interrupt key skills with the fear of whilst also applying AoE Torment Torment.


Build rating - 5 stars
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4 Ratings
3 stars
Pope of Dope gave this build 3 stars April 2020

Power variant is better in almost all scenarios. (march update 2020)

5 stars
Demonpuppet gave this build 5 stars January 2020

I have been running this build quite a bit. I usually a prefer a Cele/Grievers build but this is a breath of fresh air. Over all I agree with the build as a puggling starter one. For me I run Nightmare Runes while also taking Malice Sigil+Fell Beacon so with 3 shades I have 100% Condi Duration. But I mainly run this to get of Epidemics. Would highly recommend this build to any newer Scourges including the Tormenting Runes.

5 stars
Kurnian gave this build 5 stars January 2020

Fun build. Tanky enough to survive ranged pressure and, in some extent, the melee clash, useful on public raids (or having unreliable supports). Good newcomer scourge build. Condition damage works just fine in medium scale, your condis/corruptions application tick long enough for your DPS to be similar to Power Scourge versions. Very good Cleave potential through the condi output from shades. In my opinion, starts to fall off in very big scales (50v50v50) where the instant spike damage from power gets more value.

1 More Rating
5 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 5 stars December 2019

The damage from this build is near equal to power or celestial scourges, with higher corrupts per minute. It is also extremely easy and safe to play for new players and less reliant on group supports, making it an amazing pug build.