Scourge - Pyrophobia

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage and Boon removal

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A high condition damage PvP Scourge build made to win teamfights and smaller skirmishes.

Skill Bar


  • Do not take any heal besides . Only swap off if you want to combo with .

Utility Skill Variants

  • - great for punishing builds that earn many boons at once (such as enemy Harbingers using ), can sometimes act as unblockable CC (depending on which boons are corrupted.)
  • - missile block and weakness application.
  • - Necro's "Get out of jail free card" for when under heavy pressure.
  • - defensive cleanse, stunbreak, and life force generation.
  • - excellent dueling/sidenoding skill, or for burning down high-value targets.

Template Code

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  • can be taken for some additional cleanse at the cost of sustain and rez power.


  • if an additional boon corruption is valued over raw burst.
  • can be taken in Power-heavy matchups.
  • can be taken for general sustain.


  • can be taken for more sustain and Alacrity Alacrity, but you lose a significant amount of damage. Better in other builds, such as Scourge - Blood Sage.




  • can be taken in Condition-heavy matchups.


  • - for particularly Condition-heavy matchups.
  • - can be taken vs. Power-heavy matchups.


  • for less overall damage but a stronger combo in teamfights.


Elite specialization basics

  • is replaced by the Sand Shade mechanic. Effects that trigger on entering, while in, or while leaving shroud can be used with the new Shroud 5 skill: .


  • Thanks to , your Fear Fear effects deal damage. inflicts Torment Torment to any foes you disable.
  • provides Might Might and cleanses a condition for any ally (yourself included) that you grant barrier to via any Scourge skills. Thanks to , this triggers on you whenever you remove or corrupt a boon on an enemy (with a 1-second internal cooldown.)
  • Always open with , even if you need to place it before combat, to benefit from and from the beginning of combat. Make sure there is always at least 1 shade active.#
  • Try to proc off cooldown. This should be relatively easy to do, as you have many ways to disable opponents and many sources of Torment Torment.
  • Use carefully but as often as possible. As a source of Fear Fear it will CC and deal damage, but it will also trigger for sustain and to rez allies (or at least save them from being stomped.)
  • Do not cast unless you have excess Life Force and/or the rest of your Shade skills are on cooldown, as the others are much more important.
  • Use to rotate between points. With and you can get permanent Swiftness Swiftness.
  • Switch to Warhorn and use to interrupt enemies that are blocking.
  • can be used to safestomp enemies (thanks to the Stability Stability) if you know you won't need it for combat soon.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 2 votes.
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5 stars
Aalterego gave this build 5 stars • September 2023
One of my new favorite builds to come out of Secrets of the Obscure! Extremely high damage, lots of CC, good range, loads of boon corruption, and decent survivability. Reasonably simple to learn and to play, though pulling off some of the combos requires practice and experience. Absolute blast to play, as well. Would much rather have one of these on my team than a Blood Sage at this point in the meta.
4 stars
Vertox gave this build 4 stars • January 2023
Lowkey stupid amounts of damage, gives some support via minor boon gen, barriers and cleanses as well as crowd control and boonstrip, but it can get deleted really quickly by bursty enemies, so much so that a support is basically mandatory


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